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We all know that the GOP in Congress is the party of not-conservative. They state they are and turn right around and do things to aid liberal convictions. The Tea Party members of the GOP (who are more true conservatives) are shutdown and ridiculed at every turn by the GOP as a whole. Since the GOP was always associated as the party of conservatism, what happened? I know that over the years I have butt heads with hundreds of people on this subject of “the party”. What I hear most of all is that the GOP needs to win at all costs. This means to me that you trash principles and only field “winnable” candidates so as to have an “R” in some political seat. But what does that do for the people? We have R’s on the LCBOS and most of them could be Dems and you would never know the difference. I made that distinction before they were even elected. No, the GOP is NOT the party or voice of conservatism as is plainly obvious today.

Moving forward, in the news is the appointment of Shaun Kenney of Bearing Drift to executive director of the RPV. Don’t now the guy. I understand that he has made statements in February that “nativists” need to be purged from the party, and I know where that comes from and who it is directed to. But why say that? It is true that the GOP is looking to enhance its rank and file with a new breed of Republican ( opening more doors for homosexuals, Latinos, independents and women) that, supposedly, were somehow shunned from the party. And how that is done is to show these groups that you are flexible and believe in their causes. So every time the Dems come up with a trumped up issue, the GOP needs to counter with their own form on the trumped up issue. But where does law and Constitution fit in all this? We have laws to be obeyed or we change them when the majority of citizens want that. Same with the Constitution. Until that time, you don’t just arbitrarily ignore those laws because you don’t like or believe in them and you don’t ignore them to help affect change, but rather abide and enforce them UNTIL that change is made. So what gives on this statement about purging nativists from the party? Are they nativists because they hold to enforcing the law and Constitution?

The issue is immigration. No one of sane mind will ever hold someone accountable for just LISTENING, especially if it is part of your job description. I just wish that more people would do some listening as it is a skill necessary to have dialogue. You don’t need to agree with what is said but you do need to understand (from the speakers viewpoint). Conversely, a sane person will hold you accountable for what comes out of your mouth, and rightly so. The GOP wants to grow. Immigration is a hotly contested issue and favors the Dems with this voting block. Even if the GOP promises the world, if there is no “free” involved, the GOP gets nothing. Nada. Zilch. Let’s suppose, hypothetically, that they do get something. At what cost and to whom? Should we just have open borders and open the flood gates so that established citizens are left out in the cold and lose their American dream that they have worked so hard for, following,the rules and paying,their dues?

Which brings me forward to this: last night I was at a church in the area. The place was slammed with people and there were two buses in the parking lot. There was a meeting going on inside for this group, as churches often have various meetings for different things. What bothered me about this were the buses, decorated with this bold statement: “Immigration Reform and Amnesty Now”. Oops. So reforming immigration laws, which do need to be changed to obtain the brightest and necessary talent, is tied to amnesty. This is a progressive argument. When someone like the GOP talks about being for immigration reform, is that really the whole story? Is it being sought with amnesty, on the backs of all American citizens? Can you have one without the other? What about those laws and the Constitution that spell this out? Then again, where have all the conservatives in the GOP gone? Who’s party is it anyway?

This is pretty disgusting in and of itself. Seems the progs have found a new way of getting more illegals into this country, on assistance and soon to be on path to citizenship. All you need to do is declare asylum. No, it doesn’t automatically get you a green card, just a date of a hearing. In the meantime, tour America and see all that it has to offer while you are waiting your day of hearing. And if per chance you get lost in this big country, and you don’t make your hearing date, no biggy. We won’t hunt you down. Just whenever you remember, if you could kindly turn yourself in, it would be greatly appreciated.

I think the SCOTUS got this ruling both right and wrong. You can’t exert extra binding laws, on top of federal laws, if you are a state. By the same token, states have no powers when federal law is deficient. In comes the Constitution for clarification yet it is ignored with its intent.

I picked this article purposefully for the context, opinion and comments. It highlights every place you need to go. Place close attention to “oath” (which “yes” or “no” is neither) and the dissenting comments of Thomas and Alito. Then pick your side. I think it interesting that the ruling comes right before immigration reform is about completed in the Senate. The “free for all” in the U.S. is about to take on a whole new look.

There’s a new TV show called “The Americans” and it is about spying during the Cold War around the early 80′s. The premise is that the Soviet Union planted individuals and cells within the U.S. that look, act and talk just like normal Americans and they are activated to do nefarious things to aid the Motherland. Well, cells and individuals of those type still exist, with many countries hosting the endeavors. What makes it easy for them to do their business is how we deem the word “normal”.

Gambling used to be done at the track, a friendly street dice game, cards at some back room. Now there are higher stake illegal games as well certified casinos for gambling. Prostitution use to be on street corners, bars and “Miss B’s tea emporium”. Not anymore. Mustang ranches, sanctioned as a business by state, and escort services are the norm now. We help when people ask for a favor because we have a sense of usefulness. Not the bum on the corner you give change to but, say, a neighbor that needs computer guidance, or a co-worker that doesn’t know how to do an access or work around. Maybe just giving hints and information on how they can do what they are telling you they need done. Helping is also hiring that illegal. We seem to have an affinity to espouse what we know and show ourselves as being “important” or “special” when it comes to conversing with that really friendly and great guy at the bar or sporting event. You ask, “What are you on about, ACT”. Everyone of these habits is a primary site for extortion and blackmail and they are used with great frequency.

