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You see it on government buildings, schools, even the local Roy Rogers. Well you can read this I refer you to CRS-10, which pretty much states it is for certain Americans or foreign dignitaries. Or you can
read this, which pretty much clarifies proper code and etiquette. I don’t recall lowering the flag for the Christians that have been slaughtered on masse by ISIS. How about the Ukranian airliner that was shot down? Shoot, I don’t even feel like listing the events were no flag was lowered to half staff. How many can you think of in the last year? The last 3 years? 7?

Is this just more humiliation (remember, good intentions DO NOT TRUMP CODE OR LAW) from this administration? You have a demented, bumbling idiot as President and he surrounds himself with useless, know nothings that can’t match their socks in the morning, much less know law and give sound advice. The more this moron does to the country, the deeper he digs his grave. His lasting legacy will be that he is the most incompetent President who taught Constitutional law but, evidently, was incapable of understanding it. If he ever did teach it, it was probably to the incompetents he has surrounded himself with.

I think what happened in France is tragic. The French brought that upon their own heads by allowing such a massive influx of Muslims and then allowing them to set up enclaves where they were not forced into assimilation. Two times may be the charm but we’ll see. Now this idiot wants to create a similar scenario in my country which will produce the same tragic results. Like they say, “once a Muslim, always a Muslim” and Obama constantly shows he is a Muslim. Will he fly the flag at half staff for a massacre in Sterling? I would not think so. Our flag is not a yo-yo and needs to fly high and proud. It appears we need to kick out the current occupant in the White House to be able to see that happen and I do mean before his term is up.

Wait. What? They are bombing Free Syrian forces? That can’t be right. Here, let me look this up. Oh shit! Are you kidding me? So the Russians lied and are still lying and that buffoon Kerry and Obama do nothing? If it was other countries that this happened in, Kerry would have been thrown off a 20 story building to the street below and Obama would have been jailed, awaiting trial for crimes against the state and humanity. But not in this country because stupidity and naivety in our administration is lauded and hailed.

By the time these clowns finish their tenure, America will be so hated and hog tied that we will never regain prominence and standing in the world again. Weren’t we considered the beacon and shining light of Democracy, that all other countries wanted to emulate? If we go socialist, will the other small bastions of freedom follow suit in short time? Does anyone have a contact for the new Sons of Liberty? I think the time is way past due.

Yes, I did say stupid. Her and her minions, and God knows there are many, believe it cool and coy to play dumb about this server. No one in that camp knows what “wipe” means. Then the MSM and the WH spokesman carry on with that stupid theme. I mean, do we really need to extend stupid in the WH after 8 years of the stupid we have had already. No, don’t tell me about education and that Obama knows what he is doing. He has pushed stupid beyond the limit and this Iran deal of his WILL BE the height of his stupid legacy.

Now if you think that stupid is only assigned to the politicos, you have to understand that stupid is being indoctrinated. Too many kids can’t pass SAT scores to get into college and so many colleges are just looking for the money. Well, then the kids can’t pay the loan debt and want that absolved. That is pretty stupid…and irresponsible. But it really isn’t their fault because it has almost been promised to them that they don’t have to work hard to get ahead and college should be paid on someone else’s back.

Pretty much, stupid is the mantra of liberals and Democrats everywhere. Hillary is leading the pack but Bernie Sanders is bringing in a close second and they both are vying to keep stupid in the government. It is also infectious because many others are learning that stupid is rewarding. I don’t know about you but, when I was younger, stupid was never something like a badge that you wanted to wear proudly. Then again, when I was younger, we didn’t have boys named Caitlin either, that get applauded for the bravery of “coming out”. I mean, THAT is stupid also. Sheesh.

Did you hear that out of a small sampling of 40 e-mails from Hillary’s personal server had 4 classified e-mails amongst them? And she turned over 30,000? How about all those “private” e-mails about Chelsey’s wedding dress that got deleted? Oh snap! I am giddy thinking about the possibility of Hillary wearing an orange or black and white striped pants suit.

