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The world and America are coming apart at the seams. You would think that if we had a President that he would be focused on resolving some issues. That would happen IF we had a President. We only have a lying, bloviating fund raiser who spends much of his time playing golf. And when he goes somewhere to exercise his expertise in one of the above mentioned venues, it causes problems for the little people because of the necessity of security. Of course, he being the Messiah and great unifier, he really shouldn’t have need for security but that is another matter. Because he does have this need, nightmares ensue for anyone trying to do anything near where he will be or the route he takes. Now the issue with Clinton getting his hair cut on the Tarmac and delaying flights for 2 hours was really a big boner. But when security stops a woman in labor from crossing the street (and an ambulance from what I understand), this seems to go beyond the pale. Should the citizens suffer and possibly die to accommodate the boy king’s foolish follies? Gee, I wonder.

I was reading up on new military enlist criteria and, specifically, criteria about tattoos. I am glad to see that criteria is changing and becoming much more selective for appearance, brains, clean background and the like. Being as how the military is being downsized, they are able to tailor our military forces to a higher caliber group. But I ran across something that just stymied me; that of Atheist chaplains and how they are not allowed in the military chaplain corps.

As the article states, 98% of chaplains are of Christian faith. That would make sense since it appears to be the majority faith in the military. And, yes, you apparently have a small atheist contingent in the military. What I can’t figure out is why they would need a chaplain? What purpose could they possibly have in calming personnel going in to battle or delivering a hopeful and saving message to those wounded and dying? I looked up an article to see just what atheists believe. This is one of the articles I found. This is all well and good but how does an atheist chaplain work or fit in? I really don’t get it.

For a 3 year old, everything is an adventure. When your Dad works for Dreamworks and does home videos, those adventures really come alive. You’ll enjoy this. :smile:

That is what many reservoirs are used for…..swimming. So a guy pees thru the fence near a reservoir of TREATED water. I never knew that reservoirs were treated first. Why in the hell would you do that? So you have a big pool of treated water, waiting to be used. In the meantime, rainwater (untreated) puts all types of pollutant particles in that reservoir. Fish, amphibians, birds and reptiles are using that water. In all my fishing and scuba diving experience, I have yet to see any type of aquatic toilet facility for said species. On top of that, any run off will go into the reservoir. The species named above ingest all manner of contaminates; chemical, natural, human, biological. So what’s the problem.

Do this mathematically. A guy has a 6 pack of beer. He drains the monster (we’ll say he expels the complete content intake=72 ounces) directly into the 50 MILLION gallon reservoir. His content would equal approximately 1 part in 50 million. Ever swam in a pool with kids in it? Lots less water and lots more parts (yes, kids pee in the pool ALL the time). Do they drain that water? Nope, just retreat it…..over and over and over throughout the season. Now, the west and southwest have been paining for water for years. Thousands and thousands of acres have had water access curtailed and crops no longer exist. And these guys are going to dump 38 million gallons into the SANITARY sewer, where it will be retreated before it goes to the river. Oh, yeah. There is a charge for this and all water users will pay it. Hope these people never learn about dying of thirst. Try drinking out of a muddy footprint on the ground. That would change your mindset.

I like Depp since back when he and Peter DeLoise did 21 Jump Street. The characters and roles are as diverse as his talents. He doesn’t play the Hollywood game and always appears a bit eccentric. He has always been like that. Because he doesn’t do the “right things” in Hollywood, they hold a grudge against him. I can think of many roles portrayed that should have landed him an Oscar above the competition. But the Hollywood types are fickle that way and Depp seems to end up losing out.

He took a trip to China recently (as is now in vogue with Hollywood types) to promote his new movie. China has a big market for making and watching movies and Depp is an admired actor over there. Now he made the statement to the crowd, “I could live here easily,….It’s a warm experience.” To which Bob Beckle took umbrage over. Beckle started spouting off about human rights and such but I didn’t take away that viewpoint. Depp was being wined and dined in pleasant places and this was his first trip. Does he know the woes with China? Hard to say since Depp does not like politics and doesn’t involve himself. I don’t think you go to a country to promote your wares and hoping for buyers with the intent on telling the host nation that their country, culture and politics suck. That is what is known as a no-gainer no-brainer. He is promoting his movie and himself. By doing that, Hollywood may ease up and afford him an Oscar in the next couple years. Playing to the fans is much better than cutting your throat before you really need to.

