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It is crunch time for candidates for office. Anything and everything is being said. There have been accusations of wrong doing 20 years ago. Calling women candidates “whore”. Saying that a candidates’ constituency don’t like women and are racists…….and this is a Southern state. I have heard crap from local candidates in other states just as bad and false. Seems that the liberals have become so emboldened by their own lies and status under this regime that they feel Superman in nature. Uh, I don’t think so. Even the perpetuators of lies on this site have scurried back into the woodwork. It is as if Armageddon is upon them and the hand of GOD will soon smite. C’mon guys, things aren’t that bad. What is actually happening here is that those “stupid people” that the liberals like keeping in the dark are starting to see that Dem words don’t make it so. Just imagine how much quicker these same voters could have been enlightened if they had done just a wee bit of research. And women are seeing that the only war on women that exists is being perpetuated by the Dems. Same with the racism. Yes, there are still die hard dummies out there that will never learn but, hey, they believe in Reverend Al and the like. In that there is no hope.

It is so very hard to defend the indefensible. We have always known that here at NVTH and have tried for years to get the point across (as well on how to see the difference) to those slow witted individuals who get their information solely from the government and liberal (Dem) sites. Where are your voices now? Defend what is going on here. The election is Tuesday and American politics are about to change once more. The freebies may be going the way of the Dodo, illegals going back across the border, your president being denied supreme rule and possibly impeached if he really is as stupid as I believe, and Nancy Pelosi not getting air time to espouse any useless tripe. Where are the left supporters in all this?

Banned from yet another leftist blog. I got there via the The Middle Class Political Economist, which has some interesting articles. Unfortunately, the host “moderates” all comments, which can take days (if at all — it seems some get “lost”), so there is no conversation to speak of. But some articles were cross-posted, and does not so “moderate” commentary.

Well, at first viewing it looked like a sane economics blog, with some interesting analysis of Fed interest rate policy, labor share and labor force participation rates, etc. No such luck. It’s full of intolerant libs who, if you disagree with their socialist policies, start calling one racist, stupid, arrogant, anti-poor, 370H $$@, etc. Finally, I was banned — ostensibly for repeatedly “introducing a new topic” (a.k.a. “hijacking”) threads. Indeed, in the last instance, the topics I was discussing were introduced by the original poster herself. It seems that the “new topics” I introduced were facts, logic, and reason. And they just cannot handle that.

I doubt that any of the commenters there will deign to come here. I applaud Troll and Special Ed for having the balls to stick to their guns when they are in the minority. The folks at Angry Bear cannot handle the comments of even a single conservative.

I’m playing a “get out of jail free” card here as Yank once suggested. If it bothers you, put it here. If it pleases you, put it here. And, of course, if you have extra bills laying around that you want to get rid of, let me know and I’ll give you my pay pal account. Have fun and have at it.

My TDY was successful as was Mama’s TDY.  After sharing the prize of many stuffing sized fish as well the bountiful crabs necessary for the stuffing, and taking care of the yard chores to bring the old abode back to its southern beauty, I am officially back to keep you amused and entertained. What ever did happen to Viesalva anyway?

I am very thankful for the bounty of excellent posts coming from Jack and Jacob. Were it not for them, along with Stoner, our readership would have gone the way of the Dodo (which seemed to flock around where I was). I have the first 2 rounds next time we meet. You deserve it. And now, on with the show.

So the government dictates.  Joe was.  I am not nor are most others that I have read.  Then again, most “journalists” are not journalists.  WaPo., Virginia Pilot, Richmond Times, USA Today and many others are all members of the MSM crusade to besmirch good people and policies not to their liking.  Biased.  And they can do that since they desire.  Those that swallow that garbage of misinformation and then translate it as valid talking points of fact in blogs are another part of the problem.  And they are allowed.  I make reference to my source material for posts here and I am allowed.  It all depends on what type drum you use and the beat it gives.

Now I feel that the posters here at NVTH understand what I will allow in a post and there has never appeared to have been a problem that I have seen.  I haven’t had to “ask” for any change from them.  They know what I want and they are very astute to what makes a good post.  I, me, myself, am allowed to “bend those rules” for my own purposes because I have much passion on certain issues and I don’t have the word skill that Joe had and I don’t like beating around the bush when I want to get MY viewpoint across.  Plus, most important, it is my blog for my sole entertainment.  Understand that.  NVTH exists under my tutelage for the sole purpose of MY ENTERTAINMENT!  I allow others to comment and enjoy this site and format as well…..within reason.  That means I also control that enjoyment as to not allow radicalization of this site from others which is contrary to what I want “promoted” here.

