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I must admit that I have been waiting for one of Gaius’s thoughtful posts to liven things up but I understand the rigors of the daily grind and children, so I’ll give you a rounding of what is happening in the news.
LoCo wants to close 4 schools they own outright, which will save 2 million a year in operating costs. Meanwhile, 68+million will go to LCPS for fiscal year 2015. The tax rate went down .05 cents and my assessment went up 100k. That means it will only cost me another $1,000 in taxes. What a deal. And they have cut back many services in savings already. Hmm. Where is that Silver Line?
–Immigration reform…Dem….active.
–Equal pay for women….Dem….active.
–Koch brothers…..Dem….active.
–Bloomberg 50 million towards curtailing gun rights….Dem….new.
–Holder and Obama targeted with racism…..Dem….active.
–ObamaCare……GOP….semi-active (becoming obscure with diversions)
We have a guy feeding cows on federal land who won’t pay the Feds grazing rights. It got heated and civilians are toe-to-toe with armed Feds. Was getting ugly and not over yet. Meantime Putin is land grabbing more of the old USSR while everyone else in the world wags fingers. Ever notice that when big wars bring down aggressors, that nations go into downsizing mode with their military. The focus changes and the eye goes off the ball. During that period of non-focus, aggressors re-emerge upon the scene. Isn’t what keeps them in check are strong military nations at the ready?
Gas is up right when I am getting ready to go fishing. Why are we spending $2 for crop and processing to make $1 of ethanol, just so we can continue to ruin the internal combustion engines that use it? And food is going up. We feed ourselves and others with wheat and corn staple, yet there isn’t enough because of what is wasted as “alternate fuel”. If we took the same amount of corn and distilled it, we could save money, have less vehicles on the road and feel good about being anally raped. I guess being drunk has advantages and savings too. But, heh, ALL food is up. Steak is up (because they feed them corn I guess). I see new taxes on all my utility bills. What’s up with that? What is more important:desert turtles (who don’t like solar farms) or smelts that are nothing more than Egret food? Ever notice where many of the supermarket meats come from lately? Do you really like brushing your teeth with toothpaste that comes from the same country of massive pollution and lead paint toys that cause suicide in supervisors?
And we don’t need another 4 years of a woman president. It has been too long since we had balls in the White House. And we need more testicles in Congress too. A poster here thinks we need to build locally politically and move up. I agree, but I also agree that with a good role model at the top working down that you meet in the middle and get there twice as fast.
Out of all this news (or lack there of), that situation in Nevada with the cows has got my focus. The guy is wrong in his understanding of things. Should it have gotten out of hand? Yes, because the government is involved and that has rallied the people. The underlying theme here is freedom from government and in this case it doesn’t matter if the issue is right or wrong. It is a cause for the people and it will escalate. Could be the beginning of the people’s revolution. Someone is going to die and then all bets are off. Citizens have reached their breaking point and need a circumstance. I’ll be fishing and watching. If need be I might need to extend my vacation and visit the southwest although I’m pretty sure the uprising will come to a neighborhood near me in time. Until then I’ll be starving, going broke with taxes and healthcare. If you feel for my plight and to keep me off the government dole, you may send contributions to me here at NVTH. I promise that any excess funds will be used to buy more worthwhile things…….like bullets.

It was the late 60′s (the “hippie” generation) where dress codes started vacating the public school system. We still have kids being berated because they don’t wear the right “cool clothes”. They force issues and suspend kids for wearing American flag and 2Nd Amendment/NRA t-shirts. I’m pretty much fed up with all this intolerance. I have my own intolerance: no t-shirts at all. Either Polo or regular shirts. No shorts. Long pants where the belt line isn’t in the middle or below the cheeks of your ass; there are no holes; and nothing with words or graphics. No plunging neckline tops for girls. Boys hormones are already raging and school is for education (yes, I am laughing. Can’t believe I really just said that) and NOT sex. I guess there isn’t much you can do about the piercings and hair styles and color besides take pictures and put them on the internet 20 years down the road when some of these kids have matured. Maybe that will help them with their children since their own parents didn’t seem to give-a-shit about them. It isn’t much to ask for since I pay this public education. It will stave off many confrontations caused by these issues in school and, possibly, even raise the self-esteem of the individual kids. Oh the horror!

