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I have been hearing more and more members of the Republican party say that their party should only discuss jobs and (pay lip service to) “reducing the size and scope of government in our lives” while leaving every other issue alone. This is the goal of Bill Bolling’s “Virginia Mainstream Project” for example.

Of course jobs and economics are important (don’t misunderstand here), but are these the only things that are important? Are these the only things that make communities function? Is it the only thing that gives one’s life value? Is our ultimate goal to have a nice HDTV in the living room and a swimming pool in the backyard? Is that what life is all about? Bigger TVs, more food in the nice chrome fridge, more luxurious cars and bigger homes?

Republican politicians love to talk about “smaller government” but I say that they don’t mean a word of it. Smaller government means LOCAL control – home rule. The local affairs are the most likely to effect our personal safety and happiness because we are in direct control of it and have the most direct access to those we elect to be in charge. If we don’t like what our local officials are doing, then we can either change them or move to another locality. It is not one size fits all. That is the beauty of our system as originally intended. continue reading…

Supervisor Volpe requested me to do some doorbell ringing on behalf of Ken so that is what I did last weekend. I can talk to anyone at anytime and those that know me know I can just talk…….sometimes just endlessly. Dan’s favorite statement to me was “can I talk now?” Hey, it’s a gift or a curse, depending. So I grabbed my assignment and set out to the unsuspecting. It is always a worthy thing to help others and what I and others did was exactly that–help others. I believe in Ken and I believe in a better, non-liberal Virginia.

What was interesting about the people I met were a couple of things. First, of those mot liberal, about half said they were moderate and half said conservative. Another thing I noticed was most were undecided on who they wanted for governor. By changing my question around I found that most didn’t know who McAuliffe was and that he is running against Ken. It tells me things like McAuliffe isn’t well known (most all his money comes from outside Va); people aren’t very interested yet, or there is a malaise, or they don’t stay on top of politics as most of the people who comment here; it’s summertime and there are other things happening.

I have explained to people the importance of their vote, researching the candidates, and making the best choice OVER ALL but not by single issue. I even had a guy tell me in no uncertain terms, how he felt. He did give me the respect by not “throwing me off his frigging (NOT the word he used) porch” and I thanked him for his feelings and opinion. There are people that need educating but most of all the people need involvement. I only see a dismal turnout for election this year, which is why it is necessary for all of you to talk to others about where we are in Va and where we need to be. The nation will be watching this election closely and it will be something that drives the 2014 election and beyond. Commit yourself to do something now so that we don’t all regret it later.

I held this back a couple of days but now is the time. Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio will not be indicted by a grand juror as there was no evidence of wrong doing. The finding was he broke no law. The recommendation was for the State to change the law. This will not make the Delgaudio haters happy as they fail to remember one thing: that elusive bogeyman that they are always trying to corner DOES NOT EXIST. It is nothing more than a fool’s folly, which is self explanatory. And who was leading the charge? None other than Stevens Miller, husband to the real head of household Dem Delegate candidate Liz Miller, the Doorbell Queen.

Liz, on her blog, stated she would not ring doorbells for Obama in 2012, like she had done in 2008, because he failed to invoke those liberal policies he had promised. That did not stop her from voting for the guy though. Now she will be ringing doorbells on her own behalf. While Stevens will continue to spin gears trying to oust Delgaudio, with support from the likes of Al Nevaraz and others, Liz will be further pissing off the LCDC because they never wanted her as their candidate in the first place. Liz, don’t you realize the LCDC and the DNC eat their own? I’m glad Liz is running because she will fill in the total of radical left where Obama has failed, as she sees it. I hope she gets advice from Stevens and Al on how to win the hearts of people.

As for the remaining candidates: Terry McAuliffe-Gov, Ralph Northam-Lt. Gov, and Mark Herring-AG, all believe in one thing-liberalism. If it is good in their eyes, it will definitely be bad in your lives. The more outlandish, hypocritical, illegal and over bearing that it is, the more these candidates will want to effect it. We aren’t talking about a blue Virginia here. We are talking about a black and blue Virginia, and if the bruise doesn’t heal, gangrene will set in and the state will die a smelly, festering death. I’m only thankful that a big government run by Obama and the libs are affecting citizens daily lives where this role model, which is swallowed whole by these Va. Dem candidates, will seal their fate in this coming election. If you citizens of Virginia value your freedom and well being, I might suggest you stop your procrastination and get involved. Your future depends on it.

A Tough Sell


Last Friday evening, I was privileged to meet and hear Bishop E.W. Jackson. Unfortunately, I do not have a recording of his speech, part of which involved standing behind what he has said and vigorously objecting to being misquoted. (And for the record, his own daughter does yoga.) So if I misrepresent anything the Bishop said, I apologize in advance.

One of the main points of his speech was along the lines of, In 1960, eighty percent of Black children were born to married parents. Now, eighty percent are born to single mothers. The Black family survived slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and the KKK. It could not survive liberalism. He spoke of how the core tenets of conservatism are more in line with the traditional values of the Black community than are the socialist, anti-life, anti-family, anti-religion policies of the left.

While all these things are true, the Black community is, by and large, bought and paid for by the Demonrat Party, which promises them someone else’s money (primarily that evil White people, which is an added bonus) today. It is difficult to sell the idea of a truly better future for oneself and one’s children twenty years from now, when they are hungry right now.

It is impossible for me, as a White man, to go into a poor Black neighborhood and sell that. It is difficult for Bishop Jackson even as a Black man from a broken family. But at least he has some “street cred”.

So what can “us White folk” do?

Well, the leftists like to say, “We want to ask the rich to pay more,” but they never actually do. At most, they will take more. We, and Bishop Jackson, need to actually ask, we need to answer affirmatively, and we need to do it.

So I am asking you: Please give ten percent of all that you receive. Give to your church, give to the charity of you choice, or just give to a poor person you see on the street.

Bishop Jackson, when you make a campaign speech, do not say, as the leftists do, that we need to ask people to give more, really ask them to. Giving is the heart of conservatism. Taking is the heart of liberalism.