The issue I have with other bloggers is that many sites are uncontrolled and not worth the read.  Some sites are both good and bad.  And still others are so two-faced it makes some cringe at the remarks while others cheer at the self-destruction.  Some sites HAVE a sole purpose and promote that purpose at all turns.  NVTH is a venue for discussing local, state, nation and international politics.  Sports, games, movies, dining, books, whatever can be posted as the poster feels the need.  This is a general theme site for all intents and purposes.  Posters here ridicule politicos when necessary to voice a viewpoint.  That’s necessary and viewpoint.  We are not on a “witch hunt” here nor will I allow going into the cesspool for that cause.  I have seen another site with Three Clowns who live for no other purpose but to witch hunt a select group of people, organizations or individuals for, in my opinion and understanding, no other reason but to defame.  This ridicule shows in almost every post of every topic, even ones that have no correlation to said people but just to “throw them in” for good measure.  Why?  Peeling back the facade there is nothing left but core hatred.  Notably for the pretense of one’s beliefs; not their politics although, at times, politics are involved.  These Clowns believe in fiscal conservancy (as they would have you believe) but not social conservancy.  I don’t believe much in what they believe and espouse because they are all over the place without a CORE belief.  That is their right.  I just find it hard to swallow their diatribe and cringe on the (getting rarer) occasions I stop by there.  The main behaviour I have seen of late (mostly the last year) is to pick subjects that the left and Obama feel are pertinent for divisive reasons and boy do they do an excellent job of it.  I don’t wan that here at NVTH.  I like who I like and back who I back as is my want.  I wish for (but don’t usually get) alternative viewpoints that have room for dialog and idea swapping.  That would be the logic and premise for this blog.  At times I get the loon factor which keeps me honest knowing these type individuals truly exist out there.

I have a blog roll and other caches that came with this site from Joe.  I have my priorities straight (Mama comes first, last and always) and the “housekeeping” of the links here are low on that list.  I appreciate what was given me and find these links as tools for the convenience of the viewer.  I do not support, condone or promote these said links.  Again, convenience for the VIEWER.  Go where you want, see what you want, believe what you want.  The sites show how others think and what their core values are.  Differing viewpoints and understandings is all that they are about.  I am just applying an easy access to get there–nothing more.

Now I could go on but I have had my little say and feel better for it.  Before I start trashing Black, Delgaudio, Reid, Clarke, the LCRC, Loudoun BOS or any others, I will wait till I have something to bitch about.  First I need to know what the INDIVIDUAL subject (and they are different every time) is about and what may have prompted them to do what I don’t like.  THEN I will correspond with the individual(s)/group directly for clarification or to give my personal viewpoint and lastly, openly trash them here if I feel it necessary.  And, no, I don’t give Obama this consideration for a reason which I will not discuss here–ever.  I contact no president in office–ever.  So have at it and whine your guts out.  I expect a shit-storm from those individuals who feel I have slighted them.  If I get no comments is of no consequence to me.  The post is to promote my viewpoint to the viewers for the sole purpose of my entertainment.  Period.  Enough said.

UPDATE II (12/5/11): A heartfelt Cain Train postmortum, from one of its first passengers.

UPDATE: It’s over.

And now that that’s a wrap, I guess it’s safe to relate my personal lasting impression of the Herman Cain presidential campaign. After being invited to his event in Tyson’s Corner last week by a local Cain campaign representative, with the intention of writing a favorable blog post about the candidate (technically speaking, a puff piece), upon showing up, finding the person who invited me and talking to a slew of campaign people, I was shunted off to a downstairs media holding room for over 2 hours while the event was going on. Along with 14 or so official media folks, I sat around waiting for the candidate to show up, which a Cain campaign staff member had said would happen at some point.

Then, we were informed Herman Cain would not be visiting the media area, and a few minutes later we were unceremoniously and hurriedly escorted upstairs by a security goon, out the door and about 30 yards down the McLean Hilton driveway and left, literally, standing in the middle of the road – no sidewalk, no lobby … and certainly no chance to see any portion of the event or get any basis on which to write something nice about Herman Cain. No wonder Stacy McCain had called for the campaign “managers” to be horsewhipped (see original post below).

Here is the only photograph I was able to take of the Herman Cain for president fundraiser in Tyson’s Corner:

Cain seemed like a decent fellow, but I think he had too high an impression of himself and felt like he could win the nomination just on the strength of his personality. If you read his recent book, you’d see that he has fantastic natural gifts, but has been a bit of a job-hopper, which gives the sense that he does not think very deeply into things – kind of gets by by winging it for a while and then moves on; and that his message is, basically, “I am so great.” Thus you get poor preparation for interviews, bad campaign management and hiring decisions, and a blithe sense of invulnerability following the Gary Hart model. That painful video of the interview question about Libya could have, in itself, served as the sole Democrat campaign commercial for September – November 2012 if Cain had somehow gotten the GOP nomination … the whole 5 minutes played unedited, over and over and over.

Republicans probably should be thankful for today.

The expression “ill-advised” seem more and more like a double entendre in reference to the Herman Cain presidential campaign. Supposedly today we will learn whether the campaign will continue – although if there’s a way to botch such an announcement, expect the botching operation to be in full swing even as we speak.

I recently got a wee taste of Dr. Cain’s Marvelous Traveling Competence, Potions And Olde Style Oratory Show – which, incidentally, will feature Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in the starring roles when the Hollywood version is released – but there has been no better coverage on the Web than that by Stacy McCain.

Just click here and scroll down.

Or, to get a quick sense of things, read these three recent stories:

E-Mail to a Cain Campaign Staffer

Excrement Impacts Air-Circulation Device

Herman Cain Campaign Press Release

Sorry, but I can’t sit here any longer.  Most of you are already there but these are things I just want to avoid.  I will always let TC or BVBL top me on those “important” issues cause I don’t want the headaches.  Call me chicken.  You need to check it out just for the lively commentaries.  This is the reason I love to read blogs.