Well, folks, I pray that today we elect Donald Trump to be our next President.  He can, for a while, slow our descent into a banana republic.  But only for a while.

We must reform our immigration laws to stop allowing people to come here just because a family member came here — the “chain migration.”  So many people come to this country, become citizens, and then vote for the party that promises the same things that caused the countries they left to become socialist shit-holes.  At least we won’t have to have border guards to keep people in — there will be nowhere left to go.

But even stemming that tide, we are dying out.  Liberalism and feminism have bred stupidity and selfishness such that people who get “liberal arts” degrees now know less than people fifty years ago who did not go to college and in their selfishness they have fewer children, if any, so they can buy more shit they don’t need.

Western civilization, and our republican, federal system of government, are the best things ever devised by Man.  But they are no match for the stupidity and selfishness of liberalism and feminism.