Well, it is here; the deadline for the Iran deal (NOT the lack thereof). There is no formal deal as yet but because they have “understandings” then they will continue wishing for that elusive binding agreement. Unfortunately for us, Iran has nothing but time to continue with their quest for the bomb while dum-dum Kerry is lead around by the platinum nose ring. What is surprising is a secret report out of Israel.

It appears that Israeli intelligence has uncovered movements between Iran and North Korea. Because of the unbalance in the Middle East and the internal turmoil and toppling of governments, Iran is trying to speed the process of obtaining a nuclear device while much focus is elsewhere. They have turned to N. Korea and it appears that the little, fat, dictator Kim Jong-un is antsy to help. What has been leaked in this report is that Iran intends to “borrow” 2 nuclear devices and 2 Nodong-B missile delivery systems. These will be smuggled in from the Gaza and into Iran. N. Korea will get an undisclosed amount of enriched uranium in the near future plus and alliance with Iran which could jointly target Israel and America. Iran will supposedly be allowed to export labor to N. Korea. Unfortunately, that “labor” comes in the form of captured Iranian enemies, about to work in camps for Jong-un. It appears that the N. Korean labor force (that is–forced labor) is way undernourished and too scrawny to continue the work needed. These laborers will include ISIS members, Christian women and children.

In other news, the Iranians have supported the mining (read–tunnels) under major Israeli cities, which already hold low yield “dirty bombs”. Israeli intelligence have determined where the tunnels are and neutralized the devices. What was also found has caught most people by surprise. Thousands of canisters containing chemicals have been piled around the explosives. Canisters containing mustard gas, cayenne pepper powder, old spice and Lysol. What good is mustard gas without pretzels? Anyway, Obama and Kerry have refuted this report as hearsay and racial and religious bias and blame the GOP for interfering with another legacy action. Kerry is now determined to challenge O’Malley for the Dem nod for President. Iran and N. Korea are backing the play. Sheesh.