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Banned from yet another leftist blog. I got there via the The Middle Class Political Economist, which has some interesting articles. Unfortunately, the host “moderates” all comments, which can take days (if at all — it seems some get “lost”), so there is no conversation to speak of. But some articles were cross-posted, and does not so “moderate” commentary.

Well, at first viewing it looked like a sane economics blog, with some interesting analysis of Fed interest rate policy, labor share and labor force participation rates, etc. No such luck. It’s full of intolerant libs who, if you disagree with their socialist policies, start calling one racist, stupid, arrogant, anti-poor, 370H $$@, etc. Finally, I was banned — ostensibly for repeatedly “introducing a new topic” (a.k.a. “hijacking”) threads. Indeed, in the last instance, the topics I was discussing were introduced by the original poster herself. It seems that the “new topics” I introduced were facts, logic, and reason. And they just cannot handle that.

I doubt that any of the commenters there will deign to come here. I applaud Troll and Special Ed for having the balls to stick to their guns when they are in the minority. The folks at Angry Bear cannot handle the comments of even a single conservative.

As can be read here, the Ebola virus comes in five known strains. It is nasty and it is deadly…..up to 90% rate of fatality. Good thing it stays on the African continent where it sprang from, right? Not so much. Because the world is getting smaller, with more people and more use of transportation, nothing is off the table. Here is a story on the recent outbreak. And with the previous article you will note that it is being transmitted by animals but not causing outbreak in humans. It leaves “antibodies” in the victim. ANY virus can come back to life in a human under the correct conditions.

Unfortunately, many diseases seem to thrive and survive in areas where there are poor conditions of human life, like third world countries. And, although many good Samaritans are working in those areas to uplift that lifestyle, sometimes the best that can be done is to keep things in check–no better and no worse. With that in mind, as well the “benign” looking symptoms that Ebola starts with, think about people coming to this country unchecked medically. Think of the diseases which have been eradicated here making a comeback from people entering our borders……checked and unchecked. We live in an environment today with people and an administration that carry a laissez faire attitude about illegals entering our country. The stew is being made right under our noses.

The world and America are coming apart at the seams. You would think that if we had a President that he would be focused on resolving some issues. That would happen IF we had a President. We only have a lying, bloviating fund raiser who spends much of his time playing golf. And when he goes somewhere to exercise his expertise in one of the above mentioned venues, it causes problems for the little people because of the necessity of security. Of course, he being the Messiah and great unifier, he really shouldn’t have need for security but that is another matter. Because he does have this need, nightmares ensue for anyone trying to do anything near where he will be or the route he takes. Now the issue with Clinton getting his hair cut on the Tarmac and delaying flights for 2 hours was really a big boner. But when security stops a woman in labor from crossing the street (and an ambulance from what I understand), this seems to go beyond the pale. Should the citizens suffer and possibly die to accommodate the boy king’s foolish follies? Gee, I wonder.

That is what many reservoirs are used for…..swimming. So a guy pees thru the fence near a reservoir of TREATED water. I never knew that reservoirs were treated first. Why in the hell would you do that? So you have a big pool of treated water, waiting to be used. In the meantime, rainwater (untreated) puts all types of pollutant particles in that reservoir. Fish, amphibians, birds and reptiles are using that water. In all my fishing and scuba diving experience, I have yet to see any type of aquatic toilet facility for said species. On top of that, any run off will go into the reservoir. The species named above ingest all manner of contaminates; chemical, natural, human, biological. So what’s the problem.

Do this mathematically. A guy has a 6 pack of beer. He drains the monster (we’ll say he expels the complete content intake=72 ounces) directly into the 50 MILLION gallon reservoir. His content would equal approximately 1 part in 50 million. Ever swam in a pool with kids in it? Lots less water and lots more parts (yes, kids pee in the pool ALL the time). Do they drain that water? Nope, just retreat it…..over and over and over throughout the season. Now, the west and southwest have been paining for water for years. Thousands and thousands of acres have had water access curtailed and crops no longer exist. And these guys are going to dump 38 million gallons into the SANITARY sewer, where it will be retreated before it goes to the river. Oh, yeah. There is a charge for this and all water users will pay it. Hope these people never learn about dying of thirst. Try drinking out of a muddy footprint on the ground. That would change your mindset.

