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New York City Mayor Bloomberg, not content with being the chief engineer of the nanny state  in New York, has again decided to bring his passion for constricting freedom to Virginia. The Billionaire Mayor ,is again throwing cash at those candidates running for office in our Commonwealth, in the hopes of further promoting his number one passion, that being Gun Control. Yes, having not learned his lesson from the last time he tried to venture south on his quest to influence our elections, the know it all mayor, is throwing some cash at Democrat Candidate for Senate, Mark Herring.

This from Bloombergs website.

“Mike Bloomberg is supporting the campaigns of Sen. Toddy Puller (Fairfax), Sen. Dave Marsden (Fairfax), Sen. George Barker (Prince William), Sen. Mark Herring (Loudoun), Sen. John Miller (Newport News) and Barbara Favola, who is running for an open seat in Arlington.”

Mayor Bloomberg tried this once before and was sent packing by Virginia voters. The Mayor thought at the time that it would be a good idea to promote candidates who shared his passion for Gun Control. One such candidate Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, an incumbant Republican Senator from Fairfax, and wife of former Congressman Tom Davis, thought it a smart electoral tactic to embrace the gun grabbing nanny state mayor and campaign on restricting the rights of gun owners in Virginia.  Her public appearances with Mayor Bloomberg galvanized conservatives and gun rights organizations such as VCDL and the NRA.  As they say, the rest is history,Jeannemarie lost, her elected political career over, all because she foolishly decided it was a good idea to join forces with an out of state liberal Mayor, who is hell bent on restricting the freedoms of Virginians. Remember it is Mayor Bloomberg who wants to dictate what you eat, your salt intake, as well as ban your firearms.

Mark Herring has spent his political career pretending to be a centrist , however, if you examine his voting record closely, he is nothing more than a down the line progressive, who like Mayor Bloomberg believes he knows what is best for you. Mark Herring like the nanny state mayor believes you  lack the ability to decide what is best for you and your family, and it is the state that must act on your behalf. He like Bloomberg, is no friend of freedom.

Join other defenders of freedom, gun rights activists and conservatives of all stripes by helping Patricia Phillips defend and enhance the cause of freedom in Virginia, retire another Progressive Democrat, and send a strong message to Mayor Bloomberg, stay out of Virginia.

I have heard about this Donny Ferguson robo-call that has some people bent out of shape.  A text, which  is an expansion of the call, made it my way.  I print it here.

Dear Loudoun neighbor,

You need to call Catoctin District Supervisor candidate Malcolm Baldwin
IMMEDIATELY at 540-822-4236.

You see, a candidate for public office should be open and transparent,
and listen to voters.
**That’s why I want to know why is Malcolm Baldwin banning women from
asking him questions.*

That’s right.

***Worried about the growing opposition to his radical, politics-first
Gang Green agenda, Malcolm Baldwin is now banning women and other voters
from asking him questions about his plans to raise your taxes and
control your property if elected.*

That’s scary.

As you remember, I wrote to you yesterday morning to tell you a few
weeks ago I contacted the candidates for Loudoun County Supervisor and
provided them with an issue survey so they could publicly explain their
policies to you — the voter.

Some candidates refused to share with voters. I provided their names
and phone numbers and asked you politely contact them and ask them to
speak with the public.
**Catoctin District Democrat candidate Malcolm Baldwin was one of those
candidates hiding his dangerous politics from voters.

**And one of the things he’s trying to hide is his radical,
shut-up-and-do-as-I-say support for the Chesapeake Bay Property Control
Plan that American Tradition Partnership forced the Board to punt on.*

Well, a friend like you contacted him yesterday through his campaign’s
Facebook web site, asking him if he supported the Chesapeake Bay
Property Control Plan.

As you remember, the Property Control Plan may put your home or business
under County control and require you to pay massive fees and taxes just
to begin doing anything on your property in an area greater than 50 feet
by 50 feet (including $3,700.00 just for permission to install a deck.)

The Property Control Plan Baldwin supports also outlaws many home
gardens in parts of Loudoun County if they fail to use only
County-approved plants.

Her question was simple.

Do you support the plan?

Baldwin’s response?

He not only ran and hid.

*He deleted her question…

**…and banned her, or anyone else, from ever contacting him again.*

***He basically told a women to pipe down and shut up, just for asking
him a simple yes-or-no question.*

*He even removed his phone number from all his websites, trying to hide
from voters.*

His radical agenda, which consists of outlawing some home gardens,
raising taxes and placing farms under County control, is being smoked out.

