My touchpad got a cold and blanked out NVTH website. I could still read EVERY WORD thru WordPress; I just couldn’t comment. My son-in-law will fix the touhpad while I use my computer. Yes, I am back and my sandals have been changed over for my boots, which I wish I had while wading thru some of the comments. I can tell you first hand that shit is warm and squishy between the toes but really makes the area stinky wherever you walk. Oh I have most definitely been listening. Tip of the hat to HE for immersing himself into the fray. Been waiting for that. And the term “On to Richmond” is a Yankee phrase and has no business on this blog unless it comes from me!

I want to give my gratitude to GB who has single-handedly kept the posting going. Although I did have the availability to post, other issues were in play and precluded me from doing so. Gaius, your posts were stimulating and thought-provoking as comments have shown and I greatly appreciate all you do.

I had already passed my spring retirement fishing trip (I don’t get vacations so I therefore, must retire at times) and had already come 2 weeks past due for my fall trip. With the politics and cluster Foxtrot in the government, as well the incompetents I watch over at work, my head was about to explode and I needed to get away. The fishing wasn’t great but who cares compared to the alternative. I was there in t-shirt, shorts and sandals,soaking sun, feeling the wind and being with friends. Unfortunately, after the October crowd left, within 2 days the phone calls started. Robert was admitted to the hospital with blunt force trauma and bleeding on the brain. No one knows how he got it but it was while he was with us. Fortunately surgery cured the problem and he is doing fine. Karen, who had just lost her dad in August came out fishing for 3 days and we had a wild time. On the 4th day she was replacing her a/c unit and promised to come out after that. She disappeared and the next phone call was that her mother died. Unbelievable. Leonard, who leaves near our property, and professes to be one of the few Dems in his county whose life mission is to turn the county blue, and I had some really good (and sometimes heated) conversation on politics. I had him looking at the logic of what is best for all the people and what is within the Constitution and he was coming around, while we continued to catch fish. I shook his hand the day he left, with the understanding that we would continue this next fall. 2 days later I got the call he died in his sleep. All this made November fishing a bit more somber. Tuesday was t-shirt and shorts up to 7pm. By 11:15pm, the temp had dropped by 35+ degrees and the snow began to fall for the next 2 hours. At this point it was time to clean up and ready the unit for closure. Last year we lost a dear friend, Phyllis. All things become trivial when your friends become injured or pass away, which is the reason I didn’t post lately. My mind wasn’t into it.

Now I am back in the land of Ob and the air of gloom sits heavy upon me. Caught up on all the news and am giving Mama her “missed me” time before I return to work. Needless to say I’ll be ready to go toe-to-toe and carry on. You have one more day of bliss without my comments. Enjoy it.

UPDATE: Sorry about no title. Still working from the touchpad and unable to see published work.