Jodi Arias guilty. Who cares. This article talks about another case going on that made no news at all. Just like Gosnell, which I will get to in a minute. Arias has said she doesn’t want to spend her life behind bars and wants death, which is the ultimate freedom. I say, free the bitch…..NOW!

Meanwhile, O J Simpleton
thinks his lawyer had conflict of interest while defending him of robbery and kidnapping. Again, who cares. I bet he is someone’s bitch where he is living now and just wants out. Where is a shank when you need one?

Gosnell gets 230+ guilty verdicts including 3 for first degree murder. The doctor is 72 and will probably die in prison before he is executed, if he gets the death sentence. I would like to see aborted babies given some type of justice since they won’t know Christmas or birthdays or invent something or be President. Do I think this will put Roe v Wade forefront again? Well yes I do. And this case isn’t exceptional. Others haven’t come to light yet but there will be scrutiny going forward. Want my opinion? Good, I’ll give it to you. I have never seen a need for justification of doctors who perform abortions or sex change operations. There is none. There are so many people who want babies and can’t have their own while millions have their babies’ lives sucked down a tube. With this new abortion pill, who needs doctors. Put Abortions Are Us aka Planned Parenthood in another line of work. Since they do nothing for “parenthood”, for those women who don’t want babies, let them get sterilized. That saves the argument, taxpayers money and PP’s new name can be “We’re Sterile–Trust Us”. In the meantime, abort Gosnell’s heart since it is black and not working anyway. Justice served.

I’m talking trains. I have always loved trains as most boys do. I have many trains myself. I bought property that was in ear-shot of trains whistles for its soothing affect. Trains get a bad rap for derailments, slowness, and lack of effective access. We had businesses in Vienna, Herndon and other places that use to rely on freight trains for their business. That’s right–the W&OD line, which functioned up to the mid-seventies. What happened? Trucks having more access and being cheaper, some bad management in railroads, and actual petitions to reduce/stop train traffic as suburban “sprawl” occurred. The lines were left with more priority passenger runs and bulk minerals and agriculture which, as of yet, has no equal in any other transportation mode. But those woe-be-gone days seem to be at an end. Rail is making its comeback.

We, as a nation, transpired to an economy of “I need it now”, which translates to accommodation by business/industry and the costs associated with those accommodations. Rather than utilizing all facets and modes in transportation, businesses became site specific where trucks and planes carried the load. Even the shipping industry showed a reduction is certain goods as they could be transported quicker by air. Quicker. That doesn’t equate to economically but the contrary. Do we really need most things now or is a day or two okay? And the way that rail customers are demanding more of railroads in the aspect of “on time” deliveries, railroads are structuring to accommodate. That means the cost savings is transmitted to the end user. It lessens the demand in some other transportation modes (mostly trucks) but that also comes to a cost savings to taxpayers since the over burdened roads won’t need as much repair as before, and commuters/travelers will have fewer trucks to worry about.

Another thing I have noticed is the increase in planning/building of more inland ports. These terminals accept long haul freight and then disseminate it for local distribution, which is a much better and economical usage of transporting goods. Now I believe that trains need to take some of the load in transportation. No one is being left out of their share of the pie and all modes have their distinct use and purpose. What will come with increased train usage are track problems, frequency of crossing waits due to larger and more frequent trains, and mishaps/derailments. Safety and preventive maintenance only goes so far which is why there are sometimes “accidents”.. The only issue stopping this long awaited and necessary comeback would be the fed. They have a habit of stifling and ruining anything good.

I could have told you that. The whacko behaviours are prevalent in many posters here but, then again, I pointed this obvious factor out long before came to light. Mine is even mentioned and shows that it can be attributable to my environment, as in this blog. I have no problem letting my “gift” run freely without curtailing it through medication as it has been beneficial through the flooding of hundreds of simultaneous thoughts. Going to sleep can be a bitch at times since my brain has no “off” switch but that is something I have gotten use to. It is easily controlled through a singular focus but, for me, can only be inhibited by singular focus. I cannot multi-task with success so I’ll just leave that to Mama and other women. Mine is not a disease. It is also as harmless as giving children sugar at 7pm (and we all know what that is about).