There were two bowl games yesterday. One was the Super Bowl, which I had great expectations of but became very boring after a 36-0 score, which forced me to find other entertainment. I also didn’t watch Obama Bowl with Team O’Bama and Team O’Reilly, two famous Irish guys, going head to head. I did read the transcript and watch some video, which you can see here . I didn’t miss anything because my expectations were at the bottom of my sock drawer.

Bill O’Reilly says he is tough and fair. Bill is a man all about himself. He asked hard questions but never pushed the limit to get a direct answer. Part of the reason was because of limited time and having to get through the script. If it were me, I would have wasted the whole show just to get Obama to commit. He didn’t and neither did Obama. Also the ground rules were set: no criticizing “My Belle”, the kids, mentioning his middle name or his ears, Democrats or the dogs. Plus, I think that what you couldn’t see off camera were numerous Secret Service agents pointing semi-autos and MP5s at O’Reilly’s head. I mean, just a little besmirchment on O’Reilly’s part would have had Bill swimming with the fishes, had it been The Godfather he were talking to. Fortunately, Borack has not ascended to that plateau yet.

Now the game was fraught with fumbles and interceptions. O’Reilly would get to the red zone and just turn the ball over. O’Bama couldn’t make a single play without fumbling the ball. It was uglier to watch than the other bowl game. The only saving grace for the viewer was when Team O’Bama called the game due to lousy weather-aka Fox News-before the first quarter was even finished. Nothing could have been better save not having the interview to begin with. What a lousy day for bowl games.

This is what Obama said and feels the experiment should continue in Colorado and Washington.

“Laws recently passed in Colorado and Washington legalizing marijuana recently went into effect. The president said it was important for the legalization of marijuana to go forward in those states to avoid a situation in which only a few are punished while a large portion of people have broken the law at one time or another.”

Broken the law. I thought that the Feds had a law on the books that made marijuana an illegal drug?

“He said in the interview that users shouldn’t be locked up for long stretches of time when people writing drug laws “have probably done the same thing.”

Oh, okay. He just doesn’t want them locked up for long periods of time. But federal law trumps state law so aren’t those states legalizing marijuana doing something illegal just by the act? After all, he did have an interview back in 2012 where he said this:

“”This is a tough problem, because Congress has not yet changed the law,” Obama said. “I head up the executive branch; we’re supposed to be carrying out laws. And so what we’re going to need to have is a conversation about, How do you reconcile a federal law that still says marijuana is a federal offense and state laws that say that it’s legal?”

The president said he has asked Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department to examine the legal questions surrounding conflicting state and federal laws on drugs.”

“I head up the executive branch; we’re suppose to be carrying out laws” Ya think? What a profound statement! You can read the rest of the interview here

Read this article. Both parties have played this game for decades and it is a foolish game to play. More threat than anything else in the past. Both Obama and Biden said, when they were Senators, how absolutely wrong it would be as the “filibuster is a necessary tool. This is the kinda stuff that happens when you give somebody the launch codes for the missles when you know that they shouldn’t have them in the first place, regardless of their position. This was done to remove the “roadblocks” occurring in the Senate. It is a shame that the buffoons in Congress won’t read or can’t understand how our Constitution and government was formed and why. With the type of administration that is in power right now, the filibuster is exactly what is necessary to limit the damage on the nation; a nation of the people, by the people, for the people. Guess what? The branches of government are starting to lose the lines of definition while the politicos gain more personal power. The chief executive is quickly becoming Tsar or King (just a small step below supreme ruler or dictator) and there is but one loser in it all–us!

I am absolutely fed up with all the bullshit of and in the U.S. Government. Next step? The GOP will be taking this to the 2014 election and will be harping on how the Dems have done what they can to spend your money wastefully and destroy your semblance of life and freedom. They will have all the lies, cover-ups, graft and imposed hardships to cover it. And even Obamacare. Yeah, this was a really smart move for the Independents and all but 3 Dems in the Senate. What harm they can cause before 2014 I don’t know. I know one thing. There is a silly little man in the Senate that has made Americans’ life a living hell at every turn. Nevadans should be very proud.