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The degenerate freak mafia is completely out of control. Not only are they are trying to force us to recognize mentally ill “transgender” freaks as “normal”, but they are forcing this nonsense on our children. It is going on right here in Northern Virginia in Fairfax County. Elsewhere, we have situations in which the good people of Houston, TX must vote to NOT allow men the right to use women’s restrooms. And we have another situation in Illinois where the Obama Dept of Education is forcing a school to allow boys into the girls’ shower. The past eight years have emboldened the degenerates to an extent I have never seen before.

Weep for your nation and your posterity.

The boy was definitely a bit off. To believe that he would never go off the deep again was a foolish premise. You can’t change a Zebra’s stripes. That Scott “everyone makes mistakes” York had him on his campaign team says a lot. Read the story here. His picture looks like he is still on a never ending bender but Williams really isn’t the story here. Ron Meyer is.

Meyer ran for another seat and lost in the primary 4 years ago. Then he decided to run for the 33rd Senate seat which caused angst in the GOP. Being the benevolent individual that Ron is, he backed away from the Senate and decided to start small with a Loudoun supervisor run; Shawn Williams seat. Here is the kicker: Meyer was offered to fill Williams’ seat right now. He declined, stating that he has knocked on doors and made phone calls and wants to WIN the seat. Hello? Ron? You will still have to win the seat since this is a 2 month TEMPORARY position. You could get a “feel” for what you are getting into. That is, unless you DON’t want to have any type of voting record before the election. Once elected, you can screw up for 4 years before you get dumped. Does anyone else out there believe that a dark hood is being placed over our heads? More politics as usual I see and endorsed by the LCRP. I am just speculating here but that country boy logic of mine smells a polecat.

George Will has an article in the Japan Times in which he touts the oft-heard theory that “Demography is Destiny,” and the Republican Party is too slow to recognize this. Of course, he does not offer any solutions — it is far easier to criticize than to actually provide constructive criticism. (Feel free to go read the article yourself — I found nothing worth quoting in it.)

I want to address two issues here. The first is to question what exactly is meant by “Demography is Destiny,” and the second is to offer constructive criticism.

First, when one says “Demography is Destiny,” is the implication that the increasing Hispanic population will drive the United States to be another banana republic? While that is certainly a possibility, it is not necessarily destined to be. My experience has been that the more removed one is from the ancestors who immigrated here, the less likely one is hold the same political views. The become American, not Hispanics, and not hyphenated Americans. Those “Demography is Destiny” people seem to think that Hispanics — who came here for jobs and opportunities — are incapable of comprehending the fact that it is the socialist systems of the countries they left that killed the jobs and opportunities there, that they are incapable of seeing how the socialist systems in Europe are killing jobs and opportunities there now.

Unlike the statists, who encourage people to be stupid and treat people as though they are stupid, I think that Hispanics (and Blacks) are capable of understanding economics.

And now we come to the constructive criticism. We need to educate people about basic economics. Certainly, there are those who will refuse to see, because they are blinded by the idea of having power over others; but the statist model is The Evil Leading The Ignorant. That is why they must maintain control of the public schools and the media. If the people are educated, they will not elect the statists.

This is the outreach that we conservatives need to do. This will not be easy. We are opposed by the public school system, and we are opposed by the mainstream media. They will lie and misrepresent to keep their power. We cannot simply go through this little exercise every four years through the campaign offices. We, as individuals, must engage the mislead citizens in conversation — one-on-one, mano-a-mano.

Most Blacks and Hispanics are culturally conservative. They are pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-life. When we put up these moderate candidates who say they are pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-life, but their public records show otherwise, Blacks and Hispanics have no reason to vote for them. When we run moderate candidates for president, we lose. When we run conservatives, we win.

Now, we have to address immigration. The best start is to address the problem of legal immigration. It is an extremely complicated process, and people often wait many years before they are allowed to immigrate here. So our laws keep out those who respect our laws, and ignore those who do not. That is insane. So, forget “comprehensive immigration reform.” First, simplify and shorten the process for immigrating here legally, and expand the quotas. That will encourage more people to go through the proper channels. Second, strengthen and enforce the laws against hiring unlawful aliens. Require that employers use E-Verify to verify employment eligibility.

Conservatism can win Hispanics and Blacks to the Republican Party. The goal of the statist is to keep the Blacks and Hispanics poor and dependent on the government. If those truths are conveyed to Black and Hispanics, it will end the Democrat Party.

The reasons for Romney’s election loss can be argued over till doomsday. We will not agree on why Obama won. Frankly sage advice from the professional know-it-all’s (both paid and unpaid) on how to win elections does not interest me in the least. The campaign is over. How do the know-it-all’s propose we govern?

What is important is that the status quo was affirmed yesterday. The direction of the country will not change. We are now set to amass $1,200,000,000,000.00 debt each year for four more years. This level of deficit spending is not sustainable. This assertion is not Pollyannaish, it is math.

The solutions proposed for debt reduction from both parties are anemic. The announced Romney plan of growing the economy faster than we amass the debt is marginally better than Obama’s tax the rich until they pay their fair share and only because we already are on the far side of the Laffer Curve. If President Obama does get a higher tax rate passed, the tax revenue stream will not increase.