And his reaction was to tell a nice woman to pipe down and shut up.

That’s hardly proper behavior for someone who is supposed to listen.

That’s the kind of behavior I’ve always seen from radical candidates who
know their plans to raise taxes and control homes and farms are unpopular.
**Malcolm Baldwin hasn’t even yet been elected to implement his even
more radical agenda, and he’s already telling women to shut up and
banning voters from contacting him.*

I need you to call him at 540-822-4236 since he erased his phone number
from his websites and now bans people from contacting him through his
Facebook after a woman asked him a question.

Ask him to come clean about his support for the Chesapeake Bay Property
Control Plan, since he plans to spend the next five days before the
Tuesday election hiding his radical views from voters. Ask him to drop
his support for the Property Control Plan.

Malcolm Baldwin claims to be above politics.

Hiding from questions about his radical agenda, banning voters from
speaking to him and essentially telling women to shut up and stop asking
****Call Malcolm Baldwin at 540-822-4236 and ask him to return his
American Tradition Partnership survey and explain his disgusting behavior.*

Okay. Seems simple enough. I disagree about “radical” here as I feel that this is “normal” behaviour for DEMs. Also, if I remember correctly, when DEMs get cornered they generally ALWAYS backtrack and then hide from the public. Nothing new. This is a simple circumstance where a DEM is acting like they always do. Who would complain about this but DEM lovers? I really don’t see an issue here.

Malcolm, what’s your problem?  Why don’t you account for not answering the question and your subsequent behaviour?  Having to deal with your sheep and vineyard again?

The Sterling Voter’s Guide is provided as an information resource for any readers interested in my research and opinions. Because of time constraints this year, it only addresses the 2011 election campaign for Sterling District Supervisor, but in future elections I may make it more comprehensive. [NOTE: The "theme" phrases next to each of the candidates' names in the titles were made up by me to match the content of what I wrote, and have nothing to do with what the respective candidates say about themselves.]

If you find the Sterling Voter’s Guide helpful, tell your friends and neighbors in Sterling to visit – it will bring them right here. It’s easy to remember and it might help them each make up their mind and remember to vote on November 8!


Quick Links For More Information About Eugene Delgaudio:

  • Campaign Web site
  • Facebook page
  • OTHER: Mr. Delgaudio recently gave an extensive interview which you can read by clicking here. Because he did not soft-pedal his answers, the interview stands as a revealing look at the “real” Eugene Delgaudio. Supporters likely will be confirmed in their support; previous non-supporters may or may not change their minds; and those unfamiliar with the Sterling supervisor will be able to decide for themselves what they think of him.

Eugene Delgaudio: Education and Local Ties

Mr. Delgaudio received his bachelor’s degree in political science from York College of CUNY, Queens, New York.

Mr. Delgaudio first became active in the Sterling community in 1998 when he came to fight the proposed “meals tax.” He was elected to the Sterling District seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in 1999, and was reelected in 2003 and 2007.

Key Quotes By Eugene Delgaudio:

A county supervisor has to use a balance of funding, encouragement, and overarching executive management … It is a unique governmental office.

Why would someone keep a book for 120 days … Why would they keep hundreds of books for two years? That’s tyrannical … I’m now an “enemy of the libraries” because I forced them to collect fees.

The sense of humor is what cuts through and commands mass attention on a routine basis, and it was the savior of the conservative movement.

A Closer Look At Eugene Delgaudio (Republican):

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio has a knack for evoking strong emotions. On the one hand, he has a large group of dedicated volunteers who turn out for him on a variety of community projects throughout the year, and also during political campaigns – both his own, every four years, and those of candidates he supports during local off years.

On the other hand, he drives his detractors nuts – especially the tiny faction of extremely vocal liberal activists who follow his every move and dissect each of his public statements. Their attention to him borders on obsession and he seems to relish unapologetically stating viewpoints that some consider politically incorrect.

What nobody denies is that he is the hardest-working supervisor in the county, with a constant presence in the community, regular communications through his (at minimum) weekly “Dear Sterling American” emails, and persistent involvement in a myriad of local activities. He has raised tens of thousands of dollars from private sources for non-profit organizations and capital improvement projects. He has sent a personal letter to every honor roll recipient at Park View High School for the past 12 years. He sends out news of food banks, pothole repairs, teen job fairs, and much more, as well as warnings about accidents, traffic jams, and criminal activity, and during storms he directs snow plows to the hardest-hit areas.