As the saying goes: “It is easy once you know the answer” and that answer is ObamaCare…..or the diversion from it. Let me explain.

That plane landed in China. With the political climate today and the exorbitant expense put upon our citizens, the ChiComs realized that America’s future borrowing was in jeopardy. Those treasury notes may go tanking and the value of the almighty buck not worth squat, so they contacted Obama. A plan was devised. Divert attention from ObamaCare until after the mid-term elections and make those spiraling debts keep spiraling up. So the ChiComs got the plane. Remember those 2 Iranians with false passports? They weren’t Iranians. Neither were the pilots. Obama needed to do something about those Benghazi terrorist so he made a deal with the four top dogs of that fight, the Libyans, and I’ll show you were this fits in.

First they fly the plane to China. The passengers are now residing in a slave labor camp. The Chinese military is having the Yen Chang Sock and T-shirt factory dismantle the plane, where it will be crated up and shipped to Mexico as car parts. You see, Obama made a deal with the president of Mexico, to get him off Obama’s back about immigration. What is suppose to happen is the plane will be painted like the Playboy Bunny jet, loaded with all the arms from Fast & Furious and filled with Cartel members. The object: fly into Houston, take over Texas and annex it back to Mexico. But the deal Obama made with the Cartels was for them to sweep and secure the southern states, going to California and wiping out their marijuana crops and thus, being the only game in town again for the illegal weed. The hitch in this is the Libyans. Their deal is to crash the plane into the refinery and storage tanks, wipe out the evidence of these pesky scandals, kill a bunch of Babtists and Cartel members and stick it to Bush and Perry.

While this is waiting to happen, Obama needs to do something with Biden since this is going to be a “big f’n deal” and Plugs is a big blabber mouth. Remember that statement Obama made about helping Putin after he was re-elected? Called in that favor didn’t he. Putin makes a diversion looking east in Ukraine and Obama sends Plugs out of the country. While all this is going on (and soon to be happening) do you think anyone is thinking about ObamaCare? Kevin Bacon.

You didn’t really think that lame suggestion about a “black hole ” was going to do it, did you?

The big gov’t action figures always win:

Get one of the figures here – as soon as they figure out how to bypass the regulation to build them.

In the meantime, read these ten examples of the power of the ‘Kronies’ (yep! Republicans are guilty too)

Also here is an article showing that companies that cater to the rich are are doing quite well while those that cater to middle class are struggling:

In Manhattan, the upscale clothing retailer Barneys will replace the bankrupt discounter Loehmann’s, whose Chelsea store closes in a few weeks. Across the country, Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants are struggling, while fine-dining chains like Capital Grille are thriving. And at General Electric, the increase in demand for high-end dishwashers and refrigerators dwarfs sales growth of mass-market models.

Luxury auto dealers are likewise doing well, while others struggle.

Yet the biggest movers weren’t mass-market pickups or SUVs, but luxury vehicle brands from Cadillac to Lamborghini, many of which set sales records and sold every vehicle they could build or import last year — and only see more to come in 2014.

At this point the top 20% account for 61% of personal consumption expenditures – with the top 5% responsible for more than half of that. We are sadly headed toward being a society where most people either do not work or do not make much money with most of the consumption being on the higher end. While there is certainly nothing wrong with high end consumption, an entire economy based on zero-sum status competition games rather than genuine innovation does not bode well.

Unless there are drastic changes to the crony economy 15-20 years from now, few will be able to afford to live in a neighborhood with low crime, good schools and relatively high social trust.

Oh, our political elite are leading us down a very prosperous road indeed! [/sarcasm]