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I was watching Harry Potter as I like to do and it was being broadcast on ABC Family. This is a very strange station as it doesn’t seem to be “family” at all. That is, unless you like destructive television focused on destroying the wholesome family unit. Walt Disney never made any movie other than G rated during his life. When he died, Disney studios made The Black Hole, which was rated PG. It went downhill from there, especially when Mike Eisner and ABC was brought into the Disney family.
After Harry Potter had ended, they broadcast the Joel Olsteen ministry show. This is odd because of some of the depraved programming on this network. One that they kept advertising was a new reality show called Becoming Us. As you can see it is about transgendered “dads”. Do children and teenagers real need to be indoctrinated with this crap. I mean, you have a sports and Olympian figure of Bruce Jenner, whom I really enjoyed and cheered for “his” achievements, morphing into this. The “news people” all laud him/her/it for its bravery in going forward to achieve some self “peace” at last. And now we have Elton John’s husband, David Furnish, listed as the mother on John’s children’s birth certificates. Huh? How is a “husband” named as “mother”? This is what tolerance brings when you allow it to happen. So what is the purpose? To destroy the family unit as we know it; to destroy society as it is structured; to eliminate GOD from our lives. This mortal foolishness is nothing more than an abomination in GOD’s eyes, so why would anyone want to tempt fate? To destroy moral and religious values. This is truly disturbing and despicable in my view.

As I await the speech to AIPAC from Netanyahu, I hear from members of Congress who will snub him when he gives his speech to Congress tomorrow. Most of the Obama administration “heads” will be conveniently out of town. They’ve had enough notice to redo their schedules to be present , which means this is really just a snub. Here is one article on the issue.

Now when Amb. Samantha Power spoke, she said many things. She got some applause but then raised her eyebrows each time, like she had just hit a home run. I, personally, thought it a disgusting display, as my interpretation was that of “politics being played”. To strengthen that belief, she stated that Obama reiterated that Iran WILL NOT GET A NUCLEAR WEAPON. PERIOD. What does “will not get” mean? Won’t be able to buy one? Won’t be able to make one? Won’t be able to steal one? All ambiguous and subjective from my point of view. Above all, we have another “period” statement. That tells me a lie is being perpetrated and something underhanded is moving forward; based, of course, on past behavior from this administration.

When Netanyahu spoke, he only spoke as to why he would speak to Congress tomorrow. He believes that there is a strong relationship with the U.S. and Obama. He only wants to let our governing body know how Much Israel is in danger. But there are ads from Jstreet, supposedly objective and conservative Jews, who say this is a bad idea for both Israel and the U.S. I did some research into Jstreet. This article should sum it up pretty well. All in all, there seems to be great opposition towards this visit and speech from Netanyahu. I won’t ask why because I already know. Unfortunately, Israel, on this subject, also has our best interests in hand because our administration is willing to weaken the world and put everyone in jeopardy by allowing a nuclear terrorist state. People who have openly declared destruction of their perceived enemies, of which we are one.

And then you have John Kerry, chief lackey for all affairs foreign, trying to assemble some type of coherent speak on the issue. When he stated that “Israel is safer” because of the interim agreement with Iran. After all these Obama years of indoctrination, this should be easily believed by the masses, no? Trying to remember what that interim agreement was. Something like we will lift sanctions and Iran will stop buying and using centrifuges while allowing inspectors to see every aspect of their nuclear program. How is that working out?

All this crap and hype in the news about who did and didn’t attend whose funerals. Hey, you make your own judgments on what is right or wrong in your own mind. Brown and Greene both had administration representation as is shown here in MediaMatters See, I’m fair with my links. Greene had red representation (Repub….sort of) and Brown had blue (liberal Dems) so, all in all, it was a very colorful affair……even including the Rainbow Coalition guru. Now you know. But I’ll tell you something you didn’t know. If you read the upper right of the link, you will see this:


Our research section features in-depth media analysis, original reports illustrating skewed or inadequate coverage of important issues, thorough debunking of conservative falsehoods that find their way into coverage and other special projects from Media Matters’ research department.

I wonder if that is the liberal version of “fair and balanced”?

I have been waiting to report on this until there was enough information to work with. This article seems to have the most information to tell the tale to this point. Another good kid that got involved in a bad situation. It definitely deserves a thorough investigation from the police, and possibly from an outside source. I was waiting for the Justice Department to get involved since there are cries of racism. And Al Sharpton is DEMANDING the name of the police officer involved. Of course, it doesn’t matter the death threats police or the risk of the involved officer’s life. I mean, don’t worry about finding out what happened. And, of course, since a wrongful death occurred, you go out and loot, burn and destroy anything because you are mad, right? Never let a crisis go to waste. The one thing I strongly agree with (this is the LA Times for goodness sake) is that the police force should always have majority members from the community and divided as closely as possible to the make-up of that community. If these residents are as quiet and peaceful as they claim, filling that police recruitment bill should be no problem I would think. Still, it is the senseless looting and destruction of private property that always makes these matters lose their appeal of the core issue.

