By the end of his second term President Obama will be known as the architect of America’s lost decade. He will have presided over an eight year period in which Federal spending exploded, debt accumulated at a horrifying rate, and millions of Americans lost jobs, or were set back years in their upward climb towards the American dream. The great engine that was once the American economy has been sputtering along at a pace that is pathetic. This President and the Democrats in Congress, through their public policy, foisted upon the American people an entitlement program in the form of Obamacare. In a moment of clarity even one of the authors of the legislation, Senator Max Baucus, correctly identified Obamacare for what it is, a “train wreck”. This train wreck is heading straight for the American people and it is going to be ugly, expensive, and painful.

When you ask candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe about Obamacare, his response is Obamacare did not go far enough. The program now commonly referred to as a train wreck, was too small for McAuliffe. In his role as Clinton’s Bag Man, resident DNC money bundler, and repeatedly failed business executive, Terry has never been what one might call a deep thinker. Only a political hack jacked up on a double espresso would double down on a policy of carnage.

And now Terry McAuliffe wants to be the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The thought that anyone would take this proposition seriously, both amazes and disappoints me, as it should you. Virginia deserves better. Our great Commonwealth deserves principled leadership, leadership born from integrity, and enhanced by a true understanding of our First Principles as enumerated in the Constitution.

That man is Ken Cuccinelli.

Ken is one of the most decent men I have had the opportunity to meet in my many years as a conservative political activist. This husband, father of seven, engineer, lawyer, former State Senator, and current Attorney General, possesses all the attributes and skill sets required to be Virginia’s Chief Executive. Ken’s intellect, coupled with his knowledge of Virginia Government and history, sets him far ahead of his rival’s in this race to be Governor of Virginia. There really is no comparison. Ken’s ability to articulate what Liberty looks like in our day and age is encompassed within that brand of clear and concise conservatism which served Ronald Reagan very well as Governor and President.

Doing the hard work of Liberty is not easy. There are forces in our country that have a different vision for America, a different direction for the Commonwealth. Their direction is one of regression, a stagnant economy void of opportunity, an ever growing federal government, further invading lives of its citizens. Terry McAuliffe represents the vision that will be forever linked to America’s lost decade. It is he who represents the leftists view that American wealth and greatness is to be divided up among the politically connected. In their view it is a Government that knows what is best for you and your families. Terry McAuliffe’s world is one where crony capitalists crooks and nanny state liberals call the shots, they pick the winners and losers.

Ken Cuccinelli rejects this vision for Virginia and America. Ken believes in the people of Virginia. Ken knows when economic liberty and freedom are left to us, we will do with it what Virginians have done in the past. We will use a climate of Liberty, provided by limited Government, to prosper, innovate, excel, and enjoy our lives as free citizens. Everyone citizen of the Commonwealth will prosper with this climate of freedom.

If you share this vision for Virginia, then I ask you to join me by doing the hard work of Liberty in these closing weeks of the campaign for Governor. Help Ken and his campaign with your time, talents and treasure. Become a Political Force Multiplier for Liberty . Share Ken’s vision for Virginia by sending THIS message to everyone you know. And please join us to help Ken win by visiting his campaign page here and letting Ken know the issues you care about and what you can do to help promote liberty and freedom in Virginia.