The other disorders are of more detriment and carry some dangers. Isolating the prevalent gene causing the infliction can well diagnose a cure. This is a very good thing (which means that homosexuality can be cured also, since, I’m constantly reminded, that it is within one’s genetic make-up. Yeah, right.) and can help millions of people regain a presence to lead a more normal or completely normal life. I am all for it. I can think of an individual here that desperately needs the fix. If we could isolate the gene that causes liberalism, all would be right with the world. Crap. Forgot that liberalism is an “emotion” and, therefore, incurable. Well, we’ll continue to work on that one.

In the old days they would hang you for stealing a horse. It curtailed horse stealing somewhat and I, personally, am for it. But we have become a more sophisticated society rather than a barbaric one. Could have fooled me. White collar crime, as the term goes, will give you jail time because it causes “no harm” or “no lasting harm”. Fooled me twice. If you only knew about the illegal attempted breaches on our government in a day, it would blow you mind. And with the firewalls, enhanced security, layers of passwords for access, even the immunity granted computer thieves now turned protectorate weenies for the cause, attackers still get through. The ones most vulnerable are on the outside of the government umbrella, where some of the same information resides. “Let the government control it all” is the wrong frigging answer for the wrong country.

This isn’t new news. It has been going on for quite sometime. It is the frequency and the targets that are becoming disconcerting. China seems to be on a roll of late but there are others including Israel (you didn’t know?). But China and Anonymous worry me the most because they have the most success. One groups gets pissed off and proves a point while another looks for weaknesses to what ends (this is REALLY scary). This is high tech at work. Our friend. That which will ease our lives. What high tech can’t do is to invade low tech. Getting your bills in the mail produces more jobs in billing and the post office. Win-win. Going to the bank for a statement concern saves your information from being captured in cyberspace. Having your medical records solely in your doctor’s office keeps your privacy where it belongs. Having a technician drive to an equipment location may be a half hour of your inconvenience, but it saves from having a bug keep you inconvenient for days, weeks, months… There will always be some trade-off but what is it worth to you? I know what it is worth to me. I could tell you a tale about a seemingly innocuous game of Angry Birds where a link found was turned into the appropriate agencies and it was found to be an access tie for a data dump of whatever device was being used. Wonder how many people gave away their life story by hitting that link.

Cyber crime is not white collar. It can cause a disruption of a service that puts life in jeopardy. Loosing your life’s worth through data manipulation is jeopardy to life. These crimes are not seemingly “unhurtful” and when need to go back to “hanging horse thieves” as it were, to show that it will not be tolerated. That or low tech would work just fine for me.

Sign at corner store: “No hoodies or masks allowed”. Sign on credit union door: “Remove hats and sunglasses”. Either the proprietor will shoot you if you don’t comply or he will know when he is about to be robbed. Feel good statements brought on by hysteria so that you can lose a few common freedoms. Ok, don’t do business there. But what about mortgages to unqualified individuals? Private healthcare? Making state stores sell arms illegally to individuals forced from the US gov’t? National edict on standards for state public schools? US gov’t trade taxes for state goods? How about entitlement programs? How about no US gov’t budget which affects commerce, industry and personal economics? Un-elected individuals that make punishable and costly rules for all to abide? Federal courts were ideology rules and law is MADE instead of discerned, especially when it circumvents the Constitution–the law of the land? These are just some of what is happening outside the scope of our Constitution and circumventing that which is not under federal purview but some belonging to the states.

What is happening here is the breaking of the pact of the Republic with its individual states. We shouldn’t be entertaining the idea of a DC statehood but we are. West Virginia set up an illegal government, seceded from Virginia and was recognized by the Union government….in 1863. If the Confederacy was illegal then so are the 2 examples I just cited. Joining the union is no different than marriage–if it doesn’t work out then you get a divorce. An allegiance is as good as the pact it was made from. You don’t stayed married for the children’s sake if that marriage is very detrimental to all involved. Same with a state. The US gov’t HAS (not had) distinct and definable rules to follow. When those rules are broken, that would be considered a treasonous act perpetrated on all the people and the states. When inaction to remove the law-breakers result, one outcome is left. We are a nation following laws that no man is above and that the US gov’t must follow. When people succumb to nuances that take their freedom, and allow its subtlety to direct their lives, they lose that which was freedom and become subjects–slaves to the will of the master–the gov’t. It is not nor should it ever be “We, the government..”. We are at a place in history where the US gov’t needs to be handcuffed from doing any more harm, as well reinstating those freedoms being lost or the states need to be pushed to exodus from this enveloping monster. It’s better to be right and move on then be complacent and go down with a sinking ship.