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Obama is the empty suit who needed to be saved in the last debate by a tramp named Candy. Candy? “Candy save me?”, really? To top it off the tramp called Candy is normally a real babe. Obama’s Candy … is a Democrat troll (see above). I plan to be drinking heavily while watching tonight’s festivities.

I wonder what Bob Schieffer will do for an encore? Will Schieffer get out the pepper spray or tazor Romney during a key moment? Will he punch Romeny in the face, or will he shut of the Republican’s mic? So far Obama has received 10% more time to drone on about … nothing. Why? Obama has been taking but saying nothing for over 5 years now. Watching the debate means listening to Obama wax retarded. Did I mention that plan to be drinking heavily while watching tonight’s debate?

Obama has inflicted a lot of damage on this country. MSM is working overtime to drag this dead horse across the finish lin

I couldn’t tell you.  The trip over led me into 2 inspection traffic stops which I wholeheartedly applaud.  I even told Capt. Ricky Frye that at the ceremony.  Expecting to not find a parking spot 15 minutes before the scheduled beginning of ceremonies, I was sorely mistaken–plenty of parking to be had.  Only 15 or so people were there and I figured it would be a low turnout.  I talked to a few people and waited.  And waited.

And waited.  Although people continued to pour in, some supervisors were not on the scene as late as 7:30.  Mama and I were getting too bored by that time and I had some Christmas shopping to do before a friendly gathering scheduled later.  I guess the highlight of the ceremony for me was that I was standing at the door to the “kitchen” and those lovely ladies offered me FIRST the whores d’ ovaries that were being presented to the guest.  And they were quite tasty.  Other than that, I suspect others got out of it what they wanted.  I know I sure did.

At our little gathering later, I found a host of people that enlarged our group and it was a pleasant time.  They in turn informed me that it did actually go off eventually.  I had wished that Barbara was able to join us but there will be other occasions.  And, yes, I did get my Christmas gifts also.  It was a good night for me all around.  Sorry I don’t have pictures but the people there know what they look like and I suspect most people here do too.  Now we shall wait for the games to begin.

We have already had 2 votes in this lame duck term of the current board that interest me.  One was on the Silver Line Metro.  The other was eliminating forever the space for the Nativity scene on the courthouse grounds.  York sided on the approval vote with all  but Delgaudio/Burton on the first and Delgaudio/Waters on the second.  Now this guy was brought back into the fold as a Republican for some reason.  Yes, the new board has 9 “R”s to it but were the hell is York going to stand on the issues?  Is he filling his prior obligations to his buddies on the old board and then changing suits for the new one?

I am no fan of York.  Period.  I do not like him or trust him and he is bad for the county but better (?) than the alternative.  Scott: quit being spineless and push back on these liberals.  You still have time to help them further destroy this county and it appears that you are doing exactly that.  Unless, of course, you REALLY BELIEVE in the votes you are casting.  If that’s the case, I hope the new board bypasses and nullifies your dissenting vote all the way to the next election where I will personally make it my mission to see that you never hold another county seat again.  What the hell is your problem anyway?

Over at Too Conservative there is yet another article on the Obama bullet hole zombie.  It appears that they refuse to let this thing die.  Well guess what?  The more it’s played, the more it gets tired.  I have many second thoughts about all the fake distress people have over this issue.  Yes, it was probably in bad taste for the LCRC to do it but there it ends.

While working the gun show this weekend I walked by a vendors table with 10 different bumper stickers on it.  Guess what I found?  Obama bullet hole zombie with the caption: “Organize–before they rise “.  Sweet and to the point.  The dealer told me that that sticker was one of his 3 top sellers.  The dealer is from Pa. and goes to most shows east of the Mississippi.  Now what do you think the Secret Service are going to do with all those cars driving around with those stickers on them?  Not a damn thing.  I would suspect that they are probably getting quite the chuckle from it if you want to know the truth.  One individual objects publicly about something that has been around for a while; it gets notoriety and then fades.  Yet, the image carries on in its own fashion to be “raised from the dead” by some other distressed individual where it will get more notoriety later on.  Can’t wait to see where this goes.  I already know where it will end—Nov. 2012.

By the way, I got me one of those stickers and I know exactly the person I am going to give it to.  Rock on Zombie-Obama!

When I took over this blog it was with 2 understandings: the first was given to me and I have met it.  The second was a dedication to myself which I am going to fulfill.  My feet are now wet.  I have played biased softball with this election for specific reasons.  Reasons are met and now it is time to play hardball.

Congratulations to all the candidates of the new board.  There are those I just don’t trust.  There are those I just don’t believe.  I had candidate surveys that both sides said they would partake in that did not.  One was a direct commitment with no less than 3 other individuals telling me the candidate would follow through.  That candidate is on this new board and DID NOT follow through as stated.  Bad start and I won’t forget about it.  I will pursue all “attention e-mails” that come my way.  I will be watching the votes as they occur which affect my quality of life in Loudoun.  By no stretch of the imagination are all these candidates conservative.  What I do expect is dedication, integrity and above-board dealings in conjunction with the performance of their positions.  I also expect the other board members to police their own and “educate” those that stray from these principles.  No more “good ol’ boy” networking.

