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I received an e-mail (you know the type I mean) and usually don’t pass these things on, especially getting burned the last time through my own stupidity but I decided to check this information out.. There were numerous sites espousing the same verbege so I picked 2 to satisfy this post.

The first one here is what Representative Ayres stated in the Ozarks Sentinel.  I especially think the sign is very telling of the attitude. The second one here deal with the laws themselves an the comments on them.. The most curious things about this is 1) why is there no Mexicans (odd that they mention a specific Latino group) in Missouri?  Could they not find Missouri on a map?  After all it IS the “show me” state and 2) the link to the article on the Sentinel site tells you “no page found” which happened from every site that linked back.  I went directly to the horse’s mouth-The Ozarks Sentinel- and could not find it internally.  That either means their archives do not go back that far (2010) or that the page was pulled.

It seems that Missouri has been doing fine for years with these laws (dating back to 2007) without the feds intervention but when they came up from under the radar, the ca-ca hit the fan.  Now they too have numerous lawsuits looming  and must defend states rights.  It started under Obama before the 2010 elections and continues before these elections.  I wonder if it has anything to do with political motivation?

UPDATE: Look here and here

The good guys won some and lost some today. Goshalmighty there are some big Republican victories across the county.

In Virginia, we won a lot. That is good.

Lou Barletta won! More on the significance of that at a later date.

Following will be some observations as the results come in.

Point One: The House is ours, as some, ahem, predicted a year ago.

Point Two: Fox News is calling races with less than 2 percent of the votes counted all over the country, which seems odd. Based on such predictions, at 11 pm Eastern time, it looks like the GOP has 44 Senate seats. Not bad, and much better than what we had before tonight, but it makes you want to keep watching to see how the heck they can make such forecasts and whether the forecasts will hold.

It is going to be a real bad judgment on Obama, no matter what, but the question is … how bad. More points later.


Point Three: Barack Obama is not a very smart man. He has had a bad time with overwhelming majorities in both houses on Congress. He has set the wrong priorities and pursued them incompetently. Having a fired up opposition party running the House of Representatives is going to require both wisdom and acuity from the White House if the latter is going to avoid a series of PR defeats over the next two years. Barack Obama has neither wisdom nor acuity. Therefore, I think he is going to have a lot of bad days.


More on what the Amateur-in-Chief faces here.

Worked the most Democrat precinct in Sterling again. Result should be telling. Results shortly …

862 total votes, representing 33 percent of eligible voters in precinct.

While machines are being unlocked, I can note that it felt like a strong Republican sentiment – for this neighborhood.

Stay tuned ….

From today’s vote:
Barnett 423
Wolf 420

45 absentee uncounted…

We won’t get absentee results till later, but Wolf this close in this precinct is a very good sign for him …

Oh almost forgot – Redpath 13.

We the People of the First State from Friends of Christine O'Donnell on Vimeo.

Barack Obama and Jeff Barnett

Barack Obama and Jeff Barnett

Jeff Barnett, Democrat candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District, is a strong supporter of President Barack Obama’s economic policies.

Jeff Barnett is glad that Congress passed health insurance reform this Spring because it expands coverage and will “get healthcare costs way down.”

Jeff Barnett supports borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars and giving the IOU to our grandchildren in order to create imaginary jobs – like the “1.4-3.3 million” created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – and funnel money to public employee unions and teacher unions.

Jeff Barnett wants to hit companies with massive new taxes, a “stick” to compel them to reduce their carbon footprints, eliminating jobs and increasing consumer costs in order to lower the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

If you believe we need a Congress that will help President Barack Obama fundamentally reshape our nation, vote for Democrat Jeff Barnett.

As much as the right wants this election to be a referendum on the 0bama Agenda, and the left wants to blame everything on Bush, this election is about Congress, and whether we will have a Democrat-controlled Congress or a Republican-controlled Congress.  So let us look at what happened when the Republicans controlled Congress, and when the Democrats did.

Before the 1994 election, the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives for 40 years — from 1955 through 1994.  As such, they wrote the budgets for FY1956 through FY1995.  The Republicans, then, wrote the budgets for FY1996 through 2008, and then the Democrats again had FY2009 and FY2010.

Let’s start with the budget deficit.  In the 40 years from FY1956 through FY1995, the budget deficit averaged 2.17% of GDP.  When the Republicans wrote the budget, the deficit averaged only 0.81% of GDP.   The last was 1.14%.  Then, the Democrats got back in, and the deficit nearly tripled — to 3.18% of GDP.  In FY08, then did manage to triple the deficit — taking it to 9.91%.  Not satisfied with that post-WWII record, they increased it to 10.64% of GDP in FY10.

In the 40 years of Democrat control of the House, the real (inflation adjusted) GDP per capita increased 2.07% per year.  During the 12 years of Republican control, it increased 2.14% per year.  Obviously, it has gone down since the Democrats took over again — by 0.91% per year on average.

While we’re talking about inflation-adjusted numbers, let’s look at inflation.  The inflation rate during the 40 years of Democrat control averaged 4.11% per year.  During the 12 years of Republican control, it was only 2.17%.  In the last few years, we have had low inflation, only 1.66% on average.

Now, let’s look at real wages.  Democrats have claimed that the workers have suffered under Republicans, so let’s go to the numbers.  In the 40 Democrat years, real wages of production workers went up 1.37% per year, on average.  This compares well with the 0.99% per year for the 12 Republican years.  However, most of that growth came in the first half of the Democrats’ reign.  The previous 12 years of Democrat control saw real wages only go up 0.91% per year.  In fact, the previous 20 years of Democrat control of the House only saw real wages go up 0.95% per year.  The last few years, since the Democrats retook Congress, have, of course, been bad — only 0.58% real wage growth.

Finally, lets look at unemployment.  Over the 40 years of Democrat control of Congress, unemployment averaged 6.0%.  In the 12 Republican years, the average unemployment rate was 5.0%.  Since the Democrats took over, it has averaged 7.4%, having gone from 4.6% in 2006 to 9.6% today.

The choice is clear on Tuesday.  If you want higher budget deficits, lower GDP growth, lower wage growth, higher inflation, and higher unemployment, vote for Democrats.

New political party, an example of what they call the Long Tail. Click through the link at Hot Air to watch the three video clips. If you are voting in New York state in November, and are on board with the idea that we’d be better off governed by the first 500 names in the phone book than the faculty at Harvard, the you ought to give this party a look. Remember, the rent may be too damn high, but for the office of NY Governor, the bar is not.