There are no perfect candidates. Matter of fact, there are few good ones. What makes a difference is how well people paid attention in government class in school, how much they keep up with current political affairs, and where they see their life heading: either good or bad. There is a war on the Tea Party, Christians, conservatives, Republicans, rule of law, Caucasians, your personal wealth, and truth and logic. The election was won by Wexton which gives the Senate to the Dems. Very perplexing to me how this came about (other than NoVa is oxygen starving blue all the way) after the affairs of late.

Take polls and surveys for example. We have seen time and again where the Feds are disregarding the law. We’ve seen that most bills on the federal level are against the will of the people while disrupting and curtailing our known American way of life. People are tired of being put upon, losing their jobs, their freedoms and their wealth. The socialist ideals being implemented cause woe on those who try to eke a living, having to give more of what they own and are due to those who sit back and just take while contributing nothing.

McDonnell turned this state around after Kaine put us in a hole. We had more freedoms, made Virginians more responsible for their own lives and gave us the tools to achieve that. He did raise state tax once again and he did put himself into a scandal that tarnished his reputation and all he has accomplished. Too bad, that. History only lends to scandals of the individual instead of the good deeds. Even so, it is purely evident that we have been better off as of late. Taking that into consideration, and the Democrats at all levels of politics initiating oppressive agendas, why would we elect socialists who want to continue this oppressive agenda until we are that third world country we said we would never be? McAwful has already started this agenda with proposing raising taxes, expanding Medicade ( and with it an Obamacare exchange), relaxing illegal immigration, giving homosexuals a greater status than everyday citizens, gun control, more women’s rights (can’t figure out what that catch-all term really means), etc. Is this what we really need; an extension of Obama-nation? I guess if you are a leftist it is. But the polls and surveys say the majority doesn’t want these things. If that’s the case, why do we continue to elect these radicals to suppress our liberties?

These are questions I can’t find answers for with just talking to individuals. I have mulled over different reasoning and scenarios but still am perplexed because none of it seems logical. It will not be interesting to see how this state unfolds over the next 4 years because it will be hurtful to all those responsible people that are trying to survive. And it always seems a daunting task to try and reclaim which is so easily lost. I won’t congratulate Wexton or the Dems for their win because I think of the welfare of Virginia as a whole. This is going to bite us hard and we are seemingly on a path to a future of default if this radical agenda is pushed forward.

People say that a third or fourth party is not the ticket because it siphons votes from the main parties. Others say we need to rebrand the Republican Party ( which is what the Tea Party groups were/are trying to do). None of that makes sense when we continue to expand the welfare state with no strings attached. Until people are educated on the law, the constitution and how self responsibility is the first cure to a strong Republic, nothing will change. Election laws must be changed for voting purposes ( I don’t think that anyone on state/federal assistance–”the dole”–should have the right to vote to further that non-productive, freebie lifestyle). I am a proponent to recall ANY political figure that lies to the people while holding office (that includes those little “white” lies–what a racist term). Consequences need to be given for this new “lifestyle” that has perpetrated our lives. I am not saying all is lost as it stands now but we are on the toboggan, gaining speed downhill to that very end.