For a complete definition of the county supervisor position, according to Eugene Delgaudio, click here.

It is his “day job,” as head of Public Advocate of the United States – where he has served since 1983 – that gives his opponents heartburn. With a mission to promote traditional values and with 200,000 contributors, Public Advocate is a prominent supporter of faith-based initiatives, pro-life legislation, the Boy Scouts, and “equality under the law, regardless of one’s sexual orientation.” The latter stance tends to go unnoticed by Mr. Delgaudio’s detractors, who cannot get past the fact that Public Advocate is also a prominent opponent of same-sex marriage and special privileges based on sexual orientation. Some have said he is a “hater” and some have said he is a clown.

Click here for Mr. Delgaudio’s response to these criticisms.

Delgaudio with the late Warren Guerin and Scott York during community meeting to discuss the proposed Sheriff’s substation at Rolling Ridge, which all three were instrumental in bringing to Sterling

Delgaudio addressing the crowd several years later, at the 2010 substation grand opening

Because he is a fiscal conservative and budget hawk on most matters under board purview, he has become the target of criticism that is frequently nothing more than blatant hyperbole. When he pushed to charge fees for use of the Claude Moore Community Center, he was accused of wanting to close the center. When he advocated charging late fees for overdue books at the library, he was accused of wanting to close the libraries. By taking the leading public role on budget matters that are easily demagogued, he makes himself a target. (Click here for background on both issues.)

As Mr. Delgaudio states: “To force others to pay for one’s recreation is tyrannical and wrong. And so I created a new wave of accountability, as just one supervisor.”

Mr. Delgaudio was endorsed by the Loudoun Times, largely on the basis of his work ethic.

His view on social issues is unsettlingly conservative and his antics distracting, but a deeper look demonstrates a public official who works tirelessly for the people of Sterling. We would be lying if we didn’t admit that a moderation of the antics in “The Eugene Show” would be welcome. However, no one works harder for their district than Delgaudio, whose strong constituent service and unabashed push for additional resources have improved life in the Sterling District.

Final Notes On Eugene Delgaudio:

Here is Mr. Delgaudio’s video statement from the Loudoun Times candidate profile page:

Not everyone gets Eugene Delgaudio’s sense of humor – but that is likely because they have not yet gotten to know him. As his Leadership Institute bio says, “Eugene Delgaudio is one of the most interesting, creative, and genuinely funny elected officials in America.”

In September 2010, Delgaudio and community members welcomed soon-to-be House Speaker John Boehner to Tart Lumber in Sterling

Most of the resident here do get it, as he is a uniquely effective retail politician. Door-to-door and at community events, he does reflect his stated belief that “Sterling is a microcosm of the world … I come from a background in New York where people were from every country and united in one purpose.”

Eugene Delgaudio is not perfect. His vote against ending the OpenBand franchise agreement is one with which some residents – particularly in those affected districts – will disagree.

On November 8, however, Sterling voters are tasked with neither a canonization nor a coronation, but a choice. The county is facing a $75 million deficit in the upcoming fiscal year and no reason to believe it won’t be worse the following year. Dire financial circumstances require leaders willing to take a hard line on spending.

If you find the Sterling Voter’s Guide helpful, tell your friends and neighbors in Sterling to visit – it will bring them right here. It’s easy to remember and it might help them each make up their mind and remember to vote on November 8!

Quick Links For More Information About Ali Shahriari:

Ali Shahriari: Education and Local Ties

Mr. Shahriari received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Strayer University and is currently completing his masters degree in environmental management from University of Maryland University College, with expected graduation in 2012.

Mr. Shahriari was born in Leesburg and has lived in Sterling his entire life.

Key Quotes By Ali Shahriari:

Does every politician who runs for office in Virginia have to be from New York or San Francisco? Do those from big cities know more than us?

We need to look at what the needs might be in 50 years, not just in the next five or 10 years.

I do not want your money. I want to hear your voices …

A Closer Look At Ali Shahriari (Independent):

Ali Shahriari promises to be a different kind of Loudoun County supervisor. He believes that government has become too removed from the people, and he proposes to rectify that by opening new channels of input through an informal (at first) structure of “People’s Conferences.”

