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Even worser than last year, it appears that people (except those crazies with their mis-matched, gaudy awful light setups who use Christmas more as another occasion to get drunk) just aren’t up for Christmas. It seems that the occasion has been continually subdued from one year to the next. Economy bad? Job market scarce? Too high priced healthcare? Worried about showing Christian? Scared to be in crowds?

I went to watch the grandbabies in the Nutcracker on Saturday and it was the best one yet. Went to Wal-Mart and Lowes and both were jammin. The Mall is slammed. Costco is just a joke. To me, it appears that people aren’t afraid of being out……well some anyway. I guess that just maybe people are either deepressed or might not want to “stick out” in these current times. Can’t really say what it is but it sure isn’t the way it use to be. Maybe it will be better next year cause this isn’t Christmas as I am used to.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2015!

While most people are thinking of new goals such as losing weight, eating healthier, or saving more money, I am sitting thinking about our technological progress as a species.

Each time I think of the fact that it is 2015, I can’t help but look back on my childhood and think about how I (like most people) figured that we would have sent human beings to Mars (or perhaps even to the moons of Jupiter) by now. I also (like others) figured that we would have a colony on the moon or that an airplane would be able to travel from New York to Los Angeles in 20 minutes. Or heck, that we would have moved beyond airplanes. And yes…that we would have flying cars.

Well, at least self driving cars are on the way (maybe?). But then again, I just can’t put my mind around the fact that we sent a man to the moon in 1969 and can’t even dream to do even DARE attempt that in 2015! Can we even break the sound barrier anymore??

Did we peak in the late 1960s?

From a time when we dreamed of better things

Instead we have gotten improvements on technologies that existed back in the 1960s. Bigger and better TVs. Better telephones. Better kitchen appliances. GPS and automatic windows in our cars. And of course the internet and social media – which has spawned the “social justice warrior” (see definition of “social justice warrior” in this link). But our vehicles still burn fossil fuels, we still use plug ins and wires for electricity, and the Concorde has not only NOT been improved upon, but has been decommissioned.

When’s the last time we CURED a disease? In the 1980s, I certainly would have thought cancer would be cured by 2015.

“Mr. Fusion” home energy reactor that creates energy from trash. A vision of 2015 from ‘Back to the Future” (1985)


Yes, internet and social media is a good thing, but on the other hand, it sure prevents our military from being able to go out and WIN a war. World War II would have never ended had social media been around at that time. Our full military might may never be unleashed again. And that is sad because the irony is that that is exactly what it would take to save more lives. Can you imagine if we went into Afghanistan with our full strength in 2001? We should have bombed them into complete submission, salted the earth, closed our borders, and came home. None of that is possible with social media around.

And can any of you imagine what the Tawana Brawley rape story would have been like had it happened a few months ago, instead of in 1987? A story of a 15 year old black girl being raped by 3 white men (one of whom was a District Attorney, who had his good name smeared by Al Sharpton!), who were shouting racist epithets, would be far too rich for social media and the mainstream media to pass up. Fits their narrative far too well – facts be damned.

The story would have quickly gotten out of control, and the black community and the “social justice” mob would have been whipped into a full blown frenzy before any of the facts ever came in. Tawana Brawley would be a national hero today. She would get an invitation to the White House, constant mentions by liberal members of Congress, and would be the inspiration for new legislation. Then of course, after the grand jury voted NOT to indict (as it did not in 1987 as it was a clearly phony story) there would be riots and undocumented shopping from the protestors. The slandered District Attorney would today be a racist pariah and would have to live in the shadows. He would have to move because some leftist anarchist group would publish his home address. Of course he would have to fear an indictment on “civil rights violations” as well. So he would have to keep a lawyer on retainer.

So, yeah. Instead of improving on getting the facts RIGHT, we have narcissistic social justice mobs and hashtag activists whipped into a frenzy on false information. Social media: our big advancement.

Social Justice Warriors demonstrated

Social Justice Warriors demonstrated

Anyway, Happy 2015 everyone!

I have a bookmark from the DAV that I use daily. It wasn’t until recently that I looked at the flip side of it and remembered what was written there. I give it to you now.


