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Kissinger bringing up a new world order a few weeks ago:

And here he is outlining his plans for one in an article he wrote a week later.I guess he thinks the problems of the world can be solved with one great big government. I don’t suppose he has noticed that the larger governments become, the more problems they cause the world. I think what he is saying in this article is that if there was one big government, then the problems governments create don’t have to be addressed because they won’t effect the worlds economic security.But aren’t big problems with economies and governments the only way we have of knowing how bad they are screwing everything up so we can start looking into whatever lies they are telling about it and force them to fix it?Right now, conflicts between countries and financial systems go up like red flags telling us where to look for the mistakes they make so we can try to fix it. It’s as if he thinks there could have been a more harmonious approach to dealing with the problems that lead to the financial system collapsing. But the problem is corruption and lies, self denial, all kinds of things that could be ignored under the kind of system he is talking about.

It’s one of those deals that looks good on paper but in practice, shuts down oversight, not opens it up, like with the way the SEC let Madoff slip through the cracks,, right, like they didn’t know, and Enron, derivative trading, all of it. We’re told that laws and rules make everything work so we don’t worry about it anymore and don’t find out how bad it is until it is too late.

I remember how they dealt with the S and L crisis in the eighties. They simply wrote new rules to basically make what was done legal thinking that solved the problem. But that’s how we got here, the allowing of unchecked pyramid scheme building through investment banks.

I don’t think what the world needs in order to get us pointed in a constructive direction is now rules that keep financial systems flowing more smoothly, worldwide institutions that negotiate peace on terms that validate politics over common sense, or one big environmental policy that all nations can follow as a guideline to ending whatever it is he is referring to when he talks about the environment. It’s is as he thinks that if a bunch of rich and powerful people can get together and agree on something, that it will work and be the best way to go. I wonder what world he comes from because this has never been the case at any level of society so why would he want to try that kind of model on a world scale.

What we need to do is create a financial system that is so simple, a child could understand it, along with simplifying all the other complex issues of the world that when broken down, really don’t make any sense anyway and simply need to be washed off the world stage. It’s like there is this giant toilet where we dump idiocy that needs to be flushed every so many years so we can get back to reality. It’s like how politicians come into office and never leave. The system needs to open up to ideas while getting rid of politics so their can be real competition for where we go in the future, which like any game, has a season that ends with a playoff, then a new season starts.

It seems like we have been playing the same game since I was a kid where it never seems to end while Kissinger always pops up with these same kinds of notions for how power can be brokered to create future worldwide stability. But if he ever had any hint of intelligence or relevance, then why is the world falling apart. I mean he has been right there all along as a major force in deciding how we got here. But then here he is saying that where we are is good because now Obama can use the fact that the world faces so many problems at one time as a launch pad for a new world order.

It’s like our leaders don’t know that if the simply flush the game out into God’s sea of forgetfulness, which can be done by bringing some common sense, reason, and truth into politics, it will fill back up with clean water and they can start the bull&%# all over again but with fresh manure. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. And a little Clorox and a scrub brush wouldn’t hurt either.

Muslims as well as Jewish beliefs are both bible based. You have Jewish extremist on one side of the biggest problem on the planet and Muslim extremist on the other. In the middle are a lot of Jews and Muslims that do not support either one while the world takes either side of a religious argument as if it is a political problem without addressing the basic issue at hand, dogma and inaccurate accounts of history.

You can never settle the problem without dealing with religious fundamentalists on both sides of the issue. You can’t simply decide that one religious argument is more worthy than the other when neither have any merit. The problem is the perception by citizens of the world most of who don’t know anything about what is really going on in the Middle East. Jews have money and can afford court the world with rhetoric. The Palestinians don’t so just like with any political debate, the one who can afford the best PR campaigns often wins the support of the most people.

The world should isolate the two of them and act as mediators in a legitimate debate about how it got the way it is now and what to do about it. When the Jews run out of patience and money, that is what they will do anyway, sit down and talk. Either that, or when Obama sits down with Iran, it will very hard for Israel to hold fast to the kind one sided argument for why they are right and everyone else in the Middle East is wrong anymore.

It’s like everything is personal with you guys, and even the gals.

So what are you even doing here? Isn’t there a blog for whiners who can’t find a point to make that is relevant? I wonder Phil Gramm visited this place before he slipped and called Americans complainers. I wonder if there are a lot of serious people in this town who came here once thinking this blog was about something and you chased them off.

I see that you actually used to have meetings until a couple years ago. What happened?

I know what happened, the same thing that always happens when something attracts attention. It goes well at first until an inner core of idiots establishes themselves as the governing body that decides who is in and who is out. It’s like what happens with middle school chick clicks where the ones who are most insecure create this inpenetratable circle that they only let in other like them, or those who want to fall behind them in a social pecking order.

But then as college ends and everyone goes out into the work force, there are still those who never got to be stuck up snobs because they were the ones who were never allowed into the inner circles, and then there are those that never grow out of this kind of childish behavior. They go onto join groups like this and establish themselves in positions of power where they get to be the ones who are stupid and weird right out where everyone can see them but they have no conscience about what they do because have the support of their cult following.