As others have said, the Democrats have won. America is not willing to part with its social programs. The total budget for 2012 was $3,800,000,000,000.00 the military budget was $700,000,000,000.00. As Obama said, it is math. Here is the math. We can zero out the military budget and we would not close the deficit. The government in Washington would still run a deficit for the tune of $500,000,000,000.00 per year.

We could also tax everyone making over $250K a year at 100% in addition to zeroing out the military budget. The government in Washington would still be engaged in deficit spending. Pillaging small businesses and high earners would lesson the shortfall for a year, but then what? The trouble with taxing the rich at 100% is that they would be gone after a year. Even if we confiscate their assets down to the last penny, we would not pay off the $16,000,000,000,000.00 debt. Now, what happens internationally if we shut down the military? Once the rich are gone, what happens to the unemployment rate?

Running into the hinterland will not shield people from the coming train wreck. Granted people in the countryside can at least live off the land. But this ability will not shelter them from the storm. When the currency begins to experience hyperinflation, all will be affected. Goods and services will become scarce, or nonexistent. The shelves will be empty because the consumer demand will be gone. Something’s are not to be found by living off the land. Things like medicine, clothes, salt. We need a functioning economy for these.

One does not require some post apocalyptic scenario for such hardship, all it takes is hyperinflation, no zombies required. Think Peron’s Argentina in the 1950’s. Think of Zimbabwe under Mugabe or the Weimar Republic under Hindenburg. Argentina’s hyperinflation in the late 1980’s led to the following scenario

There were no prices on any items in the grocery stores. There was a man with a microphone who would announce the prices of various items, often increasing the price every few hours by 30% or more. Workers would get their pay in cash and rush to the store to buy anything, as by the end of the week their pay would be worthless. Of course, shelves were empty.

With each tick of the clock, the debt increases. The US Dollar is being devalued further as time passes. The Democrats won, Barack Obama is still our President. Now what? Imagine a perfect world were the Republicans did give him everything that he wanted. What could Obama do then to stop us from going over the fiscal cliff?

This read was suggested to me and I suggest it to you. It is but another example of how the Republicans NEED to get their act together and abandon whatever their core beliefs are. In essence, if you don’t give up what you consider is correct, then you will never win elections again. I agree that some talking heads need to shut up and many of those are of the “conservative” bent as they call themselves. Again, it isn’t about substance or beliefs but about winning. I, personally, will never compromise my values to win. I am a winner just by having the values I have and it is all about the end game we believe in. The end game I believe in is eternal life and that is the only thing that matters to me. I will be whatever name others want to tag me with and I will live with it quite nicely.

Black Panther goons are intimidating white voters, and Democrats are forcibly evicting Republican poll watchers. This is blatant criminal behavior on the part of the Democrat criminal organization. Calling them a political party is a lie. They are an organized crime family with Lenin as their founding Godfather. Breitbart News reports:

These Inspectors are election officials – again, court appointed — and are reportedly being thrown out by the Head Judges of Elections (these Judges are elected Democrats) .

Reports are coming in that more than 60 Republican poll inspectors have been forced out and one woman was physically attacked. From the RPA:

HARRISBURG, PA—Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the first court order issued by the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to seat Republican Minority Inspectors in Philadelphia Polling places:

“This was a shameless attempt from the Obama campaign to suppress our legally appointed Republican poll watchers in Philadelphia and they got caught,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

This is the best part, the Philly courts order polling places to allow GOP inspectors to return. Polls not complying. Sheriff’s Deps being sent to enforce. This is great.

The Democrat party has thrown the trades under the bus with their embrace of illegal immigrants, granted this is a bipartisan effort. They have thrown the miners under the bus with their embrace of the green party. Factory workers have been thrown under the bus with the Democrat search for an industry that does not emit CO2.

So what is left? The face of the modern Democrat party is the black panthers. Good luck with that fellas.


I was doing some car maintenance today when I noticed a high end Mercedes pull to the curb just down the street. A Caucasian woman got out and walked the block, looking at houses. There are 14 on my block and 3 with signs–2 for Romney and 1 for Obama. When she returned to the car, a Caucasian man and a Negro man exited the car and went to my neighbors’ house. They were Obama walkers. My neighbor is the only X-spanic on our block. He is here from Columbia and not a citizen. The talked his ear off for 15 minutes. I can only wonder what the conversation was about. The walkers left, not going to my Negro neighbors house or the 2 Asian neighbors, and soon after, I had to make a trip to the store. Upon my return I saw 2 more groups of walkers in different heighborhoods, paired up Negro and Caucasian where one was usually female. One set was walking to an X-spanic’s house while pointing directly at another one. Tthe second pair was walking down the street away from another X-panic. When I had arrived back home, another individual (Obama walker) was back at my neighbors’ house, handing him some form and hand bill (Obama).

Some of what I would say is assumption so I will leave it for you to determine instead. The walkers were definitely singling out X-panics. One that I know can’t legally vote. They paired so that a minority and female could “spread the word” for Obama. They seemed to be covering all bases (I didn’t check for walkers in the graveyard and I’m not talking about zombies here) and it seems desperate for a last minute push (since I haven’t seen walkers in the community for about 3 months and, yes, I do pay close attention around my home).

My question to you is this: if liberals and Dems have such a burr about profiling minorities, why is singling out minorities–especially X-spanics–for ANY reason, any different from the profiling they tend to detest? What I saw could be PC’d into any word you want but profiling is exactly what was happening. Why is this form okay? Just want to hear your views.