I am the symbol of the living America,
The badge of its greatness,
The emblem of its destiny.

I am faith.
It is I who keep men mindful of their priceless heritage,
Life, liberty, and the right to pursue happiness.

I am hope.
I represent the land of promise wherein, already,
Man’s loftiest dreams have approached closer to realization
Than ever before on this earth.

I am life.
Each strand and fiber of my being is a memorial,
Dedicated to te sacrifices of all those strong men and
Steadfast women who have lived and died in the nation’s
Service, that it might live forever.

I am tolerance.
So long as I shall wave, all people under my protection
May freely worship, think, write and speak,
Undaunted by the shadow of fear.

I am justice.
Tempered with mercy, for I am friend to the oppressed
and downtrodden of every land.

I am a sign of the future.
I wave over schools throughout the nation and, in them,
The nation’s future is molded.

I am the flag of the United States,
….The last….The best hope for Peace on Earth.

Author Unknown

Don’t know when it was written but it doesn’t appear to be in contemporary times. Seems the vision is being blurred and needs to be sharpened once again. Remember and honor our vets, both living and dead, when you enjoy this holiday that was provided by their sacrifice.

Is this going to be another Christmas bitch from ACTivist about how Christmas is not being held to his personal standards? Why bother. I would rather tell you about some things that I have both heard and seen during this most wonderful time of year (from my beliefs anyway).

I talked with a very dear and old friend last night for the first time in years (as we get older -read busier-, sometimes we lose track of time and connections–it’s a senior thing). He lives in Mass., home of Romneycare. We caught up on family and things and got around to his job. He spent 35 years with a company and when the company closed down the site where he was employed, rather than transfer or retire, he got laid off. Because of this and not being able to find another suitable job, he put in for his pension. But because he was laid off, his pension did not include medical benefits that he would have normally gotten from “retiring”. As much as I love him, his intellect is “average” at best. Oh, yes, he is very much liberal and believes all the crap his ilk shovel down his throat. Although he can see the logic and rational of issues, he just flat out refuses to leave the comfort zone of liberalism. You know, helping those that won’t help themselves. Savior of the people. Anyway, he calls it ACA (Obamacare being politically incorrect now) and hopes that he can get it and save money. He started explaining (all the liberal talking points) about how good it is. Right now he has no insurance. And if he can’t find a suitable job, he is looking on collecting SS and finds it very difficult to wait for that other saving entitlement, Medicare. Then he started with a jab about if “my” Republicans don’t pass the unemployment protection before Christmas break. This, of course would benefit those 1.3 million hard working Americans (not my quote). I informed my friend that they are not “my” Republicans and that I was kinda hoping that Iran would send some of their “we only want nuclear for our economy” missles and level DC while it is in session. Scratch made cookies always taste better than the common store bought variety. It made my friend take pause. Regardless, he has no insurance and has a bleak outlook on Christmas this year. His problem lies in his focus on what government is going to do for him and not what he can do for himself or, here it comes, asking for GOD’s help.

This sense of need and doom is being felt from many people I interact with. Some downright hate Christmas and can’t wait for it to be over. Some don’t have the money for Christmas (I never see the word “money” of “gifts” in the word “Christmas”). Decorations have been slow in being erected this year. Donations to charities are a bit down because of unforeseen (and unwanted) expenditures that have cropped up. I am even more amazed by some of the new atheists that have recently reared their heads, of whom I was previously unaware of their standing. How does anyone other than a Christian celebrate and enjoy Christmas? Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. The things we do to doom our children for eternity. Anymore I am seeing much woe and dismay associated with this time of year. Gaius and others have stated this season is about family. I say this season is about self. Family and friends can’t make or force us to be one with Christ. Only the individual can do that and hope that others will do the same from emulation and the Holy Spirit.

