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I read the lyrics way back in school and had forgotten the verses until I was recently re-enlightened. The story is important. It is almost 200 years since it was penned. The mindset of the time shows how entrenched GOD is with all this country’s being. Let’s not forget who we are and what we stand for. Check it out here.

It bugs me, I can’t quiet put my finger on it. Are there ANY Cowboy fans out there? Maybe you guys can explain it.

Arthel Lane “Doc” Watson (March 3, 1923 – May 29, 2012) was a songwriter, singer and guitarist exemplar. Bluegrass, folk, country, blues and gospel music were his domain. The music speaks for itself. The pictures are of an age gone by, one I remember fondly. Somehow, Joe B. got his dog transported back in time. Take a minute from ripping each others guts out. Pop open a coke and listen — ya bastards.

For the record, I think BHO was born in Hawaii. I also think he is a lying Socialist — but I repeat myself. What I do know is that, according to his biography, Obama never worked in a for-profit business, and he did pursue drug use enthusiastically. This is not the forge that makes the mettle for a good leader or chief executive. The president is both Commander-in-Chief of the US Military, and CEO of the Federal Government. Obama has had three-and-a-half years of OJT. So far, he only appears to have enthusiasm for improving his golf game. We need someone far better.

MSM Asleep in 2008?

It amazes me that we still do not know this man’s grades from law school, but, we know that Romney beat some up kid in high school.  Really?  MSM sent close to 100 reporters to go dumpster-diving through Palin’s trash, yet we still do not know what did Obama write to become the editor of the Harvard Law Review.  He has the distinction of being the only editor in its history who never published a single article in the Review. The man is a cipher to this day because the MSM refuses to really investigate him in the same way it would vet any Republican.

The figure to the right is from a booklet made by Obama’s promoter, Acton & Dystel, in 1991. The purpose of the fourth estate is to shine a spotlight on all candidates who seek public office. Considering how one cannot get a job as a bank teller without a transcript from ones Alma Mater, that Obama’s past is still subject to speculation is an extraordinary failure to investigate that demonstrates the public trust has been violated by the media. Obama has not been vetted when running for office — ever.

The trouble I see is that the big three, ABC, CBS and NBC, their affiliates and subsidiaries, have confused reportage with editorial writing. Furthermore, they have confused the public trust with the party planks of the Democrat Left. The large newspapers in our great cities, the NYT being the flagship of that dieing industry, are equally complicit in this willful desire to protect the image of a charlatan at the expense of the American public. We have not been served by this booster-ism disguised as news. The Washington Post’s recent spat of front-page, Democrat-water-carrying might not be as laughable had they ever troubled themselves to apply this degree of scrutiny to candidate Obama. The masthead of the papers should be changed to include the Obama Zero, as should the icons of the Big Three. Is this the final nail in the coffin of the big-media impartiality lie?

Here we have an embarrassment. This is not only embarrassing to our president — for the obvious reason that he is caught in a blatant lie.   It goes far beyond that. This is an embarrassment for every journalist and reporter in the country who refused to dig into the background of an unknown whose résumé was paper thin. A candidate with so little accomplishment, was hailed as our savior?!? The professional cynics in lieu of a thorough check of his background, soiled themselves showering this wisp-of-a-man with undeserved, fictional accolades. Then, more importantly, there is the embarrassment to the nation — we voted for an unknown with all the care and consideration we reserve for the choosing of a high-school class president. It was not only a willful suspension of disbelief, it was a willful suspension of intelligence. It was hysteria. Then lastly, there is the embarrassment we as a generation will suffer before posterity, for we will endure the collective shame of this error in judgement for decades to come.

Shoot, I had tears in my eyes and almost stood up and saluted!

What happened to the statue wasn’t the biggest tragedy. It was the “political correctness” of it all. For the few, the many must suffer, because of intolerance and hate. The liberals use shame and condemnation to sway people’s beliefs so that they don’t appear “racist”. The statue has been on watch for 101 years and they want it relegated to the cemetery; if it is re-erected at all. Funny how some people want things they don’t agree with to be out of sight and mind when it is the history of our nation. History. I heard it belongs to the victors and they get to right it. Well, the Yankees sure did that and lied at every corner about it. Now it has become a “stigma” about why there was a war of Northern Aggression. I will say this. Us southern conservatives sure learned our lesson and the next time we have to kick your liberal Yankee asses, we won’t quit until we win and get to write the history. Rest assured, we will tell the truth and not be deceitful as was done to use. Enjoy the read.

It took some time for the original 13 states to ratify the Constitution.  They all had different amendments and rights proposals.  They all agreed on the final outcome WITH states rights in mind–those powers not directly delegated to the US government.  Since that time we have had rescinded habeas cprpus twice; invaded sovereign states without cause; created illegal entitlements; condoned murder as well as other issues.

DOMA was passed by Congress and signed into law by Clinton.  It is a law and not an Amendment.  It is defensible because it hasn’t been deemed unconstitutional…..until Obama.  Without trial or discussion it was automatically deemed INdefensible.  Remember, passed by Congress.  As a precedence, California passed Proposition 8.  How did they do it?  By the only way it could happen and be ironclad.  They had the PEOPLE decide by vote and created the law……the will of the people….  Now the federal government-judiciary-has deemed it UNconstitutional because of how the justices read “the living Constitution.

Obama has dictated mandated that ALL religious groups and organizations will abide by and provide any type of contraception to women AND have it fee free.  The 1st Amendment just got crushed and the Puritans should have stayed in Anglo Europe.  How did this happen being UNconstitutional and all?  The problem lies here.  That is SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg just waking from her nap talking about other constitutions being better than ours.  BETTER because ours is the oldest working constitution.  That means where others have failed, we keep ticking on BECAUSE of the constitution and despite what justices and politicians try to do TO it.

What you have read above are nothing but examples to strike at this point:  when does the Constitution count and what happened to the power of the states and the people?  I have said this before and everyone gets upset and THINKS the best course of action is the ballot box.  Ron Paul is correct in his understanding of our rights being trampled and diminished…continually.  It ain’t getting better and it ain’t being stopped.  The non-violent way to say ” I’ve had enough! ” is to have the state put on the ballot to opt out of the US Constitution or even out of the US.  Gaining independence is what this nation was founded on and the Constitution was created to cradle that cause forward.  We are losing our freedoms and need to stop the blood loss here and now.  If you wait, it can only get worse with time. Mark my words.  Freedom has a price and American Express Platinum can’t even buy it now.

Many people here are thinking about the economy, jobs, illegals, homosexuals, minorities, guns, health care, welfare, social security, etc. when it comes to who you want as President.  Well, since the U.S. Government’s main purpose is security of the people (citizens) from enemies foreign and domestic, THIS is my worry.  I believe it trumps everything else as inconsequential in the grand scheme of things and Ron Paul doesn’t even get consideration.  Who do you want in the drivers seat when the time comes to resolve this matter and the time is coming…..guaranteed!

“Any president of the United States fit for the office should someday, soon, say to the American people that in his judgment Iran—because of its longstanding and implacable push for nuclear weapons, its express hostility to the U.S., Israel and the West, and its record of barbarity and terror—must be deprived of the capacity to wound this country and its allies such as they have never been wounded before.

Relying solely upon his oath, holding in abeyance any consideration of politics or transient opinion, and eager to defend his decision in exquisite detail, he should order the armed forces of the United States to attack and destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons complex.”

Who, above all things, has what it takes to perform this task?  The region will applaud us and we will make many solid allies from it.  This is an inevitable task to be taken. The consequences of not acting are too dire to fathom.