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This is interesting. The opposite of the self important narcissism is called humility. Obama is a walking monument to hubris. It appears that Romney is more of the genuine article than the cypher will ever be, or could be. He is certainly more genuinely decent than the caricature presented by the Democrats and their operatives.

The messiah is a leader in a cult of personality. Teachers brainwashed children to sing praises of him. This is the repeated pattern of a cult. This certain cult has been a scourge on humanity since its inception. It will never go away, so long as there is envy in men’s hearts. It will require the eternal vigilance of good men to keep it in check — lest liberty fade. Socialism is the political expression of envy in its most hateful form. Be it national socialism, or the communism of Mao. It is all the same evil cult.

The Republicans have some talent in their bullpen. Jindal, McDaniels, Ryan, Paul (to name a few). I have a feeling after the fiasco of the past four years, it will be another 30 before the Democrats, who are now openly progressive socialists, will see a victory like 2008. The Republicans still need to expunge the shame that is the Bush legacy. But that will fade quicker now that we have had four years of Obama.

In the VP debate and on the campaign trail, Joe Biden has been going on about Romney’s “47%” comment which, as we have seen lately, is completely in accurate since 0bama’s poll numbers have actually dropped below 47%. But I digress.

Uncle Joe remarks that, “These people are my mom and dad…, they are elderly people who in fact are living off of Social Security….”

Interesting. The whole reason we have Social Security is because liberals do not believe that you will take personal responsibility for your retirement, nor that you will take personal responsibility for your parents if they cannot do for themselves in retirement.

Obama is the empty suit who needed to be saved in the last debate by a tramp named Candy. Candy? “Candy save me?”, really? To top it off the tramp called Candy is normally a real babe. Obama’s Candy … is a Democrat troll (see above). I plan to be drinking heavily while watching tonight’s festivities.

I wonder what Bob Schieffer will do for an encore? Will Schieffer get out the pepper spray or tazor Romney during a key moment? Will he punch Romeny in the face, or will he shut of the Republican’s mic? So far Obama has received 10% more time to drone on about … nothing. Why? Obama has been taking but saying nothing for over 5 years now. Watching the debate means listening to Obama wax retarded. Did I mention that plan to be drinking heavily while watching tonight’s debate?

Obama has inflicted a lot of damage on this country. MSM is working overtime to drag this dead horse across the finish lin

The first debate found a distant, uncaring, smug Obama who thought the fight would be done with marshmellow gloves. Obama realized that Romney came loaded for bear with the best ammunition-the truth. Obama changed his game plan and decided he needed to bone up for the next debate with his best ammunition-spewing lies. He was on his game and looked like the old Obama–very relaxed while lying. And he scored points for this. Does anyone really think this last debate will be different?

The 7th game of the NLCS will play tonight and what a comeback for the Giants. Monday night football will be on (I don’t know if it is postponed), American Choppers will further the mending and bonding between Sr. and Jr. My old friend shows up with some months of catch-up conversation. With all these wonderful options and much more, what promise does this debate have to attract voter attention? Virtually none. The hopeless, venom spewers and the bored will watch for sure. If there was a guarantee that a fist fight would ensue, Obama would start screaming like a maniac, or the commentator would have a meltdown, then I would probably watch. Otherwise, I can get those “punch lines” from the news tomorrow and have utilized my time to something more worthy. I have been listening to lies for 4 years now and the truth won’t show up for Obama this time either. Man, you all should see the grass growing where I am. It gets taller with every minute!

Obama X


So this is the guy we elected? The Redistributor in Chief? The man sees the world in clear lines of division. Rich v. Poor. Haves v. Have nots. The pie is only so big, and we need to carve it up ‘fair.’ OK. This is the typical socialist class warfare mantra. This is the message of the leftist — the economy does not grow, you cannot win, its just a question of how do the spoils of the nation economy get distributed. This itself is cause for alarm. All that talk about bringing prosperity is to all is really about robbing Paul to gratify Peter.

The scarier part is that he reveals himself to be a believer in racial spoils as well. He see the world in terms of Black v. White. This is racism. Racism fused with Socialism is Fascism. Obama has been a cypher since his waltzing on to the American National Political stage. It has been quite the performance. Why did it take so long for his birth certificate to finally become available. His birth was announced in several papers, so why not cough up the document and avoid the conjecture? Why are his transcripts sealed? Why is there evidence that he passed himself off as a foreign student? Why is this guy a chameleon who is truly a different man before different people. He is a politician, but why this degree of blatant dishonesty?

He ran on being the great uniter. Hope and Change. On this very blog the delusioned intoned solemnly that he is a conservative. Today the OWS types rant on about being betrayed by their Dear Leader. When the hype is that you are all things to all people, the reality is that you are nothing. This president tripled the number of Czars and unilaterally cut our nuclear arsenal by two thirds. Obama nearly double the national debt four years, and halved the rate of growth in GDP. He shut down drilling off our coasts, and on our federal lands and sent Billions of our dollars to Brazil to subsidize their oil production? Who side is Barry Soetero a.k.a. Harrison J. Bounel a.k.a Barack Obama a.k.a really on?

