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Kept hearing on the news back in April that rising fuel prices were the cause of converting over to the “summer” blend and that those prices would come right back down. They haven’t. Ethanol continues to cost the American taxpayer billions in subsidies and it continues to ruin engines. Electric isn’t getting off the ground and fuel of some source is necessary to run the power plants to make the electricity which charges those vehicles. Now there is a new problem with unrest in the Middle East where it is impacting oil exports.

We are sitting on immense coal, oil and natural gas supplies that would make us independent from the needs of other countries’ resources. Why are we not making this reality? Obama. The side affects are a weaker, non-working economy. People aren’t making a paycheck. The ones that are can’t afford the fuels that drive our lives so they are living in a deficit (including myself). Thing is, the greeners are happy because the planet is being saved thru their cause. Is it? Is anything we do here changing how other industrialized countries operate? Russia? China? India? Mexico? The climate changers, greeners, and the Obama administration want to be leaders where the rest of the world will emulate our initiatives. We haven’t led anything in years. Why would countries follow us down the economic toilet when they can keep their economies going through the utilization of ANY resources available to them? They wouldn’t and won’t. We are the only suckers committed to economic suicide. Boy, this Obama agenda is so screwed up.

If we ever get a regime change that puts America on the right track again, I’m going to get a T-shirt that reads “I survived the worst economic times in American history–Obama Socialism”. I believe that trumps my Dad’s Great Depression.

I must admit that I have been waiting for one of Gaius’s thoughtful posts to liven things up but I understand the rigors of the daily grind and children, so I’ll give you a rounding of what is happening in the news.
LoCo wants to close 4 schools they own outright, which will save 2 million a year in operating costs. Meanwhile, 68+million will go to LCPS for fiscal year 2015. The tax rate went down .05 cents and my assessment went up 100k. That means it will only cost me another $1,000 in taxes. What a deal. And they have cut back many services in savings already. Hmm. Where is that Silver Line?
–Immigration reform…Dem….active.
–Equal pay for women….Dem….active.
–Koch brothers…..Dem….active.
–Bloomberg 50 million towards curtailing gun rights….Dem….new.
–Holder and Obama targeted with racism…..Dem….active.
–ObamaCare……GOP….semi-active (becoming obscure with diversions)
We have a guy feeding cows on federal land who won’t pay the Feds grazing rights. It got heated and civilians are toe-to-toe with armed Feds. Was getting ugly and not over yet. Meantime Putin is land grabbing more of the old USSR while everyone else in the world wags fingers. Ever notice that when big wars bring down aggressors, that nations go into downsizing mode with their military. The focus changes and the eye goes off the ball. During that period of non-focus, aggressors re-emerge upon the scene. Isn’t what keeps them in check are strong military nations at the ready?
Gas is up right when I am getting ready to go fishing. Why are we spending $2 for crop and processing to make $1 of ethanol, just so we can continue to ruin the internal combustion engines that use it? And food is going up. We feed ourselves and others with wheat and corn staple, yet there isn’t enough because of what is wasted as “alternate fuel”. If we took the same amount of corn and distilled it, we could save money, have less vehicles on the road and feel good about being anally raped. I guess being drunk has advantages and savings too. But, heh, ALL food is up. Steak is up (because they feed them corn I guess). I see new taxes on all my utility bills. What’s up with that? What is more important:desert turtles (who don’t like solar farms) or smelts that are nothing more than Egret food? Ever notice where many of the supermarket meats come from lately? Do you really like brushing your teeth with toothpaste that comes from the same country of massive pollution and lead paint toys that cause suicide in supervisors?
And we don’t need another 4 years of a woman president. It has been too long since we had balls in the White House. And we need more testicles in Congress too. A poster here thinks we need to build locally politically and move up. I agree, but I also agree that with a good role model at the top working down that you meet in the middle and get there twice as fast.
Out of all this news (or lack there of), that situation in Nevada with the cows has got my focus. The guy is wrong in his understanding of things. Should it have gotten out of hand? Yes, because the government is involved and that has rallied the people. The underlying theme here is freedom from government and in this case it doesn’t matter if the issue is right or wrong. It is a cause for the people and it will escalate. Could be the beginning of the people’s revolution. Someone is going to die and then all bets are off. Citizens have reached their breaking point and need a circumstance. I’ll be fishing and watching. If need be I might need to extend my vacation and visit the southwest although I’m pretty sure the uprising will come to a neighborhood near me in time. Until then I’ll be starving, going broke with taxes and healthcare. If you feel for my plight and to keep me off the government dole, you may send contributions to me here at NVTH. I promise that any excess funds will be used to buy more worthwhile things…….like bullets.

It appears that many countries are suffering due to restrictions and regulations by their respective governments. Fossil fuels are the culprit and this scourge needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. If you really feel that way, don’t use them. What’s that? Your power a d industrial infrastructure suffers from the non-use? How can this be in a day and age where we are all saved by solar and wind? I tend to think this is their problem. They want to grow and compete yet they refuse to use all tools available to make that happen. They are already getting away from the clean energy of nuclear fuel yet they want that electricity. What will fire those furnaces to make that electricity? Coal=out. Oil=out. Nuclear=out. Natural gas is getting costly (imports). How about wood. No carbons there (lol). What do you mean you don’t have enough trees to sustain your needs? Funny how that works.

