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Indeed, it seems that most science is not settled.

If science that actually follows the Scientific Method — with repeatable experiments and control groups — can be so “un-settled”, how can climate “science”, with no experiments whatsoever, and no control groups whatsoever, possibly be “settled”?

I have heard some stories about the fishing here at the beach. Seems that where the catch of Flounder was 2 or 3 a day average has shot up to 20 to a hundred. Optimum day was 200. Not only unusual but very strange.

I got here to find the beach sand green which tells me that algae is choking the water and the fish are coming into shore for a “breath of air” so to speak. Some on the pier are talking about the blight of “blue tongue” amongst the deer population in some states that is dessimating the deer herds. This is caused by weather conditions that bring a mud up on shore, creates a coty in the flies that bites the deer.

This has been an unusual year for weather conditions, natural disasters and earthquakes. These type patterns are really unheard of, happening in such a confined time frame. Now you are going to have the green nutjobs blame it on mankind but I really don’t know how man can cause plate shifting or the ideal conditions to spawn algae accumulation, mud throws, red tides or most other conditions that seem to be showing up. I don’t think it is planet alignment or liberals doing this. But like any other pending doom scenario (think Y2K, planet alignment, etc.), it stays forefront on your mind if things may be related. Indians (the woo-woo kind) have always been able to predict the weather and nature of things. So have most cultures that turn to nature for their knowledge and life styles. At this point (and prior) I cannot scoff at why the Mayans stopped their calender, other than it is suppose to summon the Jaguar King back to rule the earth–I guess kinda like the second coming for Jesus. As man, we can’t change it or fix it, nor should we try. Nature has always been a bigger force and needs to be respected. I am wondering what will be next and what is really in store for us as 12/21 gets closer. Strange……..very strange.

I remember when we had a truly polluted environment. Most of the people born after 1980 simply do not. I recall watching the Cuyahoga River burning in Cleveland. I remember leaving a white shirt out on a window sill at noon and it turning grey by bedtime. I remember the blue haze coming out the tail pipes of cars, and the black smoke erupting from the stacks of diesels. None of that is happening today. I remember the acid rain. That is gone as well. Why? Because the conservation movement, which was about cleaning up the U.S. so Americans could continue to prosper, did just that. Not only are there fish in the Cuyahoga River, one can fish for them.

The conservation movement was a massive success. The US is a far cleaner place today. The conservation movement has been hijacked by the environmentalist movement. They are not the same. The first was democratic and sought to clean up our heavy industries. The second is socialistic/dictatorial and seeks to destroy heavy industry. The first was the result of a bourgeois middle class wanting to see what could done to improve the American Standard of living. That later is the result of elitists demanding the global redistribution of wealth.

The conservationists had an American Indian crying on the side of the road as some slob throws garbage out the car window — seeking to prick our consciences. The environmentalists run snuff flicks where people are blown up for not wanting to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ by 10% — the killing of people is supposed to be funny to this lot. Teddy Roosevelt, was an avid hunter and a conservationist. Hunters are overwhelmingly conservationist. Al Gore is an environmentalist, who lives in a 30000 SQFT house that uses up more energy that any 3 towns in Uganda. “Earth First!” and “ELF” are two organizations that are made up of environmentalists. Confusing the environmentalists with conservationists is a deadly mistake.

NVTH readers would feel left out if we didn’t have yet another thrilling natural disaster post, and please – consider this an opportunity to post your predictions for the next disaster to strike the east coast. Dr. Keith Albow, Fox News Contributor and Psychiatrist is telling the viewing audience about why people ride out hurricanes even during mandatory evacuations, and apparently somewhere in their past they have felt vulnerable. So, there is that to chew on as we fight over the last bottle of water at Target and Costco here in war-torn Loudoun County.

Seriously folks, while hurricanes are nothing to joke about if you are in a coastal area I think we can all agree that this area is unique in its capacity for full-blown (pun intended) panic mode over any event. Like most people, I have friends and family in North Carolina,Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and northern locations that are either working or staying with their homes during the storm. Lower Manhattan has the potential to fill up like a fish bowl, the last time a storm of this magnitude has threatened this area is the late 19th century. Chris Christie is telling people to “get the hell off the beach” in Asbury Park (bringing an image of Bruce and Clarence fighting the stormy winds on the beach a la the late 1970s) and the President came home early from his vacation. I feel just a bit safer now.

Here is some “free” local advise - bring in your lawn furniture and eat all the perishables you can in the next 12 hours. Hurricane Isabella gave us 12 hours without electricity and I hope this is the worst case scenarion with Irene. Good luck and if we keep power, please report any local events.

York lied, but now he's "our" liar...

So is Scott York a principled idealist, or a political opportunist? 

You be the judge.

Just four years ago Scott was making substantial donations and other support to some of the worst Democrats ever elected in this county,  including Andrea McGimsey, Stevens Miller, Kelly Burk, Jeanie West, and Susan Buckley.

When this video was played in a loop at a recent Loudoun GOP meeting, one of Scott’s consultants pulled the plug on the TV on which it was being played.  Good luck pulling the plug on this official Scott York campaign video. 

Here’s another freebee, a video of Scott York planning for the current election cycle.

Our friends at have lined up an impressive figure from the conservative blogosphere … even bigger than Joe B.! 

From their most recent email …

Arm yourself and your family (can we still say things like that?) against the onslaught of man-made global warming…er, climate change…propaganda by attending “RIP Man-made Global Warming:  The Climate Con Has Died” this Saturday, April 30th at 10 am. 

MoranoOur speaker, Marc Morano, recognized by media giant Tina Brown’s “Daily Beast” website as one of the Right’s top 25 journalists, broke the John Kerry Swift Boat story during the 2004 election and has since then turned his sights to man-made global warming. 

The Daily Beast described Marc’s website, Climate Depot, as a “bustling one-stop shop for climate skeptics” and noted that Climate Depot is ‘bringing in more visitors than, one of the most popular conservative blogs on the web.’”

Due to his effectiveness, Morano is a hate figure on the Left.  He was named one of only five “criminals against humanity, against planet Earth itself” in 2009 by the eco-magazine Grist. (The other five “criminals” were Bjorn Lomborg, Richard Lindzen, Sen. James Inhofe and former President George Bush.)

Marc demolishes his opponents with facts, wit, and sarcasm.  He will keep you entertained while informing you of the truth behind climate change propaganda.  Join us for an informative seminar by the man who was awarded the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP) 2010 award “for courage and achievement in defense of scientific truth and freedom.”  Climate Depot was praised by the DDP for using “mockery and humor” against global warming activists. 

Date/Time: Saturday April 30th, 10am-11:30am

Location: Herndon Fortnightly Library

RSVP required.  Do so here …

And here’s a sampling of Mark’s talent, unleashed upon a U.K. professor.

Don’t miss the chance to meet this guy in person!