Diagram of Shahriari’s proposed “People’s Conferences.” For more information, see the key at his Web site.

When members of the community are limited in their civic participation to checking a box on a ballot once every few years, or being permitted to make limited comments to the Board, there arises a distance between the small groups residing in each community, and the dominant groups that control political power. By creating “Precinct People’s Conferences” equidistant from the Central People’s Conference, everyone living in Sterling will have equal and continuous access to the members of the Central People’s Conference and thereby to the Central Conference Secretary – a position that will become a dual-role of the Sterling District supervisor.

As Mr. Shahriari explains it, the ultimate goal is a true “rule of the masses” regardless of party or ideology:

Political parties represent interests, interests dictate what political party members decide and this naturally leaves opposing parties and interests without their voices being heard. As “The People’s Candidate,” I want to work alongside ALL Sterling residents to implement the people’s wishes. Precinct People’s Conferences in Sterling will bring all residents of Sterling to the decision making process regardless of their political philosophy.

Shahriari with Gaea Honeycutt of Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Shahriari supports the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms; and he believes we need to “destroy gangs in Loudoun,” create a small-business friendly environment, and keep expenditures within the county’s means.

On the other hand, he favors: “land use and taxing reforms that discourage private monopoly ownership of land”; county-owned pharmacies; and exploring the possibility of a county-wide minimum wage.

Other specific areas where he supports increased spending are: social services assistance to the elderly and needy; more youth services and programs; “ordinances that protect the environment” – which could create new expenses for the county; and cooperative medical and dental health programs. He proposes paying for these new expenses with new sales and alcohol taxes as well as increased business and professional licensing fees.

Mr. Shahriari is a strong supporter of public transportation, because he has used it and apparently found it wanting. He says we need “true public transportation” and increased bus service here.

Clearly, some of Mr. Shahriari’s views are quite revolutionary and very much to the left of America’s political mainstream. But with his conservative positions on gun rights, crime, and fiduciary responsibility he defies easy ideological classification. He might be considered a “liberal,” but from from days past – more of a Reagan Democrat or, considering his ideas on property rights, a Khrushchev Democrat. Yet however we parse it, Ali Shahriari is definitely a throwback to an earlier era and not your conventional modern liberal.

Shahriari with ADAMS Center members

Although he has obviously given a great deal of thought to his positions, most notably regarding the new People’s Conferences, there is one proposal that does not seem to bear the stamp of his training as an economist. On the topic of job growth, he states: “A Loudoun County minimum wage would encourage job growth and sustainable employment.”

On the face of it, this statement would appear to be misconceived. Many economists might argue that – could it be legally implemented – a new, higher minimum wage would have the effect of stifling job creation because of increased costs to employers. This is a proposal needing further consideration and, if pursued beyond the campaign period, debate. Combined with increased taxes on companies, this idea could be a job killer and make it even more difficult to create a more business=-friendly environment than that in Fairfax County.

In all of his public statements, Mr. Shahriari stresses his Loudoun roots and the strong familiarity that comes with growing up here: “I have worked in Sterling. I have worked at the airport … I know the people of the community … Sterling is beautiful.”

Apart from the distinction of running as an Independent (Mr. Delgaudio is the Republican Party nominee and Mr. Nevarez the Democratic Party nominee), Mr. Shahriari occupies a unique position in another way: He is a Muslim and active member of the ADAMS Center. Regardless of the normal political breakdown of the ADAMS Center membership, Ali Shahriari certainly enjoys a degree of exclusive access to the community there.

Shahriari With Imam Mohammad Magid of the ADAMS Center

Unconventionally leftist; Independent; ADAMS Center member: All of these set Mr. Shahriari apart. But the most radical aspect of his candidacy is that he is running a campaign that accepts no campaign contributions. He has pledged “not to receive a single penny of contributions for my campaign and to not spend more then $1,000 dollars of my own funds.”

As surely as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, if Mr. Shahriari wins or even makes a respectable showing when the votes are counted Tuesday evening, alarm bells will be going off in Leesburg, Richmond and throughout the state. Ali Shahriari has conducted the ultimate low-budget, grassroots campaign, relying exclusively on the Internet, local press, community ties and his own ability to walk the district to get his message out.

On his Twitter feed, he claims 2,120 Sterling residents have assured him their vote, and that a “recent poll” shows him with 68% support so far. Now, his periodic tweets report that he has been burning up the shoe leather around the district – but those numbers seem to defy rational expectations, apart from the question of how exactly he got that poll done.

