I love stories where people become aware of the dangers and viciousness of unions. Some employees are paying attention and none more prevalent than those in the southern right-to-work states. Such is the case with Chattanooga’s VW plant. It appears that the majority of employes were satisfied with working conditions and pay. They also were in fear of having no control (read–having a voice) in union matters and ending up like Detroit..

Remember when the NLRB was trying to make all employers more pro union and have personal information such as names, addresses, e-mails and phone numbers, being made available to the unions? Take about conditions rife with corruption and harassment. It appears that that harassment existed in this case. I remember numerous times when I was harassed in this way by the union. Death threats, abusive phone calls at all hours, destruction of personal and private property. This is how unions and their mindless minions make sure they get their way. Make no mistake; unions are owned and operated by thugs. Used to be an off-shoot of the mob but I couldn’t tell you that it is not still the case. With all that union money just waiting to be used…..or skimmed.

Union money. That comes from dues from union workers. The union calls it a “strike fund”. I’ve been on strike before. The union goes to exotic places and has outings (called “meetings”) where they are fighting for member rights while members walk a picket line. The dues come back to the members in the form of hats, t-shirts and coffee mugs. Those dues are suppose to be there for those who need food and pay mortgage while in an extended strike. Doesn’t happen. You actually have to rely on family and friends to help you out. And how about political candidates gifts, recalls and advertisements, trying to make a political union point (read–swell union ranks for more union dues). I heard the union spent between 1.5 to 5 million dollars on the VW deal. It was an investment in the future with no return. Someone else’s dues wasted, with no return ever coming back to the dues payer

The union is outraged by the influence of external and internal forces. Hell, yes. Obama even chimed in. And they may contest this vote. More union dues wasted. Not to be undeterred, they will be back to VW in a year to try again, as well hitting other car makers with plants in the South. The unions are hurting. The unions are thugs and asses. And the unions are desperate. How desperate? Well, being a political arm of Dems and Obama specifically, they have an ear and mouth piece with the MSM (save FOX). And the MSM came through with this revelation from Timothy Noah, NBC. As you can see, shit sticks together in clumps as Beckle proves with his remark. All that any liberal has to do is assert something and it automatically becomes fact, baseless or not, where all other mud scum liberals will defend the lie to their grave. This is also the way of unions. Look. Take my advice. The only union you need in life is for putting air or liquid lines, or pipe together and they can be purchased at any hardware store. Labor unions destroy economies and take the “union” out of American states. Believe it.

UPDATE: Here is just one of those unions persuading others to their cause.