It appears that the Democrat strategists in Northern Virginia believe they’ve found the secret formula for selecting candidates:  clone Jim Webb.  The truth is that with a Jim Webb clone, they may as well combine the genes of Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.  Throw in a little Charlie Rangel, and you’d be pretty close to the DNA of the Democrats in the House.  There is no such thing as a “moderate Democrat” any more.  In the Obama/Emmanuel/Pelosi/Reid world, you toe the loony-left line, or get the ax.

The Democrats are putting up Webb-clone Jeff Barnett to run against Rep. Frank Wolf.  Barnett is like a bad imitation of Jim Webb’s younger brother.  You can almost imagine Barnett trying on Brother Jim’s big pants at night, when no one is watching.

Like Jim, Jeff has a military background.  Like Jim, Jeff talks tough in public.  Like Jim, Jeff appears to be a normal, Northern Virginian retired government employee.  But, just like Jim, scratch the surface and a liberal monster appears.

What you find under the surface is a loyal supporter of each and every loony scheme the far-left leaders of Jimmy-Jeff’s party concoct.

The Democrats learned long ago to hide their true beliefs and their true goals for America.  Especially in a solid district like Frank Wolf’s 10th Virginia, the Democrats must conceal their true core beliefs and objectives.  But Webb has a voting record he cannot conceal.  Let’s look at some of his vote ratings:

Issue:  Abortion

Rater:  NARAL Pro-Choice (abortion supporters);  Webb’s score:  A perfect 100/100 support for unrestricted abortion.

Issue:  LIberal, Anti-American litigation

Rater:  ACLU;  Webb’s score:  90/100, for a solid B+ in the mainstream of Congressional liberals.

Issue:   Right to work

Rater:  AFL/CIO (liberal union); Webb’s score:  98/100, almost perfect support for job-killing unions.

Issue:  Defense

Rater:  Center for Security Policy (Conservative defense group); Webb’s score:  30/100, a failing grade in the area that Webb pretends he’s not liberal.  But votes don’t lie, Jim!

Issue:  Education

Rater:  NEA (Ultra-liberal, anti-child educators union); Webb’s score:  A, for his unfailing support of the teachers union and administrators against freedom of education for our children.

If Jim Webb had run on the above voting record, he would not have been elected.  Jim Webb, like most of the rest of the Democrat cabal roosting in our Congress provides 100% support to the raving loony left’s schemes to seize control of the economy, the auto industry, banks, the oil industry, energy, and more.  Jim Webb toes the loony left line with each of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid votes for more and more socialism and less and less freedom.

And just like Jim, Jeff Barnett is a “proud” supporter of Obamacare.

And just like Jim, Jeff Barnett blames business for the housing market scandal.

And just like Jim, Jeff Barnett is scared to death to deal with the reality of the housing collapse.  Jimmy-Jeff does not want us to hear about the revolving door that provided rewards from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to Democrat toadies–$90 million to Franklin Raines alone.

If you liked the housing collapse at the hands of Pelosi/Reid/Webb, then you’ll love what the Democrats have planned next–Vote Jeff Barnett!

Frank Wolf believes in accountability, and the rule of law.  Frank Wolf is on the lookout for the rights of all Americans, not just select Democrat interest groups.  Frank Wolf or Jimmy/Jeff Webb/Barnett.  Your Virginia, your call.