One thing is for certain: If Mr. Shahriari’s predicted figures are anywhere near accurate, he could have a major impact on Tuesday’s results – and not simply by upsetting the calculations of the major parties.

Final Notes On Ali Shahriari:

When a candidate for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors states that “Sterling is in dire need of political and socioeconomic reform among the diverse population in the area,” the candidate seems to have a mistaken conception of the Board’s proper sphere of influence. But Mr. Shahriari does make clear that he would aim at implementing his reforms on a piecemeal basis.

Similarly, his intentions to seek increased fees on businesses or a “county minimum wage” seem to betray a lack of sophistication in understanding the local economy – yet drawn as they are from essentially position statements rather than in-depth questioning, the seriousness of his proposals is hard to judge fully.

His emphasis on the importance of looking far into the future is admirable, and one gets the impression that, even if he does not win on November 8, he will be back to serve in some public capacity. One hopes some of his more leftist viewpoints would evolve over time, and that we will hear more from him on a variety of issues. In particular, it would be interesting to hear Mr. Shahriari’s views – as an economist – on the county budget shortfall, because that issue is not addressed in any of his campaign materials.

Some of Mr. Shahriari’s key concepts appear to be drawn from the “The Green Book,” which spells out the political philosophy of the former Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi. It is arguable whether such ideas were ever implemented in Libya under the Gaddafi regime, but history tell us that such a leftist concept of government has always failed in practice.

Again, Mr. Shahriari in some senses is a centrist in terms of public policy, but to the extent he veers to the left, he veers very far.

If you find the Sterling Voter’s Guide helpful, tell your friends and neighbors in Sterling to visit – it will bring them right here. It’s easy to remember and it might help them each make up their mind and remember to vote on November 8!

Quick Links For More Information About Al Nevarez:

Al Nevarez: Education and Local Ties

Mr. Nevarez has a high school diploma, computer learning center certificate, and one-week course on becoming an “online activist” at the New Organizing Institute (NOI is a project of

Mr. Nevarez moved to Sterling in 2008, and in 2011 announced his intention to “reclaim” Sterling.

Key Quotes By Al Nevarez:

An enemy can come in many different forms. The enemy is not always rich and powerful. That a group is my enemy only because they have been tricked or uneducated does not make them any less my enemy.

Most workers are reliant upon federal government spending for their middle class existence…

My wife handles the money. I am thoroughly unqualified to balance a check book. lol!

A Closer Look At Al Nevarez (Democrat):

If Eugene Delgaudio represents the Right, and Ali Shahriari the Left, perhaps Alfonso Nevarez represents the “Mob.”

Indeed, Mr. Nevarez’ February 2011 post at Daily Kos, titled “OHIO: The Next Wisconsin!” was written when he traveled to Ohio to help organize the union protests there, right around the time the following horrific scene was playing out in Madison – which will give you a vivid feel for what Mr. Nevarez appears to wish to spread “Next!” to other state capitals. In the video, a Republican state senator attempts to find a way into the state house while being chased by a mob of pro-union demonstrators.

Click here for more about the public employee unions and Ohio.

A five-year employee of the AFL-CIO, one of the key supporting organizations of “Occupy Wall Street,” Mr. Nevarez has received a huge portion of his campaign funding from the unions, including $4000 from SEIU and $1500 from Food and Allied Service Trades department of AFL-CIO during the past two weeks.

At Mr. Nevarez’ personal Facebook “Activities and Interests” listing, you can see his support for “Occupy” promoters Stand Up For Hoosiers, Stand Up For Ohio and Netroots Nation.

One of Mr. Nevarez’ campaign strategists is Courtney Foley of UFCW.

Nevarez with former Governor Tim Kaine at the opening of Nevarez’ Sterling campaign office

From his statement above that “Most workers are reliant upon federal government spending for their middle class existence,” we can see that Mr. Nevarez has a simplistic understanding of how the economy works. In this worldview, your tax payments (assuming you are a taxpayer) are what allow most Americans to live normal lives. Regardless of the factors that determine your economic well-being, in order for the “middle class” to have better lives or make it through financial downturns, you and others like you need to pay more taxes.

It’s a wildly inaccurate understanding of how the world works, but it is not at all uncommon among pro-union activists as we explain here.