I have found that my drive is willing but my stamina is at a wane. My handle of ACTivist was coined long ago inadvertently with a lengthy discussion I had with Eugene Delgaudio. Yes, I am an activist but I have found that as we move up in years, we tend to gravitate in one of 2 directions–either closer to GOD or further away. The end of my mortal life will be upon me some day. I find solace in bettering myself and preparing for my judgment. Do I wish the same for everyone? With all my heart but I can’t make anyone else work towards that end. That is why we were given free will. I suggest you hold Christmas to being whatever you wish. Jesus said he wanted no “holiday”, for lack of a better word, to be associated with him. I look to this time of year as a reminder for what needs to happen in our lives, which should be a daily occurrence for all. I have been wrought with what some would call “bad luck” these past 4 weeks, of which great unexpected monetary expenditures have occurred with some of the issues. Some have dimmed the light of moving forward in certain aspects of my goals. I am always reminded that there is always someone else who has it worse than I do and that will always remain true. Mama used to tell me that it was because of a lava rock I retrieved from the ocean in Hawai’i and that the god (or goddess) Palai-la-ti-da or whatever had put a curse on the island rock removal because it being sacred. Well, I only know of one GOD and all others are false. My trials and tribulations are nothing more than circumstances and only solidify me to my faith. I just smile and move forward as best I am able. Think about this during this time of season and, yes, do enjoy family and faith with all your being. Give what you can and do what you can for others whose prayers will ultimately give guidance from GOD to you on how to perform. Touch a life through your own charity; not because you have to but because you are called to. That is the joy of Christmas and everyday throughout the year.

End sermon. Merry Christmas.

For some reason, people find it necessary to pollute or morph Christian holidays/holy days with fictitious characters that completely detract from the true meaning of the day. Jesus stated that we would be persecuted for his sake and, I guess, that is the cross that Christians must bear. But why do we allow a fat elf in a red suit or a bunny with colored eggs dominate the day? To tell me that it is innocuous is to defile your believes in GOD. He is not to be replaced or substituted with anything else. Kids having both religious and a pseudo-secular meaning of the day only confuses the child and misrepresents the days strong impact on the being and soul. You, as a Christian, can’t afford to muddle the meaning in the mind of your children if they are to have a true religious understanding of the importance of GOD in their lives. Children learn things early and quick so don’t fool yourself or do you and your children a grave disservice. The day is being used by those that want to sell you needs, like candy, eggs for coloring, baskets and the like. The only need you have this day is to know Christ died for your sins and to be glad that you have salvation and a chance for eternal life. If you want a bunny to give you “things”, make a special day for it. Christians should always fight back to have this abomination removed from Easter. The only time a bunny fits into the occasion is if it happens to be on the supper menu. True Christians who know this bunny thing does harm, never adds it or replaces it for Jesus.. It’s all pretty cut and dried. I know the easter bunny can’t resurrect your soul. Do you know it?

I will be traveling to see the grandbabies in a bit. Since my orders are NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES, I will be off the air for 4 days. On behalf of NVTH and its posters, we would like to extend a Christmas wish to all our readers. May your Christmas be safe and enjoyed with loved ones. May you achieve some inner peace in these trying times. Remember and help those who have need. May the soldiers of all branches be protected and given thanks for their unending sacrifice. And may GOD bless us all……everyone!


UPDATE: 3:40 pm and Sterling is getting a snow shower.

It’s Christmas time and the Salvation Army is tying its very best to hire bell ringers to collect for charitable needs. These are the people that will accept your change or just your best wishes and smile at you. They also help the most because of the Christians they are. But they do have a shortage of bell ringers here and other places. But this is just a small problem facing the SA.

There is an article here that shows how some may be annoyed by these people of peace.. Then there are the imposters trying to ruin the charity and the good it does.. And then you have the non-believers. This asshole had to repeat himself over again because he must feel the reader couldn’t “hear” what he typed. LOUD AND CLEAR IN BOTH EARS…….ASSHOLE! Atheists are obnoxious slugs, aren’t they?

If you thought you had problems, it is already evident in the numerous articles I have read that the Salvation Army is hurting in both recruits and donations. When they don’t have the means, others without the means suffer in their needs. Charity may end as we know it with the liberal Grinch eroding our society. Give what you can, when you can and wish all a Merry Christmas loudly and with a smile.