Countries have been clear cutting forests for some time now. It reduces oxygen output and also carbon dioxide depletions (imagine that) while allowing reflective and absorbed heat to raise temperatures, yet many countries want to import wood pellets (just like they do with timber) for fuel. The US industry is willing to oblige but this causes another problem. We are producing fast growing trees (inferior lumber) to meet our and other countries’ needs. Although good for business it is bad ecologically. As the pace of depletion increases, the environment cannot replenish and sustain itself. In the meantime, coal sits in the ground waiting to become diamonds (great) along with oil and uranium. To what purpose? They are resources to be used and create balance with other resources. If you don’t believe me just ask China how it is making out. The world would be better off delving into extracting the most energy from our resources while doing it efficiently and cleanly. I don’t know about you but I won’t allow my trees to be clear cut. It provides too much of what is necessary for my quality of life. But you can have my oil….for a price.

Speaking of which, OPEC is in a pickle because of North America’s venture into oil shale. Countries are worried that their economies will collapse if the price per barrel is driven much lower. My solution would be: a) use your oil to build your industry to compete b) stop giving freebies c) don’t have your economy based on one thing (oil).

Good idea gone bad? Another government encroachment into our daily lives? Farmers don’t care about it. Alaskans have dealt with long days and nights, like, forever! Studies show that MORE energy is consumed instead of less. So what is the value? Oh, right, kids at the bus stop in the dark. I agree with the article and think it needs to go extinct. Please don’t tell me that I am acting like a liberal on this issue. Halloween was bad enough.

I have been watching this of late and the figures have now changed.   The Navy, in conjunction with DOA, EPA and DOE will be using biodiesel in the near future in their ships…….WARSHIPS!.  Now the Brits saw too many problems with this and would only think about using bio as a third (and last) option.  Not the US.  They are ready to jump on the “global warming” bandwagon, regardless the consequences or costs.  The problem with biodiesel is the water content, the lack of stability in storage, it’s affected by high temperatures AND it costs $26 per gallon.  Back in 2010 the price was$16 per gallon.  They promise the price will come down in time.

Algae farms and crop land will be in high demand.  Screw feeding people (which probably is why there are death panels in the healthcare act), let’s make expensive fuel instead.  We need the energy independence now, at all costs.  Pretty soon we will all be flying on bio and feel better about ourselves for it.  I can’t wait for the electric planes so that we can really show we care about the planet.

I remember when we had a truly polluted environment. Most of the people born after 1980 simply do not. I recall watching the Cuyahoga River burning in Cleveland. I remember leaving a white shirt out on a window sill at noon and it turning grey by bedtime. I remember the blue haze coming out the tail pipes of cars, and the black smoke erupting from the stacks of diesels. None of that is happening today. I remember the acid rain. That is gone as well. Why? Because the conservation movement, which was about cleaning up the U.S. so Americans could continue to prosper, did just that. Not only are there fish in the Cuyahoga River, one can fish for them.

The conservation movement was a massive success. The US is a far cleaner place today. The conservation movement has been hijacked by the environmentalist movement. They are not the same. The first was democratic and sought to clean up our heavy industries. The second is socialistic/dictatorial and seeks to destroy heavy industry. The first was the result of a bourgeois middle class wanting to see what could done to improve the American Standard of living. That later is the result of elitists demanding the global redistribution of wealth.

The conservationists had an American Indian crying on the side of the road as some slob throws garbage out the car window — seeking to prick our consciences. The environmentalists run snuff flicks where people are blown up for not wanting to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ by 10% — the killing of people is supposed to be funny to this lot. Teddy Roosevelt, was an avid hunter and a conservationist. Hunters are overwhelmingly conservationist. Al Gore is an environmentalist, who lives in a 30000 SQFT house that uses up more energy that any 3 towns in Uganda. “Earth First!” and “ELF” are two organizations that are made up of environmentalists. Confusing the environmentalists with conservationists is a deadly mistake.

Here is your “history” of the GM bailout.  The government (you, the taxpayer) owns 500 MILLION shares.  The union basically owns the company.  The government gives relief and write offs/write downs to GM.  YOU, the taxpayer and the private investors lose.

Now the news.  Obama Motors is pushing eco-friendly alternative fuel vehicles-spelled VOLT.  It is a commuter car that doesn’t go far. It takes over 24 hours for a full recharge.  The batteries spark and burn but federal officials cleared the VOLT of any safety risk–read NHTSA.  Sales are off so you can now lease one for $350, down from $399.  AND don’t forget that even though this piece of garbage costs $41,000, you still get that $7,500 government rebate when you buy one.  No, that money wasn’t factored into the bailout but is ADDITIONAL.  Then there is this:

“GM said around 1,300 workers (not employees) at the Hamtramck, Mich., factory where the Volt is built will be out of work between March 19 and April 23, a spokesman said.  The plant had just resumed production on Feb. 6 after a prolonged holiday shutdown.”

What does that mean, a prolonged holiday shutdown?  Wait, wait.  I saved the best for last.  If you have no sense, you’ll miss this completely.  If you do have sense, this should bust a ‘roid.

“General Motors Co. plans to extend a $335 million lifeline to struggling French auto maker PSA Peugeot Citroen……..proceeds from..$1.34 billion share sale would shore up (Peugeot,’s) finances and help pay for new projects.  However (the doomsday word) the deal won’t attack the long standing problem of too many European factories and workers at the two companies…”

And the insanity continues…….