Here is some of what I expect to change under this boards’ tenure:

PET PROJECTS:  Forget about it.  There is no money for this unless you raise it personally.  Otherwise, you balance your checkbook like I do and when you don’t have the money for foolish things, you don’t put it on credit or make other portions of the household account suffer for it.  Just say NO!

REDISTRICTING:  Go back the way it was.  This was all garbage to begin with.  Time to ruck-up and stop being influenced/bullied.

SCHOOL BUDGET:  Get a grip.  IMPORTANT ISSUE!!!!  Time to get serious.  Let teachers pay for more of their benefits.  Get the illegals out of school.  Build taller schools on less ground.  Let those that HAVE kids in school be taxed more that those that don’t.  Cut 5% from the school budget for the next 5 years and then live with it.  Schools need more money?  Try bake sales, sponsorships, benefactors,  and let all the liberals that think the till is bottomless pony-up all that extra cash they feel EVERYONE ELSE should be contributing.  If I would be listened to and heeded for my recommendations, I would rip that school budget a new asshole but no one listens to me anyway.  Plenty of areas for cost savings/cuttings and you have new board members who are adept with the school machinations.  Let’s see what they propose.

REZONING AND BUILDING:  Hello?  Sterling Park (as it was known) was the first suburban community developed for the expansion of Loudoun County.  That “shining star” moniker was very short lived; soon to become the “bastard child of the east”.  We are built out.  We don’t want or need anymore density.  It’s time to make all districts carry a fair share percentage of building in the county.  There are ‘umteen houses yet to be built by developers.  Here’s an idea.  Before anymore DEVELOPER permits are given to new construction, old permits must be fulfilled until less than 500 new units remain.  Term developer permits so that they expire (with their current terms) if not built.  Make the developer (who pass it on to the new homeowners) pay for all roads, schools and infrastructure so that WE DON’T HAVE TO!  But first and foremost, before anyone does anything, sell the freakin’ existing houses on the market!  We need people occupying what is existing before we need to expand even more.  That will boost equity and money in the coiffeurs for the county.  We need to have Sterling as viable as Ashburn or Cascades or Hillsboro.  Am I going to fast for you?

STOP THE ENVIRONMENTAL CRAP:  Moderate and sensible efforts towards clean water and air are always welcome.  DO NOT commit to hostage taking of the citizens!  Don’t play dumb.  You know what I am talking about.

BUSINESS:  It’s okay to bring business here UNLESS they don’t pay their way.  Tired of the “freebies” businesses get off the back of tax paying residents.  If we look nice, smell nice and act nice, business will come on its own.  Maybe we should address what it takes to KEEP some businesses here.  Talk with one of your board members who says he is “all about that” and that it is his forte.  Personally I think he is blowing smoke from being full of all that hot air.

That should be some things to keep your plate full for awhile.  You people arrange the priorities the way you see fit, just as long as they are in the order of lowering assessments, lowering taxes, cutting back school expenditures and living within our means.  Liberals lost so that means it’s time to cinch your belts.  Most of all I will be paying attention and will tend to hold you accountable.  The Main-Stream-Media will no longer be pointed at Mr. Delgaudio as Loudoun’s problem (which, to me, was NEVER the case).  I will have it pointed at the slackers if that is what it takes.  Playtime is over.  Now crack those books!

In yesterday’s election, Republicans swept all major offices in the Loudoun County government (click here and scroll down to see all results).

Loudoun County winners and your key elected officials for the next four years:

SHERIFF: Mike Chapman

Board of Supervisors

CHAIRMAN: Scott York
DULLES DISTRICT: Matt Letourneau

In other races, Dick Black won the 13th Senate District seat; Patricia Phillips fell short in her second attempt to take the seat of Democrat Mark Herring in the 33rd Senate District; Randy Minchew won the 10th District seat in the House of Delegates; and David Ramadan holds a 50-vote lead in his bid to win the new 87th House seat over Democrat Mike Kondtratick – a result that likely will be determined after a recount.

The local results represent a stunning, historic triumph for the Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC), which only a week ago was enmeshed in a controversy over a Halloween-themed email. Loudoun voters apparently were far less concerned about that email than about the future of the county.

Congratulations to the LCRC and the successful slate of Republican candidates!

Many of us will be up and out the door by 5:30 tomorrow morning to set up precincts at the crack of dawn, pumped full of caffeine. Turnout is expected to be low, but the weather will beautiful – 68 degrees and sunny, but 40 degrees in the morning. The candidates will be moving from poll to poll, greeting voters and hoping to get just ONE more vote per precinct.

To my conservative and republican colleagues, let’s remember the words of our great Attorney General Cuccinelli from Saturday morning’s Leesburg Rally – “You know what they call you when you win by just 100 votes? Senator”. Both our Governor and Attorney General made it through razor thin races where the winning margin was between 1/8 and 1/4 of one percent. Keep this in mind when you are freezing your posterior off in the morning, or your back starts feeling like it is going to break by mid-day.

We cover the polls so that every voter has the “opportunity” to take our sample ballot. Some voters are happy to take it, some refuse, others are rude but more often than naught voters are pretty friendly. If your experiences are like mine from over the years, you’ve had some really interesting conversations on election day – most of the time with democrat poll workers. It’s really a brilliant and exciting day in our history, so please check in and comment if you get a chance and tell us who you’ve seen, or anything of interest.