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Although reports are sketchy, at this point there only seem to be Russian troops in Crimea, not in Ukraine proper.

But this begs the question, What, exactly, is Ukraine?

Ukraine, formerly the Ukraine (the Borderland), was really just that — a land on the border of Russia.  It was not a distinct country (though the people were occasionally promised autonomy that never materialized) until the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  The Crimean peninsula was only transferred from the control of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954 by the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  This was an administrative move only.  The people of Crimea remained largely ethnic Russians.  Even now, Crimea is an “autonomous republic” (the only one) inside Ukraine.  Sevastopol (which is on the peninsula, but is not part of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) is home to both the Russian and Ukrainian Black Sea fleets.  Russia has a rental agreement with Ukraine for that use.

Meanwhile, much of eastern Ukraine is ethnic Russian.  We hear, quite reasonably, that the people of Ukraine should be able to choose their own path.  But must they all go together?  Ukraine’s borders are what the Soviet Union made them for its own convenience.  If the people of Crimea decide they want to be under the auspices of Russia, should they be allowed to do so?  Should they be allowed to be wholly independent — a new country — if they so desire?  What of eastern Ukraine?  Should Ukraine allow them to secede — and perhaps join Russia?

What if Ukraine says no?  Who would fault the Russians for helping ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine from joining Russia?

There are no easy answers here.  I hope someone with more knowledge of the region will comment.

STFU Speach


The war is ending, but not won.

They were caught lying about the unemployment numbers, so who cares what the made-up numbers are?

They shut down the government, and 0bama spent MORE trying to get people to notice.

Get ahead in America, and they will demonize you and tax you back in place.

Average wages don’t budge when the average worker is not the one making the productivity improvements.

Our Dear Leader announces he will issue fiats.

Childhood obesity is down because the food now served at school is inedible.

So just eliminate the corporate income tax COMPLETELY!!  Then there are NO LOOPHOLES!!  :-D

Taking money from the producers to try to build groups of people the might produce doesn’t make sense.

Shouldn’t we use up all THEIR energy reserves first?

WHAT tax incentives to “fossil fuels”?  The only bill they proposed only removed tax breaks from the oil companies that every other company also gets.

Didn’t we have droughts before industrialization?  Didn’t Egypt have a seven year drought 3000 years ago?

Make it easier to come here LEGALLY, not easier to stay here ILLEGALLY.

Whole lotta H1B Visa holders working on ObamaCare.  Hmmmm…….

The unemployment insurance contract you paid for was for 26 weeks.  Extending it to 99 meant you took it from someone else unpaid for by the insurance premium paid.

Access, yes.  But if that horse refuses to drink?

You didn’t “work with lenders,” you took over the entire market.

When the government pumps money into the system, the prices go up.

Higher minimum wage DOES boost productivity — because all the newly unemployed get replaced by machinery, so the per-worker productivity goes up!

Your PAY is the reward for work.

The ROTH IRA <I>is</I> for the low-income people.   They pay very low taxes on the principle now, and pay NO income tax when they have higher rates in retirement.

Can’t be denied coverage, but don’t expect service either.

Yeah — what if our Army chose not to fight for France, because that fight had already been lost?

You have to buy the coverage by March 15th, to GET the coverage by the 31st.

How about CITIZENS’ right to vote?

How about sending those armed forces to Benghazi to defend those diplomats?

MORE SECURE?  With Iran refining nuclear bomb material?

They won’t have to LAUNCH attacks, since they’re walking over our borders.

You hesitated sending them into Benghazi.

We were never on a war footing in the first place.

Obama can close Gitmo w/o Congress.  Why hasn’t he?

Yeah, but the Soviets were reasonable people.

“The best diplomat is a fully charged phaser bank.” -LCDR Montgomery Scott

And 0bama wants to make us do what every other nation does, so we can be just as crappy as the countries so many immigrants left because they are crappy countries.

Poor McCain was in pain trying to applaud that kid.

God has blessed us. Now that we have turned away from Him, will He turn away from us?

Virginia Virtucon has some interesting articles on Jennifer Wexton.

More reason I say, “Lawyers’ making law is like doctors’ making diseases.”

The Supremes yesterday heard oral arguments in National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning.

In short, the Constitution gives the President the Power to fill Vacancies “that may happen during the Recess of the Senate”:

The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session. (Article II, Section 2)

The vacancies in question did NOT happen during a Recess of the Senate, so the recess appointments were unconstitutional.

That past presidents have made similar appointments is irrelevant to the case.  That no-one challenged this unconstitutional practice merely means they wanted their side to be able to do it, too.  By restoring the Recess Appointment power to its proper scope, perhaps presidents will nominate palatable nominees and maybe actually seek the advise of the Senate before asking its consent.

Is anyone really surprised by this study?

Those who choose poorly, chose Democrats.

The premise that people are unable to make good decisions is at the heart of the modern Demonrat Party:

  • People are too stupid to choose the “right” light bulbs, cars, toilets, and health insurance, so they government must make those choices for them.
  • People are too stupid to negotiate fair compensation for their labor, so the government must impose minimums, and people may not work for less, even it they cannot find work at the decreed wage.
  • People are too stupid to avoid unwanted pregnancy, so the government should pay if a woman chooses to kill the child that results from her poor choices.
  • People are too stupid to donate properly to charity, so the government must take their money from them and give it to the government-favored causes.
  • People are too stupid to plan for their own retirement, so the government must take money from them to give to old people, with the unsustainable promise that when the current victims of the scam are themselves elderly, they government will steal from the next generation on their behalf.

Based on these premises of the modern Demonrat Party, those who make poor decisions, such as criminals, naturally gravitate to that bastion of ignorance and stupidity.

A dear young man died early this morning.  Please pray for his friends and family.


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Secretary Lew says that prioritizing payments would be “chaos.”[1]

For people who cannot make rational decisions, such as politicians, he’s probably right.  But let’s be rational and look at some numbers[2]

The receipts for FY12, not including Social Security and Medicare taxes, were $1.6T.

So, let’s look at expenses:

  • Defense: $0.93T
  • Federal retirees and disability: $0.03T
  • Interest payments: $0.24T
  • Federal law enforcement: $0.03T
  • Federal prisons: $0.01T
  • General Government: $0.05T
  • Transportation: $0.10T
  • “Other” spending: $0.14T

That leaves a $70B surplus!

What’s missing? Why are we running a $1.1T deficit?

  • Education — the State’s job, not that of the feral government, and
  • Welfare — OUR job, not that of the feral government, or of any other government.