The war is ending, but not won.

They were caught lying about the unemployment numbers, so who cares what the made-up numbers are?

They shut down the government, and 0bama spent MORE trying to get people to notice.

Get ahead in America, and they will demonize you and tax you back in place.

Average wages don’t budge when the average worker is not the one making the productivity improvements.

Our Dear Leader announces he will issue fiats.

Childhood obesity is down because the food now served at school is inedible.

So just eliminate the corporate income tax COMPLETELY!!  Then there are NO LOOPHOLES!!  :-D

Taking money from the producers to try to build groups of people the might produce doesn’t make sense.

Shouldn’t we use up all THEIR energy reserves first?

WHAT tax incentives to “fossil fuels”?  The only bill they proposed only removed tax breaks from the oil companies that every other company also gets.

Didn’t we have droughts before industrialization?  Didn’t Egypt have a seven year drought 3000 years ago?

Make it easier to come here LEGALLY, not easier to stay here ILLEGALLY.

Whole lotta H1B Visa holders working on ObamaCare.  Hmmmm…….

The unemployment insurance contract you paid for was for 26 weeks.  Extending it to 99 meant you took it from someone else unpaid for by the insurance premium paid.

Access, yes.  But if that horse refuses to drink?

You didn’t “work with lenders,” you took over the entire market.

When the government pumps money into the system, the prices go up.

Higher minimum wage DOES boost productivity — because all the newly unemployed get replaced by machinery, so the per-worker productivity goes up!

Your PAY is the reward for work.

The ROTH IRA <I>is</I> for the low-income people.   They pay very low taxes on the principle now, and pay NO income tax when they have higher rates in retirement.

Can’t be denied coverage, but don’t expect service either.

Yeah — what if our Army chose not to fight for France, because that fight had already been lost?

You have to buy the coverage by March 15th, to GET the coverage by the 31st.

How about CITIZENS’ right to vote?

How about sending those armed forces to Benghazi to defend those diplomats?

MORE SECURE?  With Iran refining nuclear bomb material?

They won’t have to LAUNCH attacks, since they’re walking over our borders.

You hesitated sending them into Benghazi.

We were never on a war footing in the first place.

Obama can close Gitmo w/o Congress.  Why hasn’t he?

Yeah, but the Soviets were reasonable people.

“The best diplomat is a fully charged phaser bank.” -LCDR Montgomery Scott

And 0bama wants to make us do what every other nation does, so we can be just as crappy as the countries so many immigrants left because they are crappy countries.

Poor McCain was in pain trying to applaud that kid.

God has blessed us. Now that we have turned away from Him, will He turn away from us?