Mr. Nevarez has also stated his belief that “nationalization of our banking system is the most credible solution to our economic crisis.”

Taken together – along with his limited formal education and sweeping conception of his “enemies” as denoted in the first quote above – these beliefs place Mr. Nevarez squarely within the “mob” mainstream.

Daily Kos, the left-wing Web site where Mr. Nevarez is a frequent author and commenter, achieved massive notoriety in 2004 after four Americans were captured and mutilated in Fallujah, Iraq. After the Daily Kos owner opined “Screw them,” a number of former Daily Kos participants – including the John Kerry campaign – severed their ties to the site. Mr. Nevarez began his involvement at Daily Kos in 2006.

Final Notes On Al Nevarez:

Here is Mr. Nevarez’ video statement from the Loudoun Times candidate profile page:

For Sterling voters who believe in the “Occupy” movement and in what the public employee unions are seeking with their activist efforts, Al Nevarez is one of your own and it would be understandable if he is your choice on November 8.

He has said regarding his job at AFL-CIO: “By no means am I a decision maker.”

However, on his campaign Web site he claims he “works to improve the lives of working families across America.”

What does this signify for what Al Nevarez would bring to the job of Loudoun County supervisor?

From all accounts, in person Al Nevarez is a friendly individual, and we must assume that in seeking the Sterling supervisor position he means well. And make no mistake: All those people creating bedlam and bankruptcy in Wisconsin and on Wall Street and around the country are not devils with horns. Unfortunately, uninformed people with misguided goals can inadvertently cause a devolution into chaos despite good intentions.

We can conclude, therefore, that Al Nevarez might do well to spend more time learning about how the economy works, how the middle class actually is financed, and perhaps even how to balance a checkbook, before taking on the complex responsibilities of a member of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

If you find the Sterling Voter’s Guide helpful, tell your friends and neighbors in Sterling to visit – it will bring them right here. It’s easy to remember and it might help them each make up their mind and remember to vote on November 8!

Who I Will Be Voting For On November 8

Sterling District Supervisor: Eugene Delgaudio
Board of Supervisors – Chairman At-Large: Scott York
Sheriff: Michael L. Chapmann
Commonwealth’s Attorney: James E. “Jim” Plowman
Commissioner of the Revenue: Robert S. “Bob” Wertz Jr.
Treasurer: H. Roger Zurn Jr.
Virginia House District 86: Thomas Davis Rust

Find Out WHERE Exactly You Need To Go In Order To Vote Nov. 8

First, go to the Virginia Voter Registration page by clicking here, follow the instructions to fill in the form, and it will tell you what precinct you are in.

Second, click on the little box next to “Polling Place” just beneath the search results, and you will see the name of your polling place, including directions if you need them.

Sterling Voter’s Guide Ownership Information, Disclaimer

The Sterling Voter’s Guide at is provided and authorized by Joseph W. Budzinski of Sterling, Virginia. Not authorized by or coordinated with any candidate, political campaign or political committee.

Information contained in the Sterling Voter’s Guide is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Data contained herein is for informational purposes only, and no guarantee is made that the information is error-free. The information provided may change at any time without notice. Please note that once you leave this site, either by using a link I may have provided for your convenience or by specifying your own destination, I accept no responsibility for the content, products and/or services provided at other locations. I do not control, endorse, promote or have any affiliation with any other website unless expressly stated herein. All that being said, if you do not give your complete attention to every word I have written and agree implicitly with every editorial opinion I have proffered, you are probably not living half the life you were placed on this earth to live.

ven-det-ta  2. any prolonged and bitter feud, rivalry, contention, or the like: a political vendetta.

So says Websters.  This election season is fraught with singular and group vendettas.  I see posts and comments with people’s hands around other throats and much of this is through desperation.  Desperation from a lack-luster group of candidates on all sides, save a few, when the positions are readily available for the RIGHT individuals, which appears to be an elusive animal in most cases.  The end result will be hurt feelings, bad blood, never ending accusations.  When it is all said and done, we will manage through it with what we are given and, hopefully, learn a lesson by it for the next time but I do not hold this proposition highly.

