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Here is a link to The Guardian on the failed White Supremists rally in Washington DC last Sunday. As much as it was touted on the MSM, I saw no airing on any of the channels. Why? No violence. It seems that less than two dozen supremists showed up but (supposedly) thousands of anti protestors did. You had the homosexual community and Antifa, other groups with a bunch of curiousity seekers looking for some “action”. The police in-force had the small supremist group surrounded at all times and kept the distant of the antis to a binocular distance. Short lived and moved on, all within an hour. Waste of time and resources. The standing question is why should or would any people want to show up? If left alone, like minded people who wanted to hear this tripe would be there. All sane people would just avoid it because the rally holds no sympathy for them. Bingo. Dead on arrival.

These anti groups had to be there for one and only one reason: conflict. Same as watching MMA, tight rope walking between skyscrapers, guy jumping at car heading at him at 60 mph and so on. What is it that attracts and causes people to gravitate to physical conflict events? Blood? Carnage? Death? And if that happens then the MSM has what it needs to blame groups/people that they hold accountable for animalistic hate tendencies. A rally or protest is made for LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. If carnage ensues from the event then it is that group that holds accountability. If you don’t like the event, create one of your own on a different day and protest it with your like minded people. THAT is the American way. Not conflict.

I didn’t show up for the event because I don’t believe in the White Supremacy/Neo-Nazi/Skinhead movement. I don’t show up at pro-abortion or homosexual rallies either. I like none of them but I am not an idiot nor see any reason to put myself in harm’s way. I can anti protest from this venue. Take a breath. Let others do their rallies. Why be an idiot?

Hello world!


Once again, we attempt to reinvent the NOVA TownHall Blog. This was a decision based less on whimsy than expediency, because the Movable Type version was running too slow on our new host.

And in the brave, incisive, hard-charging new world being forged here by the NOVA TownHall authors and commenters, “slow” simply deserves no place in our collective vocabulary.

This version of the blog, you will note, resides right at the NOVA TownHall site root, because over the past 4+ years of existence NVTH has evolved into a blog first, and everything else second. If we start having meetings again, we can certainly advertise and organize them here.

For the time being, both the old-new NOVA TownHall Blog and the new-new NOVA TownHall Blog will operate concurrently. This may be confusing, but I think it will be the good kind of confusing. Based on past experience, upgrading the blog is nothing if not a cluster-you-know-what, and by letting them both run we should minimize the downtime. This also buys me a lot of time to make sure comments work, spam gets deflected, the sidebars get rebuilt, and I learn WordPress. Eventually, all the new, exciting action will be here.

I am especially encouraged by the fact that installing WordPress, compared to installing MT, is like making nachos compares to decoding the human genome.

Thanks for putting up with yet another transitional phase here, and let’s hope this is the last one for a few years.