I had been waiting for more information on this and I didn’t want to bother Sheriff Mike because I knew his hands were full. I asked a guy I know in a convenience store across the street about it but he had little information and the LCSO had already viewed his cameras. This morning is a different story cause now we have more info and I used this WaPo story on purpose.

When you read the story you find that this teenager came to Texas, leaving El Salvador because of violence and poverty. Obama allowed him to be “sent” to his aunt and uncle here in Sterling. A lot of how good and quiet he was. Sounds good but I have heard that tale too many times to believe it face value. He was shy with English so he mostly spoke Spanish. He liked to frequent Chuck-E-Cheese (a small children venue). He liked poetry and drawing, playing soccer in the street, and wanted to join the Navy someday. Okay, we will wait and see how this fits when they piece more of this puzzle together.

The story tells about recent “deaths” in Loudoun that were painful. A football player (drunk) mistakenly shot and a teacher dying of a heart attack. Nothing about the shooting at Safeway or the shooting of pedestrians in Country Side or many other “recent deaths”. It also talks about these kids in the school bawling at the guidance councilor’s office. Grief. I understand that. But during lockdown, kids were in one class all day. And after their 90 minute lesson, they were allowed to just sit around, talking and playing with their phones. Shouldn’t those have been in a locker somewhere?

I don’t want to sound like I am a heartless individual but I have been steamrolled all too often with this compassion of lies. The main writer for the Post on this story is Latino. Why? Puts a slant on things. There are always victims but usually there are circumstances when they are not “senseless acts”. I want to know more..a lot more. I will give you a “what-if”. What if this kid never tried to illegally get into this country? Would he still be alive somewhere today?

UPDATE: This just in from Delgaudio’s website