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I have been waiting for this season to get started and let me tell you something: this isn’t good baseball; this isn’t great baseball; this is some fantastic baseball! For two games in a row, I have seen two grand slams. Unbelievable defensive plays and everyone is swinging the bat when needed. Rendon, Werth and Espinosa are the ones I want to see do well and they haven’t disappointed me. The others are performing in a gear likened to playoff time. And they are just as calm as can be. Almost like they have a secret that we don’t know about (like they are going to the World Series this year). Having some ups and downs with pitching but offense is covering that. I mean, the game tonight is no less exciting then the one yesterday. Matter of fact I only see one dark spot in these first 10 games. That is the instant replay. It is being used and abused for other than intended and it takes the fun out of booing the umps, which has shown that they get the call right about 98% of the time. I hope it goes away because I don’t want my baseball footballized, if you know what I mean. Since it is spring break and nothing is going on, tune into Nats baseball. You’ll be glad you did.

We all know that the GOP in Congress is the party of not-conservative. They state they are and turn right around and do things to aid liberal convictions. The Tea Party members of the GOP (who are more true conservatives) are shutdown and ridiculed at every turn by the GOP as a whole. Since the GOP was always associated as the party of conservatism, what happened? I know that over the years I have butt heads with hundreds of people on this subject of “the party”. What I hear most of all is that the GOP needs to win at all costs. This means to me that you trash principles and only field “winnable” candidates so as to have an “R” in some political seat. But what does that do for the people? We have R’s on the LCBOS and most of them could be Dems and you would never know the difference. I made that distinction before they were even elected. No, the GOP is NOT the party or voice of conservatism as is plainly obvious today.

Moving forward, in the news is the appointment of Shaun Kenney of Bearing Drift to executive director of the RPV. Don’t now the guy. I understand that he has made statements in February that “nativists” need to be purged from the party, and I know where that comes from and who it is directed to. But why say that? It is true that the GOP is looking to enhance its rank and file with a new breed of Republican ( opening more doors for homosexuals, Latinos, independents and women) that, supposedly, were somehow shunned from the party. And how that is done is to show these groups that you are flexible and believe in their causes. So every time the Dems come up with a trumped up issue, the GOP needs to counter with their own form on the trumped up issue. But where does law and Constitution fit in all this? We have laws to be obeyed or we change them when the majority of citizens want that. Same with the Constitution. Until that time, you don’t just arbitrarily ignore those laws because you don’t like or believe in them and you don’t ignore them to help affect change, but rather abide and enforce them UNTIL that change is made. So what gives on this statement about purging nativists from the party? Are they nativists because they hold to enforcing the law and Constitution?

The issue is immigration. No one of sane mind will ever hold someone accountable for just LISTENING, especially if it is part of your job description. I just wish that more people would do some listening as it is a skill necessary to have dialogue. You don’t need to agree with what is said but you do need to understand (from the speakers viewpoint). Conversely, a sane person will hold you accountable for what comes out of your mouth, and rightly so. The GOP wants to grow. Immigration is a hotly contested issue and favors the Dems with this voting block. Even if the GOP promises the world, if there is no “free” involved, the GOP gets nothing. Nada. Zilch. Let’s suppose, hypothetically, that they do get something. At what cost and to whom? Should we just have open borders and open the flood gates so that established citizens are left out in the cold and lose their American dream that they have worked so hard for, following,the rules and paying,their dues?

Which brings me forward to this: last night I was at a church in the area. The place was slammed with people and there were two buses in the parking lot. There was a meeting going on inside for this group, as churches often have various meetings for different things. What bothered me about this were the buses, decorated with this bold statement: “Immigration Reform and Amnesty Now”. Oops. So reforming immigration laws, which do need to be changed to obtain the brightest and necessary talent, is tied to amnesty. This is a progressive argument. When someone like the GOP talks about being for immigration reform, is that really the whole story? Is it being sought with amnesty, on the backs of all American citizens? Can you have one without the other? What about those laws and the Constitution that spell this out? Then again, where have all the conservatives in the GOP gone? Who’s party is it anyway?

Feinstein and the Senate Intelligence Committee. That is what you call an oxymoron, headed by a useless moron. Since she believes she is being spied upon by the CIA, she is going after 10 year old (or older) documents on torture that the CIA did. And of course Reid, Pelosi and a litany of other morons are jumping on the bandwagon. Here’s what is going on. Now this is what you call diversion. We have too many important things yet to be resolved but nothing is more important than something we STOPPED doing many years ago.

So waterboarding and nudity is torture. I mean, it isn’t like pulling out fingernails or electric shock to the testicles or whippings and beatings. But if you want to look at torture, think about: the kid in his car with the stereo on full blast or Reid, Obama, Biden, Pelosi…..all those irrational politicians opening their mouths and blathering BS or a parent taking away car keys or an iPhone from their kids or only eating school lunch or Brittany Spears or……me having to read the inane statements from progs on this blog. Was there REALLY torture done here by the CIA? Do we REALLY care now? And Feinstein wants these documents whole and not redacted. Bwahahahaha!!! No hypocrisy there, right? Why doesn’t she just go after the CIA for Benghazi? More benefits can be had there but this is just another circus of revenge and distraction. LOOK! A squirrel!!!

