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The words of Paul Harvey were part of the American media landscape for over 50 years. He had many supporters who enjoyed his insight and wisdom, and the gentle way he delivered it. In 2005 he received the Medal of Freedom for his lifetime of work in media. During WWII he was a reporter in the South Pacific. In 1945, he moved to Chicago, and worked on finding work for returning veterans. In 1946 Paul Harvey launched “The Rest of the Story” and these 15-20 minute nuggets of information and insight became part of radio for the next 50 plus years. Harvey died in 2009, there were never many like him before, and no one has taken his place since.

Below is an add that made use of a old Harvey tract and it was hands down the best of show for this years crop of super bowl adds, many of which were at best vapid and lame.

It is a shame that remainder of the adds were as lame as they were. Considering how expensive the advertisement slots are for a super bowl, one would have thought the producers of this vignettes would invest into producing something creative, in lieu of something simply crass.

I returned from a mission trip to Island Park in NY yesterday. Island Park is located on the south side of Nassau county. It is surrounded by inlets and bays and the island of Long Beach shields it from the worst that the Atlantic has to offer. A causeway from the town of Oceanside breaks Island Park’s geographic isolation from the rest of Long Island. The community grew up initially as a vacation stop for New Yorkers coming east to escape the heat of the summer. Eventually it became a town in Nassau whose residents worked in NYC and elsewhere on Long Island.

My eldest son and I went there with some 15 to 20 other Virginians through an organization called Samaritan’s Purse. A local church called the “Full Gospel Church of Island Park“, FGCIP, partnered with Samaritan’s Purse in order to provide a base of operations in the middle of the community. Volunteers from out of state sleep at FGCIP while working on the homes that were destroyed in the flood. Samaritan’s Purse coordinates the volunteers, finding and assessing needs, providing tools, safety guidelines, air-masks, Tyvek Suits (when needed), food and showers.


most one story homes like this will be condemned, this one is a miracle

Every House saw 4 to 8 feet of sea water on the first floor. Many homes where originally built as beach bungalows. These one story homes are by and large destined to be condemned. Many of the people who own these homes are elderly, sick and have left for Florida. Many will never return. The home we went to is a two story affair. The elderly Italian couple who lived there I will call Tony and Angela. They are now living on the second floor of their home. Their roots run deep in this community. Their daughter who had lived but two blocks over, saw her home condemned, is now moving elsewhere on Long Island.

Angela was born in this house in 1950, her grandfather bought it in 1935, it was built in 1927. She is, to say the very least, devastated. For her the suffering is not only due to the damage to her home and her possessions but due to the loss of her community. Some people have died, many more people have moved away. She knew many of the people in the town, she can see just how many of the homes are empty. Angela also mourns the empty pews at her church, Sacred Heart, the world she grew up in is gone.

Those of us from Northern VA showed up and worked for 2 days. The first day for Angela was the toughest. She is looking at a pack of goons with crowbars and hammers, who are about to ‘work’ on her house. She was an inch from total meltdown. Vicky, a wisp of a girl of Italian descent from in Purceville, walked up to Angela, took her hand and started to console her. They talked, and talked, and talked and Angela’s shoulders relaxed, and her eyes dried as Vicky poured herself out, comforting Angela. We all eventually spent time with Angela and Tony. They are truly amazing people. Tony bought us all pizza from Gigantes Pizzeria in Oceanside for lunch, without being asked. Tony and Angela are over a financial barrel, and they are buying us food?


just beginning to empty the first floor

In the meantime we got to work, at Tony’s direction, ripping down and removing the remaining sheet rock, plywood flooring, baseboards, cabinets, and all manner of debris — rotting furniture and other evidence of three lifetimes spend in this home. The mold and dirt were unbelievable. We were finding standing water under the cabinets, mold in the insulation. Water was still under layers of plywood flooring, in papers, furniture, just about everywhere. Much of the wood was rotting. The loss to Angela and Tony is incalculable. It is not just a dollars and cents issue, memories and relationships have been destroyed. Repeat this loss several thousand times and the story of Island Park becomes clearer. Repeat Island Park’s story a couple of hundred times, and the NY-NJ experience with Sandy begins to take shape.


conditions inside, after lunch, on day one

The flooding was bad enough that every structure in Island Park will need its first floor electrical replaced. This rough electrical work was done by a contractor prior to our arrival. We needed to make the space ready for the new flooring, walls and outlets. When we got there, front curb of the home was empty. When we left there was a pile of debris 6′ high from their driveway entrance to the neighbors driveway, some 40′+ of frontage.

