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By the way. It is racist to refer to these Ferguson protestors as “looters”. I suggest “undocumented shoppers”:



Undocumented shopper snaps a picture after shopping spree!

Undocumented shopper snaps a picture after shopping spree!



Undocumented shoppers making their way out of the store with much needed free stuff


My, my! What a nation we will be leaving to the Mexicans…




Forbes calls it a “surprisingly strong jobs report”. Yahoo says, “The government reported surprisingly robust job gains in June.” And the Wall Street Journal gushed, “U.S. employers added jobs at a robust clip in June and the unemployment rate fell, signs of labor-market strength as the economic recovery heads into its sixth year.”

Let’s look at the June report itself, shall we?

On the surface, it looks pretty good — according to the Household Survey, 407,000 more people were employed in June than in May.  What’s not to like?

I suspect you know where this is going — it’s going further down the page, to the part-time numbers.

There were 1,115,000 more people working part-time in June than in May.  With just a little math, we see that that means there were 708,000 FEWER people working full-time in June than in May.

That’s not job creation, it’s division of labor.

Kept hearing on the news back in April that rising fuel prices were the cause of converting over to the “summer” blend and that those prices would come right back down. They haven’t. Ethanol continues to cost the American taxpayer billions in subsidies and it continues to ruin engines. Electric isn’t getting off the ground and fuel of some source is necessary to run the power plants to make the electricity which charges those vehicles. Now there is a new problem with unrest in the Middle East where it is impacting oil exports.

We are sitting on immense coal, oil and natural gas supplies that would make us independent from the needs of other countries’ resources. Why are we not making this reality? Obama. The side affects are a weaker, non-working economy. People aren’t making a paycheck. The ones that are can’t afford the fuels that drive our lives so they are living in a deficit (including myself). Thing is, the greeners are happy because the planet is being saved thru their cause. Is it? Is anything we do here changing how other industrialized countries operate? Russia? China? India? Mexico? The climate changers, greeners, and the Obama administration want to be leaders where the rest of the world will emulate our initiatives. We haven’t led anything in years. Why would countries follow us down the economic toilet when they can keep their economies going through the utilization of ANY resources available to them? They wouldn’t and won’t. We are the only suckers committed to economic suicide. Boy, this Obama agenda is so screwed up.

If we ever get a regime change that puts America on the right track again, I’m going to get a T-shirt that reads “I survived the worst economic times in American history–Obama Socialism”. I believe that trumps my Dad’s Great Depression.

It happened back in 2008. It isn’t the time but the circumstances that I wish to dwell on. This Michigan man brutally and purposely stabbed and cut the throats of his family before running away to India where he was finally caught and extradited for his crime. That he used a knife is not novel because there are many homocides that use knives. Rather, he had a masters degree in mathematics and was unemployed. We talk about illegals taking jobs away from Americans. We also talk about how financial issues push people to do some drastic things. Seems to be the case here. I don’t know if his wife brow-beat him to support the family. I don’t know if the kids expected all those vices available to Americans. I don’t know if he gambled or lost money in the stock market or lived too lavishly for his means. His defense focuses on finances being the cause. Other than his premeditated scheme to kill his family, I do believe he suffered from financial stress. It is an issue and there are many more stories out there like this. It can only get worse since those that work are at the breaking point of supporting those that don’t. Doing the right thing and trying to survive while the deck keeps getting stacked against you can flip a switch in your head. The economy has more ramifications than most people realize. We’ll see if this trend gains speed or gov’t comes back to reality.

Well, we see the progs in full-idiot mode in their protests at McDonald’s headquarters.

If they spent as much energy doing their jobs as they do bitching about them, they might not be working at a crappy job.  Let’s look at one woman in the article:

“I’m here fighting for $15 and a union, so that my path does not become my children’s future,” Melinda Topel, a 43-year-old McDonald’s store employee who makes $7.50 an hour, said in an interview. Topel traveled from Kansas City, Missouri, to protest in Oak Brook.

“We deserve a livable wage,” said Topel, who receives government assistance to buy food. She’s struggling to afford school supplies and shoes for her two kids at home, she said.

Seriously?  You’re 43 years old, with two kids, and you’re working at McDonald’s for $7.50 an hour?  Where is your husband?  Where is the father of your children?  (Where ARE the FATHERS of your children?)  Why are others paying for his children while he is not?

How is it that you are twenty-five years out of high school and the best you can get is a $7.50/hr. job?  Have you developed no job skills in all those years?  If you have 25 years of good job experience, you certainly deserve more than $7.50 an hour.  The fact that you are NOT getting more indicates that you do NOT have twenty-five years of good job experience.  You probably have twnety-five years of bouncing from job to job, when you were even employed, because you do not show up on time and have an attitude like you deserve what you have not earned.

My son started working when he was twelve.  He showed up on time every time, did his job to the best of his ability (even studying to improve), and got good references to move up in his employment.  He just turned twenty, still in college, and he is already making more than than the $15/hr. you demand.

You want higher pay?  Then make your work worth more.

or so warns Dr. Charles Murray here (watch the video). And those who shout ‘capitalism’ the loudest are in reality often proponents of crony capitalism.

He said:

The American people look at the way that people make zillions of bucks because they can get the regulations written the way they want to, because they get the government to support their technology. They see that going on. Plus the crony capitalism.

And the number of these capitalists who are enthusiastically in favor of real competition is depressingly small.

The game actually IS rigged, but the question is what are we going to do about it? Are we going to write MORE rules and regulations that will only rig the game even further or free up the system so that smaller people can actually compete?

For those that have not, I highly suggest you read Dr. Murray’s book ‘Coming Apart‘.