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Thanks for asking. My jaws hurt from having to smile almost every minute of the day. Let me just give you a little list.
>He beat Hillzilla fair and square.
>Caused a total meltdown with liberal scumbags.
>Said scumbags are crying in every circumstance.
>Said scumbags are rioting in the streets.
>Scumbag educators are losing track of their endoctrinated, underage students.
>Scumbag educators are allowing their of-age students to cry, whine, faint and protest to the point that they get into a total frenzy and can’t take their required exams/tests.
>Liberals are shooting cops and beating up people cause Trump won. Huh?
>Causing a complete panic with scumbag liberals that they are threatening the electoral college personnel into giving Hillzilla the presidential win.
>Putting companies wanting to use cheap labor in other countries on notice and it is working.
>Putting the MSM on notice to where they continue to whine and lose even more credibility. ( was there any left? )
>Put country leaders on notice, and those leaders are already having talks to “change their ways and outlook of America”. Imagine that.
>Placing highly qualified people into posts and positions in his administration that will get those specific jobs done.
>Bringing back law and order and enforcing the same.
>Snubbing lobbyists. New rules for a new game.

Oh snap! I could do his all night. We are talking bringing back a much better healthcare system; enforcing immigration laws and stopping much immigration; possible reciprocity concealed carry laws for all 50 states ( I am now reading reports where citizens who carry have helped and even saved police officers ). Make America America again. I do want him to prosecute those who have been criminal and corrupt in the administration of O’Bummer. I do want these Mayors…..excuse me…these criminal scumbag Dem mayors to have the full weight of the Constitution and federal law to come down on their heads if they carry out their illegal threats of ignoring federal law. Heck, I would like to see the Democrat party listed as a hate group and have all the vitriol prosecutable. I would also like to see the Democrat party symbol change from an ass to a Zebra behind bars but I’m sue there would be some kickback from the SPCA. Sorry Zebras, it was just a thought. And I would really like to see a naked Hillzilla in the stocks of the town square, with 50 bushels of really rotten tomatoes for “feeding” purposes but I know that will never happen because no one could stand the sight of a naked Hillzilla!!! TeeHee.

Let me tell you…….there is no one on this earth that can beat me up more than myself and this is one of those times.  Let me explain.

I did a post yesterday from an e-mail I received.  The first thing I told myself was to check this thing out.  With some personal affairs prevalent on my mind along with the ADHD, this didn’t happen.  I have always told my children NOT to accept things face value from others but to do the research yourself.  My intent was there but failure ensued.  My first mistake.

Commenters called me on this and I was upset with myself.  During one of my very first posts, Zimzo called me on an erroneous statement.  I apologized but Zimzo was relentless and dogged me for days on the issue.  he still held it against me for many years later.  Heads of corporations, top military brass and many national and world renowned experts in various fields have mentored me through my life.  Compassionate, one and all, and all with the same advice:

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Learn from them; teach others about them and don’t make the same ones again!”

Sound advice yet I failed that.  Second mistake.

Being a poster on a blog (or any other media) can cause issues for the poster.  Some just don’t care about ramifications and they can rise and fall by it–that’s their prerogative.  As a blog owner/poster, I really don’t have that option and the stakes are much higher.  The new lesson learned from this ordeal (I was always told that if we don’t learn something new every day then we are stagnating and failing ourselves) is that this blog has a readership that expects its content to be factual and credible……especially from the owner.  This part affects me the most.

This is an explanation of events.  I do not make excuses for myself.  I apologize to Target for any inaccuracies I relayed.  You are, in actuality, a fine business and deserve the purchasing of goods from the American public.  I profoundly apologize to the NVTH readership for failing in my duties to present a true and factual post.  My diligence will remain the highest possible going forward.  You deserve nothing less.

I still stand by my beliefs of the French.



Don’t ask. Just trust me the old one was not working right.