Every home in Island Park will be subjected to this treatment eventually. Many of the owners will be returning in March to begin the process of restoration. More help will be required then. The problem is overwhelming. FEMA and the Insurance companies are moving slowly. Why? Because the problem is too big for them.

typical scene

this is the destiny of every home in Island Park

People and organizations like Samaritan’s Purse are filling in the gaps and this is not small potatoes. Samaritan’s Purse has performed over 300 such mud-outs, or gutting’s of homes in Island Park. They still have over 150 homes on back order, more are likely to come.

Some 2500 volunteers have shown up thus far, and stayed at FGCIP. It is a testament to the people of this country that the pipeline of volunteers has been full all along. Over 100 people were staying at the FGCIP from all over the country each day last week; from Maine to Hawaii, and from Texas to Michigan. On Saturday, over 100 people from Albany arrived on buses to work for a day, and a similar number of people from the NY area showed up to help as well for a grand total of 300 volunteers in Island Park alone.

Samaritan’s Purse is hoping to switch operations from just doing mud-outs to demolition of condemned structures and the rebuilding and restoration of the homes that can be salvaged. They do this work free of charge, at no expense to the home owner. They did this sort of work after Katrina in LA, MS, and elsewhere in the country. Many who lost their homes due to tornadoes have seen Samaritan’s Purse rebuild their homes for free. They have an excellent track record.

The local political establishment is making this switch very difficult. In order to be allowed to perform rebuilds or complete tear downs of the structure, Samaritan’s Purse is being forced to jump threw some narrow hoops. In short, the local politicians are treating this organization as if they were criminals. They are demanding the the leaders of this volunteer organization come in for finger printing and post bond as a security. Security for work they would do for free? This is the kind of ‘thinking’ that hurts only those who need the most help. This is insult on top of injury to those who have already suffered.

People can vote in many ways. First off, of course, there is the ballot box. People can also vote with their feet. California has seen people fleeing the state in droves in order to escape the high taxes and even higher crime rates.

People also can vote with their wallets. A study from American University reports that an overwhelming majority of young people plan to purchase firearms. Campus Reform reports:

Sixty percent of high school and college students say they plan on owning guns at a later stage in life, an academic study from American University revealed on Monday.

The study results are based on a sample of over 4000 high school and college students. This sample size is far larger than your typical political tracking poll, which usually samples 1000 people. The sample is therefore large enough to be statistically sound, which is math speak for, “It is representative of the population sampled.” Considering how our political class is trying to score points off the tragedy in CT, this trend should give them pause.

Our Founding Father’s had a firm grasp of what is required to secure and safe guard liberty. We, as a society, have dismissed their wisdom. We may grow to regret this. For those who support the 2nd amendment, an “I told you so.” will be cold comfort.

It appears that yet another inconvenient truth has raised its head for the anti gun fanatics of the world. I am sure that they will dismiss this datum as well. It does not fit their narrative of a populace that needs to disarmed for its own good. Statistics from California demonstrate a correlation between a drop in gun crime and violence as the law abiding members of the population arm themselves. From the :

Gun deaths and injuries have dropped sharply in California, even as the number of guns sold in the state has risen, according to new state data.

The tone of the article shows that the “journalist” is perplexed. This information does not fit his world view either. Poor dear. Guns sales nearly doubled and the murder rate went down over 10%. Firearms sales soared with 650,000 purchases and the number of deaths and shootings fell over 10%. This is a story that has repeated itself in over 20 states. That is over 20, well documented case studies. This information means nothing to the control fanatic. For our own good, we must be disarmed.

Places like Switzerland are among the safest in the world. Guns ownership is mandatory. Switzerland is diverse, there are four national languages, German, French, Italian and an obscure Latin based mountain language called Romansh. A society does not need to either disarmed nor monolithic for it to be safe. What it does require is respect for the individual’s capacity to reason and make the right choice when under duress.

Violence in a culture can be attributed to many things. Weaponry choices are not one of them. The masacre of 1.5M Tutsi was accomplished largely with knives, clubs and fire — not bullets. Had the Tutsi been armed with guns the massacre would have ended abruptly, or, even better — it never would have started in the first place. Deterrence is the best protection.