The issue with illegal immigration is before us and the government is trying to work out a fair remake o the system. They are even harboring the idea to give green cards to those who graduate higher degrees in specific fields after they are educated here. Big deal, you say? Most spying is condoned from the campus. After all, school kids ain’t too bright when it comes to maturity and security. And then we want to place these higher degrees into forefront technologies. Where in all this did we ask where their allegiance lies? Where is the background checks on foreign nationals (which is a really stupid question since that information would come from that national’s country of origin and would be what ever that country wanted us to believe). Why is there not polygraph checks done on ANY basis for sensitive jobs in corporate America (not just the government contract side of the house)? Why has America become so lax that they don’t understand the term “just shut up”?

The government has been warned from both the inside and outside of the threat and occurrance of theft of our most valued property but they still show a hesitancy to expedite a solution. As with my cyber post, here they talk more of what they intend to do. Talk. Meanwhile, everyday there are more occurrences of theft and subterfuge. Here are some past cases just linked to China but too many other countries are in on this game. How can we afford such blind trust anymore. The answer is—we can’t.

When was it; yesterday, last week, an hour ago, that we were worrying about the debt ceiling. Or was that the sequestration that everyone scrambling for cover. Oh, I know. It was demanding a budget from the Senate. Spending cuts from a bloated government? Do any of these things seem really important enough to give focused, concerted effort to by our government ? I guess not. With all these things dangling above our heads, ready to crush us, and 14% unemployment, they are goin to focus on…..ta-da—-IMMIGRATION! The president is pushing it, the Dems are giddy with the prospect of the Repubs being on board (anything that makes Dems happy is a warning flag) and passing a bill. I’m speechless. Next will be the push for homosexual rights across the board. We pay Congress to perform what service?

George Will has an article in the Japan Times in which he touts the oft-heard theory that “Demography is Destiny,” and the Republican Party is too slow to recognize this. Of course, he does not offer any solutions — it is far easier to criticize than to actually provide constructive criticism. (Feel free to go read the article yourself — I found nothing worth quoting in it.)

I want to address two issues here. The first is to question what exactly is meant by “Demography is Destiny,” and the second is to offer constructive criticism.

First, when one says “Demography is Destiny,” is the implication that the increasing Hispanic population will drive the United States to be another banana republic? While that is certainly a possibility, it is not necessarily destined to be. My experience has been that the more removed one is from the ancestors who immigrated here, the less likely one is hold the same political views. The become American, not Hispanics, and not hyphenated Americans. Those “Demography is Destiny” people seem to think that Hispanics — who came here for jobs and opportunities — are incapable of comprehending the fact that it is the socialist systems of the countries they left that killed the jobs and opportunities there, that they are incapable of seeing how the socialist systems in Europe are killing jobs and opportunities there now.

Unlike the statists, who encourage people to be stupid and treat people as though they are stupid, I think that Hispanics (and Blacks) are capable of understanding economics.

And now we come to the constructive criticism. We need to educate people about basic economics. Certainly, there are those who will refuse to see, because they are blinded by the idea of having power over others; but the statist model is The Evil Leading The Ignorant. That is why they must maintain control of the public schools and the media. If the people are educated, they will not elect the statists.

This is the outreach that we conservatives need to do. This will not be easy. We are opposed by the public school system, and we are opposed by the mainstream media. They will lie and misrepresent to keep their power. We cannot simply go through this little exercise every four years through the campaign offices. We, as individuals, must engage the mislead citizens in conversation — one-on-one, mano-a-mano.

Most Blacks and Hispanics are culturally conservative. They are pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-life. When we put up these moderate candidates who say they are pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-life, but their public records show otherwise, Blacks and Hispanics have no reason to vote for them. When we run moderate candidates for president, we lose. When we run conservatives, we win.

Now, we have to address immigration. The best start is to address the problem of legal immigration. It is an extremely complicated process, and people often wait many years before they are allowed to immigrate here. So our laws keep out those who respect our laws, and ignore those who do not. That is insane. So, forget “comprehensive immigration reform.” First, simplify and shorten the process for immigrating here legally, and expand the quotas. That will encourage more people to go through the proper channels. Second, strengthen and enforce the laws against hiring unlawful aliens. Require that employers use E-Verify to verify employment eligibility.

Conservatism can win Hispanics and Blacks to the Republican Party. The goal of the statist is to keep the Blacks and Hispanics poor and dependent on the government. If those truths are conveyed to Black and Hispanics, it will end the Democrat Party.

When I pulled into Starbucks to work this blog, I was made aware of a conversation going on in some Arabic language. The table near my vehicle had 4 middle eastern individuals having some type of heated and focused conversation. Since I don’t speak the lingo, I tried to ignore it. After about 15 minutes, a car pulled up and the gentlemen stood in unison. They shook hands with each other except with one individual, who they all decided to kiss and hug in turn. I tried to size up the relationship as this kiss and hug was more that “see you later”. More like “see you in the next life-save me a virgin”. If they all had kissed and hugged each other OR not kissed and hugged at all I would have not given it a second thought. The 3 men got into the waiting car and drove off. The kiss-and-hug recepient got into another vehicle and SPED away.

I kmow European, some Asian and some Middle Eastern customs of greeting and affection. This one seemed out of place and made me leary. I am watching the news for anything that may relate to this scene I observed. Maybe I have just become more aware since this “spring” movement has come kmocking on America’s door. There may be nothing to it but I did have my “Juan Williams” moment. I’m just not feeling as safe as I used to be. Is this a sign of the times for us?