One of you said it best when you claimed I have too strong of an ego. That’s when I figured out you were a cult. That’s what cults do, attack the individual to try to break them down so they feel isolated and vulnerable. Then they befriend them, of course with the condition that they believe as taught based on faith in principles that although would not make sense to the rest of the world, is believed by the followers. But followers of who? It must be Rush Limbaugh.

I encounter this stupid shit whenever I get near groups that call themselves conservatives. But I know a lot of conservative minded people and they don’t have a social disorder that requires they act like assholes 24/7. So this must be the problem with the conservative movement, every time someone starts a campaign towards actually practicing conservative principles like our forefather inspired us to, you smucks take over the front and center of the “arena of ideas” and chase everyone away with your bugger/fart ideologies. Hmm. That’s good to know.

Digging a little deeper, if my memory recalls, this is what lead to the downfall of the liberal movement, the crushing of new ideas, one sided debates, wacky ideas meant more to prove who is loyal enough to follow them, stupid shit like that. So Rush has inspired a generation of activists who combat brainwashing with brainwashing, which did get rid of those ridiculous liberals. But no one thought to reach back into the ranks and deprogram you guys. So you are like Japanese soldiers stuck on islands in the south pacific who think the war is still being fought.

But then Rush thinks this is so himself, which means he is leading an army of misfits and robots against a liberal movement that not only doesn’t exist anymore, their forces have regrouped while learning from their past mistakes. Now they’re building a new arsenal of weapons using new technologies while you’re left in old trenches on fields that the battle moved on from years ago. And you are using the weapons that they lost the previous war with. This is fascinating, a remarkable observation of historical socio human events.

It’s like what’s going on with the world’s economy. The US has always stayed in the lead many leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else because we learned the secret truth to how to build a the most powerful economic force in the world from our forefathers, integrity and transparency. So we’ve always stayed ahead of everyone else because the core of how the rest of them do business is corrupt. Now the core of how we do business is also corrupt. But we have traditionally been less corrupt than the rest while doing a better job of hiding the crimes our leaders commit in the financial markets.

But now the rest of the world is starting to figure it out. I think India let the cat out of the bag when they saw their markets surge every time they applied a new integrity driven transparent and straight forward policy. Now everyone is following suit which is having the effect of exposing our weaknesses as they catch up with us. Fascinating.

This blog is like a microcosm of the world’s economy, a historical antiquity. You should all stay just the way you are so we can build a museum around

I’m going over to the other side today. The BAR is a great rifle but think I might do better with some newer smarter technologies.

If you scrutinize the information provided by the links at the end of the article, you’ll learn there’s no actual energy or environmental crisis in the US or anywhere else in the world. It’s real but there are ways to avoid it that have been ignored, technologies we can still latch onto to solve our energy problems while at the same time changing the health, pollution, and global warming equations dramatically.

These four points are at the core of the most important issues we face today;

1- The weather pattern changes we call global warming are not caused by carbon dioxide (CO2) but rather methane(CH4), low level ozone forming pollutants (VOC’s), low level ozone (O3), and their reactions with sun light and atmospheric water vapor (H2O).

2- Gasoline and diesel fuel can be refined to give 20% more mileage with 70 percent less pollution using polymer additives that are produced in the same kinds of refineries that gasoline is.

3- Anhydrous (water removed) ethanol, the kind of ethanol added to gasoline now, causes high emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), a low level ozone precursor. It also causes loss of mileage, produces huge amounts of ozone forming pollutants where it’s refined while pumping billions of tons of water vapor into the atmosphere mixed with pollutants, and has to be transported in trucks, trains, or barges because it’s too corrosive for pipelines.

4- Hydrous ethanol (water left in or added) can be used as fuel by itself or mixed with gasoline while causing no mileage loss, no increase in emissions, and can be transported through pipelines. It’s also cheaper to produce greater volumes of it while causing fewer emissions at the refinery.

Four points, it’s just that simple. The story of why we aren’t using them is too politically sensitive and convoluted to explain in a encyclopedia/news format. In reality, Barack Obama can solve most of our problems without reading the rest of this article if he looks into the four facts laid out above. But it would help him understand why this would work if I better explain it.

Politics of Global Warming

The politics of global warming isn’t as complicated as it is made out to be. It was first debated in the 1980’s. There were many theories on what might cause it. Europe liked James Hansen of NASA’s idea that CO2 would change our climate by dramatically warming it. This was because they were already heading in the direction of a more efficient energy and industrial infrastructures which reduced their CO2 emissions.

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Question 6Detailed account of offense -

I got myself arrested purposely. My life was threatened by a US senator for blocking the discreet and easy passage of a liability waiver amendment for MTBE producers, a gasoline additive, in an energy bill in 2002. I’d been watching the debate over the amendment on C-SPAN from my home in Virginia just outside Washington DC. Whenever a senator got up and spoke about what they were doing, I emailed his home town newspaper what he said and what was wrong with it, as well as to any email addresses I could find from his home town.

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