Now I have no vendettas save 2: the first is to stop the radical, socialist takeover of my district by the individuals that would subject me to more taxes, more government control and less quality of life.  The second is another supervisor that is radically doing that now with a good chance of re-election: Andrea McGimsey.  I think the ball is being drop in this case and, regardless of other “duties”, I believe all political factions should make a concerted effort to bounce this demeaning, tax spending, government regulating, international loving individual (being kind here) out the door on her ass.  Those supervisors that have coddled this woman and allowed a redistricting to favor her re-election should be ashamed and held accountable this election also.  But most of all, I believe all citizens of Loudoun (not Birmingham, New York city, L.A. or any other place of no consequence) need to “see the light” and fight the UNSELFISH fight to have her removed through the ballot box.  We have seen enough and wasted too much time and money through this person.  If the DEMs could just swallow some crow for once it would make a statement.  This supervisor is no good for anyone but herself.

While it is true that the vast majority of politicians are focused on issues economic as they should be, social issues are also important, the two are forever connected by funding. How many times have you heard a politician such as David Butler say they are fiscally conservative yet liberal on social issues. Does this mean they are pro-abortion and in favor of abortion services being provided by state yet would vote against funding for said same services ? Does this mean that David Butler would be in favor of additional restrictions on gun rights but unwilling to provide additional revenue to those agencies required to implement and enforce the new laws ?

Generally speaking politicians such as David Butler who make the claim they are fiscally conservative are simply trying to get elected in an environment where voters have little appetite for those who spend their money on social programs that are opposite of their own beliefs. It is a bit of a political scam if you will. The result is more often than not an elected official who does what he or she intended to do from the very start, which is spend your tax dollars on those social programs you oppose. Don’t be fooled.


Butler considers himself more socially liberal than almost all Republicans

Butler considers himself more socially liberal than almost all Republicans and more fiscally conservative than most democrats.[1]


See Butler File Installment #1 for the record on David Butlers assertion he is more fiscally conservative than most democrats. Given the state of our economy maybe he wishes he was more conservative, however, his record provides facts that dismiss that wishful thinking.


Butler supports adoption by same sex couples

One social issue he stands behind is adoption by same sex couples. “I think that should be in favor whatever’s in the best interest of the child,” said Butler.  “If the judge believes it’s in the best interest of the child, than I’m fine with that.”[2]


Butler criticized the House of Delegates for rolling back the rights in areas of “choice, immigration, and sexuality”

The House of Delegates spends much time trying to roll back the rights of certain groups of residents, especially in the areas of choice, immigration, and sexuality.  They are moving us in the wrong direction.   We need to respect the rights of all individuals.[3]


Butler supports the Dream Act, which allows illegal immigrants who entered the United States before they turned 15 to remain in the United States.

I support all regulations requiring undocumented immigrants, and their employers to pay their fair share.  I also support the Dream Act which rewards high-potential youth who, through no fault of their own, are undocumented, but are willing to join the military or go to college to achieve great things for our country.[4]


[1] Leesburg Patch, 7/6/2011

[2] Leesburg Patch, 7/6/2011

[3] Butler Campaign Kickoff summary, 6/12/2011


[4] Butler Campaign Web Site, viewed 8/1/2011


This is all the more reason to elect Randy Minchew to the House of Delegate. Randy Minchew knows who he is and what he believes, and is willing to tell you the voter where he stands. He does not need to play games with voters in order to hide his beliefs or intentions. Randy Minchew is pro-life and his voting record will be in accordance with that belief. I know Randy as a defender of freedom and a protector or our gun rights. It is his dedication to these core principles that allows Randy Minchew to be a consistent protector of both your beliefs and your wallet.
The beautiful thing about voting records is they don’t lie. So, when David Butler the Democrat candidate for the 10th District seat tries to convince you he is moderate on taxes and spending, simply take a quick peek at his voting record as a member of the Leesburg Town Council. What you will find upon close inspection is just another Tax and Spend liberal politician. David Butler was no friend of the tax payers in Leesburg . David Butler is no friend of those who want local Government to live within its means. It seems Candidate Butler is more interested in raising taxes and by extension growing the costs, size and scope of Government. Is this what we need in Richmond during these tough economic times?

 Butler voted to raise property tax rates in Leesburg

Leesburg Town Council members adopted a tax rate of 19.5 cents per $100 of assessed value, less than the rate of 21.3 cents that would have been required to generate the same revenue the town received this fiscal year.


The current tax rate is 18 cents per $100 of assessed value. But because of a drop in assessments, the average real estate tax bill will decrease by about 8.6 percent for owners of single-family houses, 21.6 percent for owners of townhouses and 22.8 percent for condominium owners, town officials said.[1]


Butler defended the higher tax rates

Council member David S. Butler said the higher tax rate would help the town sustain its long-term financial goals.


