The boy was definitely a bit off. To believe that he would never go off the deep again was a foolish premise. You can’t change a Zebra’s stripes. That Scott “everyone makes mistakes” York had him on his campaign team says a lot. Read the story here. His picture looks like he is still on a never ending bender but Williams really isn’t the story here. Ron Meyer is.

Meyer ran for another seat and lost in the primary 4 years ago. Then he decided to run for the 33rd Senate seat which caused angst in the GOP. Being the benevolent individual that Ron is, he backed away from the Senate and decided to start small with a Loudoun supervisor run; Shawn Williams seat. Here is the kicker: Meyer was offered to fill Williams’ seat right now. He declined, stating that he has knocked on doors and made phone calls and wants to WIN the seat. Hello? Ron? You will still have to win the seat since this is a 2 month TEMPORARY position. You could get a “feel” for what you are getting into. That is, unless you DON’t want to have any type of voting record before the election. Once elected, you can screw up for 4 years before you get dumped. Does anyone else out there believe that a dark hood is being placed over our heads? More politics as usual I see and endorsed by the LCRP. I am just speculating here but that country boy logic of mine smells a polecat.