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I have very little information and will post this article for the time being. I wanted to be the first to condemn the gun that did this. It appears that way too many bad guns are floating around in America. This gun took a 20 year old boy hostage and made him shoot other youngsters. It even made the boy ask students what religion they were before the ban gun blasted them. In the end, the boy being held hostage by the bad gun was forced to point it so that the gun shot at police. The police shot back and killed the poor hostage boy but the bad gun is still very much alive and will probably serve out its years in a lab somewhere instead of seeing the inside of a metal shredder. Unfortunately there were no good guns in the building to stop the bad gun’s rampage. These bad guns need to be found and die. Taking people hostage and making them pull the triggers on these bad guns have to stop. I wish that this incident never happened but you never know when a bad gun will show up and cause this type of havoc. Maybe the bad gun wouldn’t have taken this boy hostage if it knew that there were good guns near by. I’m sure that the Dem governor of Oregon, Congress, Obama and Lynch will be condemning these bad guns quickly and move forward to capture them. Unfortunately, bad and good guns look the same and will be caught in the cross fire (no pun intended. Well, maybe). What can be done?

So states Marco Rubio. This, of course, has NEVER been a new revelation here at NVTH. We have been speaking that truth ever since Barry was saying “present” in the Senate when votes were being taken. I guess the jib here was pointed at Trump for just being Trump. Chris Matthews almost blew a gasket when complaining about what Rubio said.

Regardless how you feel about Trump, if you are like me, you like to see Trump “fight back” or speak his mind on all different issues and subjects. Many people who are fed up with the sterility of politics are relishing these outbursts from the egomaniac billionaire. I don’t think that Trump has any chance for the GOP ticket but it sure is fun watching him run his mouth. Politics has now been put in its proper place—sports. It fits in between professional wrestling and field hockey. If it works out as I project it to do, we should have the establishment Republican Party on its ear, where a Constitutional conservative will get the high ground. I would vote for that. In the meantime I have stocked up on extra jars of Jolly Time and am putting the Westbend popper into overtime mode. No class. Exactly what I think about all politics.

Much has happened as of late. The TSA has been in the limelight with this 95% failure rate in screening passengers. If that isn’t unnerving in and of itself, it has failed to detect 73 airport workers who are listed on the terrorist watch list. The excuse: not having complete access to the lists. There always seems to be a good excuse but excuses just don’t give me a cozy feeling when ineptness could cause me to die. And more money seems to be the cure for the left but when did money ever cure ineptness? We have seen daily with this government that it doesn’t work and that is the MANAGEMENT SIDE OF THE BUSINESS! What about the lost badges? Hundreds of them missing and there are no answers why. Feel safe yet? You think the government has your back? Think again.

Let me get to the real concern for this post. The Patriot Act came up for review and extension. People have been very concerned about the NSA and mega data from phone calls, etc., etc.,etc. And this is the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution that they site. Re:

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The people are suppose to have protections against the government and their snooping. Reason being, too much information in the wrong hands is dangerous to individuals. But sometimes people must willingly give the government EXTENSIVE information; about every piece of information we need to keep our public accounts secure from invading forces, i.e. Identity thieves. For some individuals the government has every bit of that information PLUS interviews, very private things asked through polygraph, etc. this information, in the wrong hands, can not only ruin someone’s complete life, but put them at risk for blackmail as well as endanger the individual, family members, personal and professional relations. This becomes the ultimate worst case scenario that no one wants to endure.

China hacked the OPM. This isn’t about Hillary explicitly but the administration in general. This information should never had an outside access. No sensitive information should have outside access. Here is a site talking about classified and secure information. So what is wrong with this picture? Here is the code. It appears that the government agencies are riddled with “oops” and “incompetents”. What we need to do is go back to paper cause computers sure aren’t cutting it where the government is concerned.

More like a middle finger in Obama’s and he West’s faces. This KGB scumbag; oppressor of the Russian people, has lost his mind like Henry the VIII with syphilis (or even Alphonso Capone). He has increased his military aircraft incursions as if with impunity. Pretty bold, no? Maybe if we had given Ukraine the arms necessary to fight back this little dictators conquering aspirations, he would be in a check mode today. Another feather in the loser cap of Obama, who is daily solidifying his niche in history as the absolute worse president, and joke. I wonder how Negroes will elevate him in he future for Black History month. This guy was a terrible role model to be sure. Kinda like our George Wallace or Ted Kennedy to be sure. Individuals Caucasians can surely be proud of…….not!