I like Depp since back when he and Peter DeLoise did 21 Jump Street. The characters and roles are as diverse as his talents. He doesn’t play the Hollywood game and always appears a bit eccentric. He has always been like that. Because he doesn’t do the “right things” in Hollywood, they hold a grudge against him. I can think of many roles portrayed that should have landed him an Oscar above the competition. But the Hollywood types are fickle that way and Depp seems to end up losing out.

He took a trip to China recently (as is now in vogue with Hollywood types) to promote his new movie. China has a big market for making and watching movies and Depp is an admired actor over there. Now he made the statement to the crowd, “I could live here easily,….It’s a warm experience.” To which Bob Beckle took umbrage over. Beckle started spouting off about human rights and such but I didn’t take away that viewpoint. Depp was being wined and dined in pleasant places and this was his first trip. Does he know the woes with China? Hard to say since Depp does not like politics and doesn’t involve himself. I don’t think you go to a country to promote your wares and hoping for buyers with the intent on telling the host nation that their country, culture and politics suck. That is what is known as a no-gainer no-brainer. He is promoting his movie and himself. By doing that, Hollywood may ease up and afford him an Oscar in the next couple years. Playing to the fans is much better than cutting your throat before you really need to.

I watched this thing live yesterday and, even after taking some Tums and Dramamine, still felt nauseous. I knew it would be lies but, but holy guacamole, I thought I was looking at the Geico commercial with Pinocchio. This boy king is not only a joke but a great embarrassment to this country. He is qualified to be Mayor of D.C. But other than that, nada. Let’s look at lies then:

And now. Read some of the comments here. Two that jumped up are this:
“”A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” ~ Thomas Jefferson “A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.” -G. Gordon

and this:
“If you don’t like your Democrat senator you don’t have to keep him/her. Vote them out. Liars all.”

The biggest lie of all has always been that if you don’t agree with ObamaCare and the GOP trying to repeal ObamaCare means they don’t want you to have health insurance. If I remember correctly, health insurance existed BEFORE ObamaCare. At last glance, there are still 40 million uninsured Americans that this law (I’m choking here) was aimed to resolve, except that everyone else got sucked in like a bad side affect. My, and most other entities, have open enrollment for two weeks, in which time you decide your plan so that it is ready BY THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR. ObamaCare has open enrollment for 6 months (actually, you can sign up all year long) but STILL left out 40 million uninsured. The government just made 4 BILLION dollars off the uninsured and they still have no health insurance. Boy, this is working out great!

I cannot divulge the individual who showed me this 200 page document. As you know, I am all about secrets and anonymity here and everywhere. But I did see this initiative and I crapped my pants. If this were insider trading, I would be heading to jail now. Let me just say the cogs are in motion to head this off before it is implemented.

When you do your taxes, you attach your SSAN to that document. At times, taxpayers even have refunds directly deposited to their bank accounts. Do you remember when the government was trying to find a way to take over 401K’s? That idea didn’t die. This document (which I could neither copy nor show anyone. Matter of fact, I had to read it in the presence of the individual) was from the Treasury Dept with involvement from both the IRS and Justice. Why Justice I am not sure but the bottom line is a new tax.

The tax is called a “holding tax” and deals with individual’s monies in financial institutions and 401k’s wherever they reside. To be initiated around the April 15th timeframe, a tax is immediately levied on the dollar amount of any holdings at a 3% rate. That money immediately goes into a government “holding” account (extracted from your account) where it draws interest for the government. A lien is also put on your account (and any new established accounts) so that taking monies out below what taxes will be owed are stayed (which means you cannot clear out your account). That 3% tax will also be levied on your tax returns. After the initial tax and withdrawal from your accounts, every quarter there will be a 3% tax on those accounts done by ADB (I assume this is “average daily balance”) figures.

For example: you have 1,000 dollars in your bank account=30 to the gov’t. Small potatoes? 10,000 in your savings=300 to the gov’t. Now we’re picking up steam. 100,000 in your 401K=3,000 to the gov’t. No small potatoes there. And this will happen EVERY QUARTER!

Now there was much of this I couldn’t understand but the rational was to shore up “entitlement” programs-including the ACA-to keep them solvent and stave off budgetary shortfalls. Are you kidding me? It is a perpetuating tax if I read this correctly, with no sunset. I guess we don’t have to worry about estate tax much going forward. There won’t be anything left. I don’t know how they can get away with this but maybe that is why the Justice Dept is involved. And we already know that the ACA was Constitutional because it was a tax. I’m sure someone will take this to court but by the time it gets resolved (what, 2 years or more?), can you imagine the pile of money the government will have……all collecting interest for them? I don’t know who you could call to complain because it is being kept close to the breast. All I can do is what I already started; closing accounts. This sucks. ANY PERCEPTION RELYING IN LOGIC FINDS ONE ONEROUS LAW! Sheesh.

Don’t know why everyone is so ecstatic of what ObamaCare is doing for the general public. No matter how many articles are shown to the detriment of this law, it is lauded by the progs as a success. Well, here is but another article that says “no, no, no”. I like the cost per person being spent compared to the number still uninsured. With the money already down the toilet thru all costs, including and especially ADVERTISING this asinine program, we could have saved money by just targeting those who were uninsured.

Seems that the Merryland administration is giving up the ghost on their health exchange. I guess they siphoned off as much money as they could hide without raising too much suspicion. 125 million in tax payer dollars gone into someone’s pocket with nothing to show for the cost. Incredible? Incredibly stupid!