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Great video below. I am reminded of all the people out there that do good and never appear on TV, get rich or famous – nor do they desire that.

Please watch this video as it is a good reminder that a life well lived is a life lived for others:

I have been waiting to report on this until there was enough information to work with. This article seems to have the most information to tell the tale to this point. Another good kid that got involved in a bad situation. It definitely deserves a thorough investigation from the police, and possibly from an outside source. I was waiting for the Justice Department to get involved since there are cries of racism. And Al Sharpton is DEMANDING the name of the police officer involved. Of course, it doesn’t matter the death threats police or the risk of the involved officer’s life. I mean, don’t worry about finding out what happened. And, of course, since a wrongful death occurred, you go out and loot, burn and destroy anything because you are mad, right? Never let a crisis go to waste. The one thing I strongly agree with (this is the LA Times for goodness sake) is that the police force should always have majority members from the community and divided as closely as possible to the make-up of that community. If these residents are as quiet and peaceful as they claim, filling that police recruitment bill should be no problem I would think. Still, it is the senseless looting and destruction of private property that always makes these matters lose their appeal of the core issue.

Here is another senseless crime without reason: in the city of Weatherford, Texas, a group of “vandals” are going to residents’ houses and burning their American flags. How long before a house burns down? Or before someone gets shot? Are people that bored or angered that they have to needlessly destroy property or loot? What gives them this license and what is missing in their lives that would change this behavior?

I must admit that I have been waiting for one of Gaius’s thoughtful posts to liven things up but I understand the rigors of the daily grind and children, so I’ll give you a rounding of what is happening in the news.
LoCo wants to close 4 schools they own outright, which will save 2 million a year in operating costs. Meanwhile, 68+million will go to LCPS for fiscal year 2015. The tax rate went down .05 cents and my assessment went up 100k. That means it will only cost me another $1,000 in taxes. What a deal. And they have cut back many services in savings already. Hmm. Where is that Silver Line?
–Immigration reform…Dem….active.
–Equal pay for women….Dem….active.
–Koch brothers…..Dem….active.
–Bloomberg 50 million towards curtailing gun rights….Dem….new.
–Holder and Obama targeted with racism…..Dem….active.
–ObamaCare……GOP….semi-active (becoming obscure with diversions)
We have a guy feeding cows on federal land who won’t pay the Feds grazing rights. It got heated and civilians are toe-to-toe with armed Feds. Was getting ugly and not over yet. Meantime Putin is land grabbing more of the old USSR while everyone else in the world wags fingers. Ever notice that when big wars bring down aggressors, that nations go into downsizing mode with their military. The focus changes and the eye goes off the ball. During that period of non-focus, aggressors re-emerge upon the scene. Isn’t what keeps them in check are strong military nations at the ready?
Gas is up right when I am getting ready to go fishing. Why are we spending $2 for crop and processing to make $1 of ethanol, just so we can continue to ruin the internal combustion engines that use it? And food is going up. We feed ourselves and others with wheat and corn staple, yet there isn’t enough because of what is wasted as “alternate fuel”. If we took the same amount of corn and distilled it, we could save money, have less vehicles on the road and feel good about being anally raped. I guess being drunk has advantages and savings too. But, heh, ALL food is up. Steak is up (because they feed them corn I guess). I see new taxes on all my utility bills. What’s up with that? What is more important:desert turtles (who don’t like solar farms) or smelts that are nothing more than Egret food? Ever notice where many of the supermarket meats come from lately? Do you really like brushing your teeth with toothpaste that comes from the same country of massive pollution and lead paint toys that cause suicide in supervisors?
And we don’t need another 4 years of a woman president. It has been too long since we had balls in the White House. And we need more testicles in Congress too. A poster here thinks we need to build locally politically and move up. I agree, but I also agree that with a good role model at the top working down that you meet in the middle and get there twice as fast.
Out of all this news (or lack there of), that situation in Nevada with the cows has got my focus. The guy is wrong in his understanding of things. Should it have gotten out of hand? Yes, because the government is involved and that has rallied the people. The underlying theme here is freedom from government and in this case it doesn’t matter if the issue is right or wrong. It is a cause for the people and it will escalate. Could be the beginning of the people’s revolution. Someone is going to die and then all bets are off. Citizens have reached their breaking point and need a circumstance. I’ll be fishing and watching. If need be I might need to extend my vacation and visit the southwest although I’m pretty sure the uprising will come to a neighborhood near me in time. Until then I’ll be starving, going broke with taxes and healthcare. If you feel for my plight and to keep me off the government dole, you may send contributions to me here at NVTH. I promise that any excess funds will be used to buy more worthwhile things…….like bullets.