Here is another senseless crime without reason: in the city of Weatherford, Texas, a group of “vandals” are going to residents’ houses and burning their American flags. How long before a house burns down? Or before someone gets shot? Are people that bored or angered that they have to needlessly destroy property or loot? What gives them this license and what is missing in their lives that would change this behavior?

While being snowed in today, I thought many of you would enjoy this video. The message transcends language.

Drugs. They used to be only for the rich and famous. Over the years you hear of movie stars, athletes, musicians and the rich, dying from drugs. Some are prescription and others not. Our drug craze came to full bloom for the commoner back in the 60′s. Not only were the common drugs in vogue but a plethora of new, engineered drugs. Drugs have been killing people for centuries but never so plentifully as in the last 50 years and with the users understanding of what was going on. Everyone is upset over Phillip Seymour Hoffman being the latest, famous victim. Why? Although he made have been a pillar in his profession, he was nothing more than a junkie–a hop head. At least he died with his underwear on…….on his bathroom floor……needle in the arm……blackened spoon in the sink. Glorious, don’t you think? But he will be remembered for his movies and not the vision of his death nor the issue of his addiction. You think me cold and callous? I hate it when anyone dies needlessly. I wish he could have gotten straight but I have little pity for a self inflicted lifestyle of drugs, especially when you joke about it and have people idolize your stupidity.

He died of opiate overdose. Many others have too. So drugs are okay and marijuana is safer than alcohol. Got to start somewhere, right? Well, back when I was working drugs, marijuana could be acclimated to. You were constantly searching for more potent weed to keep that same high you became accustomed to. Some of the tricks were to enhance the high with PCP. They also used opiates on both weed and hash. And it is still done today. Opiates are very addictive. Next time you talk about legalizing drugs, know what you are talking about. I have no sympathy for people who promote or use. I have no sympathy for those caught and incarcerated. And I have no sympathy for those who get involved and pay the ultimate price. How did you explain death from drugs to your child when he/she points out that all the kids in school do it and state governments legalize it. At that point you have just lost your kids to drugs. Just hope they learn different before they end up in the pit.

There are no perfect candidates. Matter of fact, there are few good ones. What makes a difference is how well people paid attention in government class in school, how much they keep up with current political affairs, and where they see their life heading: either good or bad. There is a war on the Tea Party, Christians, conservatives, Republicans, rule of law, Caucasians, your personal wealth, and truth and logic. The election was won by Wexton which gives the Senate to the Dems. Very perplexing to me how this came about (other than NoVa is oxygen starving blue all the way) after the affairs of late.

Take polls and surveys for example. We have seen time and again where the Feds are disregarding the law. We’ve seen that most bills on the federal level are against the will of the people while disrupting and curtailing our known American way of life. People are tired of being put upon, losing their jobs, their freedoms and their wealth. The socialist ideals being implemented cause woe on those who try to eke a living, having to give more of what they own and are due to those who sit back and just take while contributing nothing.

McDonnell turned this state around after Kaine put us in a hole. We had more freedoms, made Virginians more responsible for their own lives and gave us the tools to achieve that. He did raise state tax once again and he did put himself into a scandal that tarnished his reputation and all he has accomplished. Too bad, that. History only lends to scandals of the individual instead of the good deeds. Even so, it is purely evident that we have been better off as of late. Taking that into consideration, and the Democrats at all levels of politics initiating oppressive agendas, why would we elect socialists who want to continue this oppressive agenda until we are that third world country we said we would never be? McAwful has already started this agenda with proposing raising taxes, expanding Medicade ( and with it an Obamacare exchange), relaxing illegal immigration, giving homosexuals a greater status than everyday citizens, gun control, more women’s rights (can’t figure out what that catch-all term really means), etc. Is this what we really need; an extension of Obama-nation? I guess if you are a leftist it is. But the polls and surveys say the majority doesn’t want these things. If that’s the case, why do we continue to elect these radicals to suppress our liberties?

These are questions I can’t find answers for with just talking to individuals. I have mulled over different reasoning and scenarios but still am perplexed because none of it seems logical. It will not be interesting to see how this state unfolds over the next 4 years because it will be hurtful to all those responsible people that are trying to survive. And it always seems a daunting task to try and reclaim which is so easily lost. I won’t congratulate Wexton or the Dems for their win because I think of the welfare of Virginia as a whole. This is going to bite us hard and we are seemingly on a path to a future of default if this radical agenda is pushed forward.

People say that a third or fourth party is not the ticket because it siphons votes from the main parties. Others say we need to rebrand the Republican Party ( which is what the Tea Party groups were/are trying to do). None of that makes sense when we continue to expand the welfare state with no strings attached. Until people are educated on the law, the constitution and how self responsibility is the first cure to a strong Republic, nothing will change. Election laws must be changed for voting purposes ( I don’t think that anyone on state/federal assistance–”the dole”–should have the right to vote to further that non-productive, freebie lifestyle). I am a proponent to recall ANY political figure that lies to the people while holding office (that includes those little “white” lies–what a racist term). Consequences need to be given for this new “lifestyle” that has perpetrated our lives. I am not saying all is lost as it stands now but we are on the toboggan, gaining speed downhill to that very end.