On June 18th, some nut job, who others claim as a “white supremacist”, killed 9 people in a Charleston church. Within the week the DOJ was already setting about to award each slain person’s family the sum of 3.2 million tax payers dollars. A story I picked talks about it here. I would have associated this with making reparations for what happened to the slaves way back when until I realized that something similar was done for the Sandy Hook shootings.
Now the politics of the church shooting are much more than the school shooting. Both had guns as the instrument to cause death and guns are a big liberal no-no. Innocent lives cut short by a crazy person. I have been following a similar story where there are no monetary reparations. 5 innocent lives cut short by a crazy person. Don’t know where the DOJ is on this one. I mean, they give money to matters of the state but when it is matters of the fed, no such luck. I am talking about the recruitment center killings. Every day I check and every day just nothing. What is the difference? Why the double standard? After all, it is our money and WE should be able to decide who to give it to, right? What a despicable administration this is.

So states Marco Rubio. This, of course, has NEVER been a new revelation here at NVTH. We have been speaking that truth ever since Barry was saying “present” in the Senate when votes were being taken. I guess the jib here was pointed at Trump for just being Trump. Chris Matthews almost blew a gasket when complaining about what Rubio said.

Regardless how you feel about Trump, if you are like me, you like to see Trump “fight back” or speak his mind on all different issues and subjects. Many people who are fed up with the sterility of politics are relishing these outbursts from the egomaniac billionaire. I don’t think that Trump has any chance for the GOP ticket but it sure is fun watching him run his mouth. Politics has now been put in its proper place—sports. It fits in between professional wrestling and field hockey. If it works out as I project it to do, we should have the establishment Republican Party on its ear, where a Constitutional conservative will get the high ground. I would vote for that. In the meantime I have stocked up on extra jars of Jolly Time and am putting the Westbend popper into overtime mode. No class. Exactly what I think about all politics.



How important has it come to life that it is necessary to leave a legacy to ourselves? Personally, I am doing my best to make it through life with my integrity intact. Do I feel the necessity to be remembered for something? Absolutely not. I affect people’s lives but I do it without harm. I am just amazed how important it is for others and the rabid nature they use to make it happen, especially in politics.

As Presidents go, I remember Carter’s legacy being a drunk brother, gas rationing, killing SF in an inept rescue attempt of hostages in Iran, and giving away the Panama Canal. Other than the drunk brother, the rest of what Carter did harmed the nation.
Clinton I remember as never allowing an accessible vagina go to waste. That and that his wife is Hillary. That caused considerable harm to the nation. I really tried not paying attention to that circus during that time because I was ashamed at what they did to my country.
And then we get Obama. And his sleeveless, America hating, food banning wife. Where do we start with legacy? How about the endless vacations/golf trips/shopping trips/greet and meets where the two took separate planes to end up at the same locations? The fiasco with illegals in the U.S. And getting their relatives in here also? No, I’m not talking about Obama’s illegal kin living in the White House. How about Obamacare? Or Fast and Furious? Creating a greater racial divide then before the 60′s? The current “legacy” of his tenure is now the Iran nuclear bomb guarantee treaty….I mean executive something or the other. I swear that he was nicknamed by some Italian because every time he pushes an horrible initiative upon Americans and/or the world, he makes sure that any decent or movement to resend his order is met by veto. Veto Obama…..the Irish, Italian Muslim. There is so-o-o-o much more than can contribute to his lunacy…er…legacy. Regardless, EVERY PIECE OF IT DOES TREMENDOUS HARM to this country and the world.

These are legacies I can live with since it shows and proves the ineptness of the liberal Democrat. No, I will not talk about the liberal Republicans at this time but they exist also. I guess the next legacy we will be able to talk about is Hillary. That is, if freedom of speech still exists, or the country for that matter.