On June 18th, some nut job, who others claim as a “white supremacist”, killed 9 people in a Charleston church. Within the week the DOJ was already setting about to award each slain person’s family the sum of 3.2 million tax payers dollars. A story I picked talks about it here. I would have associated this with making reparations for what happened to the slaves way back when until I realized that something similar was done for the Sandy Hook shootings.
Now the politics of the church shooting are much more than the school shooting. Both had guns as the instrument to cause death and guns are a big liberal no-no. Innocent lives cut short by a crazy person. I have been following a similar story where there are no monetary reparations. 5 innocent lives cut short by a crazy person. Don’t know where the DOJ is on this one. I mean, they give money to matters of the state but when it is matters of the fed, no such luck. I am talking about the recruitment center killings. Every day I check and every day just nothing. What is the difference? Why the double standard? After all, it is our money and WE should be able to decide who to give it to, right? What a despicable administration this is.