The Family Foundation has put out the 2012-2013 report card for the Virginia General Assembly. What this report card shows is the scoring of each individual of the senate and the house on how they score on voting of pro family bills. It is interesting to see how different political parties “feel” about values. Not remarkably, Republicans scored way higher then most every dem. Telling is the candidates who are running for AG. Obenshain scored a 100 on all pro family bills while Herring scored an 18.

The report card is listed here as a downloadable PDF file. The bills of note are listed and how the individuals voted on those bills. At the bottom of the link are prior report cards. Now maybe some of the members support your particular belief. These bills and votes are only those pertaining to pro family. It is an interesting look.

This time it wasn’t a gun but a knife. An Exacto knife used for hobbies like modeling. The terrorists of 9/11 used box cutters which have stronger blades. Exacto knives are made for precision work and detailing. Their blades are very fragile and break fairly easy. It appears this weido had been dreaming and fantasizing of what it would be like. With this knife, he was able to attack 14 people, breaking the knife blade in several individuals. I guess what happened is he had to reload the blade after so many swipes. First they made my modeling harder by selling glue only to people over 21 years old. Now they’ll probably try to ban Exacto knives (or at least make you get finger printed and a background check from the FBI) before you can buy one. And I do mean one. I’m trying to make lite of current events and resolutions here but, for some reason, I don’t think I’m far off.

Now here is the real focus of this story (lefties need not read any more since you won’t understand what focus is): what gave this kid the fantasy to do this dastardly deed? Are these just random occurrences where people flip out suddenly? Or are things being indoctrinated by means such as websites, computer games, movies? If you look to see acts like these happening many decades ago, they were rare. Today they are all too common. Hint: it isn’t the air because I had it checked out.

Another women’s self defense introduction class is coming to Sterling.

Eugene Delgaudio Needs You April 20

(Public Statement issued earlier)

I need YOUR help to pass out flyers in Sterling walking door-to-door. Here are the details:

EVENT: Pass out Women’s Self-Defense Seminar flyers with Supervisor Delgaudio
DATE: Saturday, April 20th
TIME: 9:30 AM
LOCATION: Chick-fil-A, 46920 Community Plaza in Sterling (Sugarland Plaza, on Route 7 by the Shoppers)

BREAKFAST AT CHICK-FIL-A INCLUDED! At Chick-fil-A, I will provide breakfast, talk about some upcoming events in Sterling, and then we will head out in groups to go door-to-door to pass out flyers to the Sterling community. I need 20 Sterling American volunteers for this activity.


We put all the top experts in once place.

SATURDAY MAY 4 10 A.M. TO 12 NOON STERLING CLAUDE MOORE REC CENTER on Cascades Parkway in Claude Moore Park. 2 hour Introduction to tactics, physical preparation for self defense along with resources from local experts who either train, teach or arm women as a business or avocation. Free Admission. (LIMIT 100 participants, ten volunteers needed)

The last event became one of the historic moments in Sterling history.

I would highly recommend any self defense classes offered to women and all. The more techniques and learned talents available to you, the more broad and available tools around you will be at the ready. This is an introduction class but further education is what I recommend. Women–refuse to be a victim. Fainting and urinating are NOT self defense techniques. They are “hail Marys” invented by the left and will succeed in getting you hurt or killed. There is no substitute for REAL self defense.

Although all genders are welcome to pass out these flyers, the classes are for WOMEN ONLY! That means gropers, transvestites, girly boys or equal opportunity males need not apply as it is not for them. California has those classes.

Here’s what is happening. The progressive Democrats (not sure if that would be an oxymoron, double negative or just redundant) are vying for the 86th and 87th districts next election. They feel since these districts carried Obama and Kaine, that the stupidity should continue with their candidates. Look at all these new organizations/initiatives being thrown at voters. They always seem to use catchy names or acronyms. I think the Purple to Blue is most telling but should be renamed “Purple bruise turns Black and Blue. More appropriate, don’t you think?

Then you have the 15 year old, learners permit, Ashburn teen who mowed down 3 innocent children while they played in their driveway. Or was this just an accident from a nervous learner? Why didn’t the licensed parent intervene? Being as driving is but a PRIVILEGE, why aren’t specially vehicles and certified instructors mandatory for this process, like what anti-gunners want to do with RIGHTS?

Speaking of gun rights, the LCBOS not only snubbed their noses at the Council of Governments but got Frederick Co. and Fairfax City to follow suit. Who said the BOS didn’t have balls? Well, I mean, some of them are female, of course. But, you know what I’m talking about.

Speaking of licenses, Gov. McDonnell signed into law a bill where a photo ID is now required to vote. The howling from those sniveling progressives is deafening. ” Some people don’t have photo ID’s”. Okay, a photo ID is available from the state to anyone free of charge. “This just suppresses voters from going to the polls”. You whiney assholes. If you were willing to collect their dead asses and take them to the polls, you should be still willing to take them to get their FREE photo ID’s. Just more diversionary howlings in my mind.