Supervisor Delgaudio stopped by the house yesterday and he and Mama decided to play a trick on me by him calling me on Mama’s phone. Fortunately for me, knstead of saying some endearing name I usually say to greet her, I decided to answer with “Yes, Boss” and glad for it. Although Mama didn’t get the intended reaction she was looking for (the scoundrel) I was able to save face…..THIS time. What Eugene was doing was being a good, supportive GOPer and making sure that those he knew had yard signs up for the candidates. I usually get mine from the medians of the highways since 100 signs in 50 feet is a bit much to my liking (ALL of them are a bit much to my liking on the roadways–nothing has changed). Then a couple things hit me.

The first thing is my supervisor is always out taking care of business and kmows that what he is doing affects us locally directly. That I didn’t have a longer, personal chat with him makes me sad but I do have his number when I need things addressed. Second, although I have seen some “walkers” and only surmizing that they were “Dem pushers”, they bypassed the house. Might be the Gadsden flag I am flying at the time. Yet, other than the devout liberals I know of, no yard sign affiliation as was seen in ’08. I already know that people like the Doorbell Queen have been turned off by this administration not being LEFT enough and refuse to door knock for Obama. If this administration moved anymore left, they will have passed way beyond Hawai’i and ended up in North Korea. I think there is something more to it than that. You see, liberals will never use the “wrong” word because it makes them lose face, as well as choke, like on a mouthful of dry pancakes. But even though they won’t SAY the word, it doesn’t mean people can’t tell how they really feel.

Eugene knows I’m fair and opinionated and he puts up with me. In turn, I appreciate the things he does, both noticed and minor, for his constituents. I needed those signs to show I care. What readers here need to do is buy a liberal a cup of tea so they don’t have to drink the kool-aid. In turn, that shows you care. This will make all involved happy, save face for some, and allow us to install a government that is better than the one we have now. Yard signs help. Thank you, Supervisor, for being there for me.

To say that Biden was an ass last night is an injustice. It is an injustice to all the asses of this world. Putting them in the same corner with this clown is patently unfair. The trouble is that this facile thug, masquerading as a serious politician, is beyond the pale. Ryan was respectful of his elder. The trouble is that his elder was soiling himself on stage while conducting a war on women, with Raddatz Biden’s target dejour.

Biden did himself no favors, he was the grin with a body behind it. Red meat for the OWS crowd. Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times, giggling in between and making little sense when he would start shouting. No doubt about it, Chris Matthews had another tingle down his leg. This debate performance will not do well with undecided voters of flyover country. This sort of performance does fine in Philadelphia, but not Des Moines. Still, give the Biden his due, he did fire up the base. Which was a must after Obama’s debate debacle.

Reading the transcript, I would give points to Ryan for Libya, and Biden for Afghanistan. On the home front, Ryan got the better of the Biden overall, but unlike Obama, Biden actually put in a performance. Unlike the Messiah, Biden looked like he wanted to be there. The polls declaring who won are split, and the margins are all in the low single digits. Such a result is the norm. Blowouts like what Romney did to Obama are very rare. It requires that you opponent be a flaccid, clueless, detached, empty-suit in order to garner a 50+ point spread in your favor. Obama, despite protestations of the left, was himself that night. No teleprompter, no script, no prepped-for questions planted in the press pool. Just a clueless, lost, community-organizer in way-over his head.

Biden needs to take a class on Geography; the alleged foreign policy expert does not know the relative sizes of Libya and Syria. More importantly, how is it Biden can in one debate throw the intel community under the bus regarding Stevens’ murder in Benghazi and then pivot, and place absolute faith in their prowess regarding the Iranian nuclear program? Finally, the hard part in making a nuclear bomb is not the bomb assembly, it is the collection if fissile material for the bomb. This is a lie with monstrous implications.

My bs-o-meter finally broke last night when Biden intoned that his Catholic faith defines him; the spring shot out through the glass display and put a hole in the ceiling. There also were the lou-lou’s regarding the Libyan embassy debacle, the meter pegged red so hard it bent the needle. The sorry return to the mythical $5T in tax cuts was another peg-red moment. Still, considering Biden’s handicap, I should not be surprised that he can’t tell the truth even if his life depends on it.

The question then is what does this mean for the upcoming debates? With the bleeding stopped, can team Messiah recapture the lost momentum, and lost voters? The poll aggregates are trending against Team Blue since the first debate. Obama has a tougher row to hoe than Biden. Smokin’ Joe can afford to be a total ass on TV, Obama cannot. Obama, who is admittedly lazy, needs to come prepared, and have something other than a set of campaign-commercial one-liners memorized. This is a daunting mission, as Obama’s work ethic is not up to the task.