The next best defense, after deterrence, is to be armed and trained as well or better then the initiator of the violence. The massacre in Norway would not have reached its monstrous proportions had someone on the island had been armed other then the evil creature who stalked the island that day. It is far harder to kill those who are able to protect themselves.

This is the sort of thing that will cause a lot of trouble. We need to be able to trust the vote. A computer program is far too easy to manipulate. Chads, and mechanical devices are harder to tamper with. They are also more expensive. Maybe this is something we want to spend money on.

The reasons for Romney’s election loss can be argued over till doomsday. We will not agree on why Obama won. Frankly sage advice from the professional know-it-all’s (both paid and unpaid) on how to win elections does not interest me in the least. The campaign is over. How do the know-it-all’s propose we govern?

What is important is that the status quo was affirmed yesterday. The direction of the country will not change. We are now set to amass $1,200,000,000,000.00 debt each year for four more years. This level of deficit spending is not sustainable. This assertion is not Pollyannaish, it is math.

The solutions proposed for debt reduction from both parties are anemic. The announced Romney plan of growing the economy faster than we amass the debt is marginally better than Obama’s tax the rich until they pay their fair share and only because we already are on the far side of the Laffer Curve. If President Obama does get a higher tax rate passed, the tax revenue stream will not increase.

As others have said, the Democrats have won. America is not willing to part with its social programs. The total budget for 2012 was $3,800,000,000,000.00 the military budget was $700,000,000,000.00. As Obama said, it is math. Here is the math. We can zero out the military budget and we would not close the deficit. The government in Washington would still run a deficit for the tune of $500,000,000,000.00 per year.

We could also tax everyone making over $250K a year at 100% in addition to zeroing out the military budget. The government in Washington would still be engaged in deficit spending. Pillaging small businesses and high earners would lesson the shortfall for a year, but then what? The trouble with taxing the rich at 100% is that they would be gone after a year. Even if we confiscate their assets down to the last penny, we would not pay off the $16,000,000,000,000.00 debt. Now, what happens internationally if we shut down the military? Once the rich are gone, what happens to the unemployment rate?

Running into the hinterland will not shield people from the coming train wreck. Granted people in the countryside can at least live off the land. But this ability will not shelter them from the storm. When the currency begins to experience hyperinflation, all will be affected. Goods and services will become scarce, or nonexistent. The shelves will be empty because the consumer demand will be gone. Something’s are not to be found by living off the land. Things like medicine, clothes, salt. We need a functioning economy for these.

One does not require some post apocalyptic scenario for such hardship, all it takes is hyperinflation, no zombies required. Think Peron’s Argentina in the 1950’s. Think of Zimbabwe under Mugabe or the Weimar Republic under Hindenburg. Argentina’s hyperinflation in the late 1980’s led to the following scenario

There were no prices on any items in the grocery stores. There was a man with a microphone who would announce the prices of various items, often increasing the price every few hours by 30% or more. Workers would get their pay in cash and rush to the store to buy anything, as by the end of the week their pay would be worthless. Of course, shelves were empty.

With each tick of the clock, the debt increases. The US Dollar is being devalued further as time passes. The Democrats won, Barack Obama is still our President. Now what? Imagine a perfect world were the Republicans did give him everything that he wanted. What could Obama do then to stop us from going over the fiscal cliff?

Black Panther goons are intimidating white voters, and Democrats are forcibly evicting Republican poll watchers. This is blatant criminal behavior on the part of the Democrat criminal organization. Calling them a political party is a lie. They are an organized crime family with Lenin as their founding Godfather. Breitbart News reports:

These Inspectors are election officials – again, court appointed — and are reportedly being thrown out by the Head Judges of Elections (these Judges are elected Democrats) .

Reports are coming in that more than 60 Republican poll inspectors have been forced out and one woman was physically attacked. From the RPA:

HARRISBURG, PA—Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the first court order issued by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to seat Republican Minority Inspectors in Philadelphia Polling places:

“This was a shameless attempt from the Obama campaign to suppress our legally appointed Republican poll watchers in Philadelphia and they got caught,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

This is the best part, the Philly courts order polling places to allow GOP inspectors to return. Polls not complying. Sheriff’s Deps being sent to enforce. This is great.

The Democrat party has thrown the trades under the bus with their embrace of illegal immigrants, granted this is a bipartisan effort. They have thrown the miners under the bus with their embrace of the green party. Factory workers have been thrown under the bus with the Democrat search for an industry that does not emit CO2.

So what is left? The face of the modern Democrat party is the black panthers. Good luck with that fellas.