“I don’t want to be in a position in a couple of years where we’re stuck, where we’re really going to have to cut services to a bone just to make ends meet,” he said.


The council approved the 19.5 cent tax rate in a 5 to 2 vote, with Reid and council member Thomas S. Dunn II dissenting. Dunn also cast the only vote against the adopted budget.[2]


Butler voted against lowering the property tax rate and said “It’s not reasonable to have every person’s tax rates go down”

“It’s not reasonable to have every person’s tax rates go down,” Bulter said. “If you took that as a tactic to make sure that everyone in town had a lowered tax bill, there would no longer be a budget and there would no longer be a town. It’s not a process that will be able to manage a town. All we can do is ensure that the tax bill is manageable.”


Dunn’s amendment failed on a 2-5 vote. The council voted to keep the tax rate at 19.5 cents on a 5-2 vote.[3]


Butler voted to increase Leesburg water rates by 5 percent

Town residents will see a 5 percent increase in their water and sewer rates over the next three years, and then a 4 and 3 percent increase in fiscal 2013 and 2014. The quarterly bill for a resident who uses an average of 18,000 gallons of water will increase from $148.86 to $157.50.[4]

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Butler defended the water rate increase

The council passed the new rate structure 4 to 3, with Mayor Kristen C. Umstattd and Town Council members Kenneth D. Reid and Thomas S. Dunn II voting against it.


Council member David S. Butler defended the rate increase, saying that it was necessary to help close a gap of about $1 million in the utility system’s budget this year.[1]


Butler said he was not in favor of cutting 80% of public spending

“Eighty percent of the state’s spending is for public safety, education and health services.  I would not be in favor of cutting any one of those.”[2]


Butler has pledged not to seek tax increases

Butler has already pledged to not seek tax increases and is against more funding cuts in health services, education and public safety.[3]


Butler said he will not raise income taxes

I will not raise income taxes – Large tax increases can slow job growth, and our cost of living is already too high!  On the Town Council I was the deciding vote to reduce taxes every year while maintaining the highest quality services.[4]


During the debt limit debate, Butler said on his Facebook page that anyone who thinks we can solve the debt without a revenue increase was completely off the rails

“This shows how little the Republicans care about real solutions. They’re more interested in ideology than saving the U.S. and world economy. Anyone who thinks that we can solve a $14T (that’s “trillion” with a “T”) national debt and a $1.4T deficit without at least modest some revenue increases is completely off the rails.​en-deficit-cut-talks-hit-impas​se-rep-cantor-142450663.html”[5]

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The alternative to this failed philosophy is to elect Fiscally Conservative Republican Randy Minchew as your next Delegate from the 10th District. Randy is rock solid on all issues economic. Having served as a business and economic advisor to Gov. McDonnell, Randy Minchew knows a thing or two about taxation, spending and economic growth. Randy has the legal, business and public service experience  that will enable him to hit the ground running and become a critical ally of Gov. McDonnell’s economic team as they work hard to undo the failed policies of the past, engage in real reform, and provide for the type of economic climate that makes our Commonwealth a magnet for economic expansion and new high paying jobs.

UPDATE: Dave Weigel unearths more about the image that launched a thousand hits (per half hour).

After the recent Halloween unpleasantness the best quick response was that of Shaun Kenney, who asked, basically: “Huh?”

[Note to LCRC: Next crisis, consider hiring Shaun as your first step.]

It’s a fascinating episode for one week out from what had threatened to be a pretty dry election run-up. On one level, you have the mistake itself, magnified by – in its devastating splendor – technology! – for without the means to quickly grab and circulate an image, the newsletter in question would have been before multiple pairs of eyes.

There’s the laughable immediate response from the LCRC, about which there will be PR and communications textbook chapters, mark my words.

And of course there is the usual mock horror from the usual sensitivity police, awaiting with hair trigger reflexes anything that can be construed as offensive. So when something like this episode occurs – a blunder which, coming from an official party committee, would have elicited an explanation even in less superficial times – most public figures are so well trained they race to the denunciation podium. “Most” – thank goodness – not all.

To put it all in perspective, and say thanks to all the public officials who held their voices for a day, here are some images pulled from around the Web out of a quick image search, including great compilations at Zombietime blog and Sodahead.