UPDATE: Oh, yeah … fellow bloggers, you will notice the current placeholder design does not show who wrote a post so if you want anyone to know who wrote it you will need to do something like the following at the bottom of each post:



P.S. Since the current placeholder design DOES have the feed working and also does not totally screw up formatting, and since as some of you know I am a little preoccupied right now with things outside this blog, I may end up letting this design ride for a while so we’ll have to get used to the workarounds and inconvenience for a spell.

We are getting a ton of “hannah giles photos” related search engine hits tonight. Thanks Hannah, and thank YOU, Stacy McCain.

The traffic spike does not seem to be affecting mobile browser access, because I can get to the site from my Blackberry just fine. Must have to do with scripts or something. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Since it’s almost 2010 I figured it was time to ditch the 2008 design and functionality – though I know we will all miss it, just like we miss the 2007 version. Wish I had saved a screenshot of the 2005 version …

Plus with the dawning of a new political era it might be the dawn of a new blogging era here, kinder, gentler, and perhaps more generally rational.

One thing you’ll notice is we have gravatars showing in the comments. If you have one it will show up, and if you haven’t gone to gravatar to create your own, our new software will very cleverly attempt to discern your personality based on your writings and will provide a design reflecting your inner self. So creating one or just having the inner self revealed – you can go either way, it’s all the same to me.

I’d like to say we were painting it silver and blue, but sadly, alas, many of those present were not Cowboys fans. This is the burden I bear. So let’s just say we were painting it purple and gold in honor of the respective beverages being implemented.

Novatownhall Blog Participants
L to R: No Relation, G. Stone, Joe Budzinski, Dan S., ACTivist (with his trademark one-finger salute), and Cathymac. Not pictured: Linda B. because she left early (which is very unfortunate because while Cathy elevated the overall hotness level of the photo to 11, Linda certainly would have brought it to 22), Brian Withnell and Jacob, because I am actually both Brian Withnell and Jacob, among others, but please ignore that clause and allow us to continue in our blogging conceit.

It was a very fun night, and I am happy to report that “Sterling Curling” will become a reality because we have determined that an intelligent group of people can dedicate themselves to an Olympic sport that can be performed with 1) a beer in one hand, and 2) a cigarette in the other, and 3) no additional physical fitness challenges required. Tryouts begin in Dan’s driveway next month.

Another important bit of news came from ACTivist, who let us know that the Mayan calendar has the Earth ending in December, 2012, when the axis of our planet will shift 90 degrees such that the latitude of Virginia will become the new North Pole.

ACTivist announced that he and Momma are moving to Greece prior to that time in preparation. We all wished them well, and have made plans to move to Antarctica, and sincerely hope that Momma has a say in that family’s future relocation, or at least buys ACTivist a globe.

No Relation is back from his requested tour of duty in Iraq. NR’s appraisal of Iraq: “It’s over.” The good guys won. We look forward to NR chiming in here at some point.

When the history is written, I believe, GW Bush will get the credit. 2002-2009 has been a period of relative peace and prosperity here in the U.S. Considering all that is happening in the world, this is no small accomplishment. Thanks to NR and all the guys and gals who signed up to protect our country so that we can live our lives and make idiots of ourselves on the blogs.

There was a fair amount of discussion about the train wreck that has become the Republican party.  None of the “third parties” are viable. We are all individuals who have expended significant time and money on the behalf of the GOP, so what do we do now? Should we shoot for Democrat-lite or Republican-lite? Are the GOP’s problems traceable to too much influence by liberals or conservatives?

The only solution thus far arrived at is Sterling Curling. Stay tuned to this blog for news on further developments.

And welcome, MSN visitors!!

Long after the 2008 presidential campaign has been filed away, forgotten and all the shouting long since subsided, the one thing we shall ALL remember is the ungodly amount of traffic that Sarah Palin brought to our blogs. That, I assure you, is the story I will tell my grandchildren about.

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