It appears that Marco Rubio is planning to declare he is running for President this coming Monday. We knew he would enter the race pretty soon so no surprise there. Not to be overshadowed, and aligning herself to a Friday night data dump, Hillary “the Sloth” Clinton will declare her perceived coronation on Sunday. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” My sentiments exactly. It doesn’t make any difference and that is why I don’t care. The announcement to be made is this: I’m going fishing. It’s that time of year again where I just started another job but money doesn’t buy happiness and happiness is sun, fat Southern girls in bikinis, the ocean, rednecks without teeth, friends, a pier, fishing poles and yours truly amongst it all. Did I mention fat Southern girls in bikinis? My downstairs neighbor will show up and bring his lovely bride who loves cooking for me. So the 25 pounds I’ve gained will turn into 40. At this point, what difference does a few more pounds make. I don’t fit my trousers anymore anyway. I will wear my fat pants (sweats) and just fish. Meanwhile the world will turn and others will do what they do. You guys have fun at the GOP primary. I can’t make it cause…….I’m going fishing!!!

Well, it is here; the deadline for the Iran deal (NOT the lack thereof). There is no formal deal as yet but because they have “understandings” then they will continue wishing for that elusive binding agreement. Unfortunately for us, Iran has nothing but time to continue with their quest for the bomb while dum-dum Kerry is lead around by the platinum nose ring. What is surprising is a secret report out of Israel.

It appears that Israeli intelligence has uncovered movements between Iran and North Korea. Because of the unbalance in the Middle East and the internal turmoil and toppling of governments, Iran is trying to speed the process of obtaining a nuclear device while much focus is elsewhere. They have turned to N. Korea and it appears that the little, fat, dictator Kim Jong-un is antsy to help. What has been leaked in this report is that Iran intends to “borrow” 2 nuclear devices and 2 Nodong-B missile delivery systems. These will be smuggled in from the Gaza and into Iran. N. Korea will get an undisclosed amount of enriched uranium in the near future plus and alliance with Iran which could jointly target Israel and America. Iran will supposedly be allowed to export labor to N. Korea. Unfortunately, that “labor” comes in the form of captured Iranian enemies, about to work in camps for Jong-un. It appears that the N. Korean labor force (that is–forced labor) is way undernourished and too scrawny to continue the work needed. These laborers will include ISIS members, Christian women and children.

In other news, the Iranians have supported the mining (read–tunnels) under major Israeli cities, which already hold low yield “dirty bombs”. Israeli intelligence have determined where the tunnels are and neutralized the devices. What was also found has caught most people by surprise. Thousands of canisters containing chemicals have been piled around the explosives. Canisters containing mustard gas, cayenne pepper powder, old spice and Lysol. What good is mustard gas without pretzels? Anyway, Obama and Kerry have refuted this report as hearsay and racial and religious bias and blame the GOP for interfering with another legacy action. Kerry is now determined to challenge O’Malley for the Dem nod for President. Iran and N. Korea are backing the play. Sheesh.

Sorry. I wanted to get this out earlier but the transcript wasn’t available. I watched it live and was very excited through the whole speech. Unfortunately it wasn’t the leader of MY country making me feel good, but that of ANOTHER country. This speech was needed to be said and heard. READ THE WHOLE THING SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND ITS IMPORTANCE.

There were many Congress critters absent, although you could not tell because this was a PACKED HOUSE! Even Feinstein was there after she said she wouldn’t be. Pelosi was there, annoyingly and continuously turning around to talk to others. Who was very conspicuously absent was Plugs Biden. Well, his schedule says he is doing this. Not sure what it is but it is consistent with this administration: when things are in crisis mode, there is always time to f#^koff and be political. Nature of the beast.

When you read this transcript, you will see things like “the enemy of my enemy is my enemy” and “Israel can stand up for itself”. He is giving Obama a chance to do the right thing but he is stating that the U.S. will not keep Israel from doing what is necessary for its protection. Bravo BiBi, bravo.