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Look. If you don’t understand this poor, wayward youth, read this article by the NY Times. It even explains that they didn’t know how he got captured. His fellow soldiers knew. The 6 that died looking for him or trying to retrieve him knew. And I am sure the Obama administration knew for they had plans to use this traitor pawn.
So he gets charged for desertion, as well he should. He gets charged with misbehavior. Funny term because of think of kids cutting up in school or at home. Why not just use the term treason. With these charges, Bergdahl is free to roam and ski or shoot his guns while waiting to decide how to go forward. You can see I used the NY Times for both articles to keep it congruent. The article says that the defense department doesn’t want to see him incarcerated. He may not even get a dishonorable discharge, loss of rank or forfeiture of accrued pay while held “captive” ( which is a term I use very loosely and don’t believe). To refresh: he willfully left his post and sought out the enemy. Fellow soldiers died on his behalf. 5 deadly jihadis released in “trade” for poor Sgt. Traitor Bergdahl. And he has suffered enough? No death penalty? No consequences save having to live with some type of conscience where he may hold a smidgen of guilt? More Obama influence and justice maybe? I leave it to you to decide.

As can be read here, the Ebola virus comes in five known strains. It is nasty and it is deadly…..up to 90% rate of fatality. Good thing it stays on the African continent where it sprang from, right? Not so much. Because the world is getting smaller, with more people and more use of transportation, nothing is off the table. Here is a story on the recent outbreak. And with the previous article you will note that it is being transmitted by animals but not causing outbreak in humans. It leaves “antibodies” in the victim. ANY virus can come back to life in a human under the correct conditions.

Unfortunately, many diseases seem to thrive and survive in areas where there are poor conditions of human life, like third world countries. And, although many good Samaritans are working in those areas to uplift that lifestyle, sometimes the best that can be done is to keep things in check–no better and no worse. With that in mind, as well the “benign” looking symptoms that Ebola starts with, think about people coming to this country unchecked medically. Think of the diseases which have been eradicated here making a comeback from people entering our borders……checked and unchecked. We live in an environment today with people and an administration that carry a laissez faire attitude about illegals entering our country. The stew is being made right under our noses.

Jodi Arias guilty. Who cares. This article talks about another case going on that made no news at all. Just like Gosnell, which I will get to in a minute. Arias has said she doesn’t want to spend her life behind bars and wants death, which is the ultimate freedom. I say, free the bitch…..NOW!

Meanwhile, O J Simpleton
thinks his lawyer had conflict of interest while defending him of robbery and kidnapping. Again, who cares. I bet he is someone’s bitch where he is living now and just wants out. Where is a shank when you need one?

Gosnell gets 230+ guilty verdicts including 3 for first degree murder. The doctor is 72 and will probably die in prison before he is executed, if he gets the death sentence. I would like to see aborted babies given some type of justice since they won’t know Christmas or birthdays or invent something or be President. Do I think this will put Roe v Wade forefront again? Well yes I do. And this case isn’t exceptional. Others haven’t come to light yet but there will be scrutiny going forward. Want my opinion? Good, I’ll give it to you. I have never seen a need for justification of doctors who perform abortions or sex change operations. There is none. There are so many people who want babies and can’t have their own while millions have their babies’ lives sucked down a tube. With this new abortion pill, who needs doctors. Put Abortions Are Us aka Planned Parenthood in another line of work. Since they do nothing for “parenthood”, for those women who don’t want babies, let them get sterilized. That saves the argument, taxpayers money and PP’s new name can be “We’re Sterile–Trust Us”. In the meantime, abort Gosnell’s heart since it is black and not working anyway. Justice served.

In the old days they would hang you for stealing a horse. It curtailed horse stealing somewhat and I, personally, am for it. But we have become a more sophisticated society rather than a barbaric one. Could have fooled me. White collar crime, as the term goes, will give you jail time because it causes “no harm” or “no lasting harm”. Fooled me twice. If you only knew about the illegal attempted breaches on our government in a day, it would blow you mind. And with the firewalls, enhanced security, layers of passwords for access, even the immunity granted computer thieves now turned protectorate weenies for the cause, attackers still get through. The ones most vulnerable are on the outside of the government umbrella, where some of the same information resides. “Let the government control it all” is the wrong frigging answer for the wrong country.

This isn’t new news. It has been going on for quite sometime. It is the frequency and the targets that are becoming disconcerting. China seems to be on a roll of late but there are others including Israel (you didn’t know?). But China and Anonymous worry me the most because they have the most success. One groups gets pissed off and proves a point while another looks for weaknesses to what ends (this is REALLY scary). This is high tech at work. Our friend. That which will ease our lives. What high tech can’t do is to invade low tech. Getting your bills in the mail produces more jobs in billing and the post office. Win-win. Going to the bank for a statement concern saves your information from being captured in cyberspace. Having your medical records solely in your doctor’s office keeps your privacy where it belongs. Having a technician drive to an equipment location may be a half hour of your inconvenience, but it saves from having a bug keep you inconvenient for days, weeks, months… There will always be some trade-off but what is it worth to you? I know what it is worth to me. I could tell you a tale about a seemingly innocuous game of Angry Birds where a link found was turned into the appropriate agencies and it was found to be an access tie for a data dump of whatever device was being used. Wonder how many people gave away their life story by hitting that link.

Cyber crime is not white collar. It can cause a disruption of a service that puts life in jeopardy. Loosing your life’s worth through data manipulation is jeopardy to life. These crimes are not seemingly “unhurtful” and when need to go back to “hanging horse thieves” as it were, to show that it will not be tolerated. That or low tech would work just fine for me.

I won’t assume anyone here is ignorant but I will enlighten those not in the know.  Personnel get clearances from various organizations so that sensitive projects can be worked on without the knowledge of those who may/would do us harm.  The process is lengthy (and expensive) and entails a host of people gathering information from interviews, records and web searches.  Just about everything in one’s life is brought to light.

 Whatever you can think of, they will ask or investigate it.  They need to know whether the person being granted is trustworthy and no risk.  Many organizations require a polygraph and will ask such personal questions as to make your mother and wife blush.  Thorough is the watch word here.  When you receive your clearance, you are revealed things that pertain specifically to your work.  You don’t get to know any and all secrets.  Sometimes you will get an overbrief to obtain ancillary information for your work but only what you NEED TO KNOW.  The topper to this process is to sign a piece of paper that dictates consequences for your actions if you discemenate any secrets to unauthorized individuals.  Consequences are up to and including death–that being permanent termination from the world.

Now who would sign these papers?  Gov’t contractors, military personnel (including the JCS), intelligence organization personnel, Congressional staff, cabinet members and staff–you get the picture.  Would you be surprised that the President doesn’t?  How about Congress?  Why not?  From what I understand the excuse is they were elected BY THE PEOPLE and need to know these things, which translates to ” we voted them in so, therefore, they are automatically trusted.  Really?

Don’t get me wrong; the gov’t at times “leaks” secretive material for a desired result but not with highly classified material or in any detail.  When Dianne Feinstien gets upset over these current leaks, I see political purposes rather than disgust driving this.  Why speak out only after the 10th violation?  Where was she on the FIRST one?  And doesn’t it seem odd that when Congress requests records and communiques from organizations while investigating a wrong doing, they are given pages of blacked out documents?  Why?  It is not because they are secret as stated (after all, Congress gets to know all the secrets when necessary) but because the document incriminates people that are being investigated.  So we can’t know about, say, Fast & Furious but we can know about the cyber worm wrecking Irans’ nuclear program.  Doesn’t make sense, does it.  Why does this continue to happen?  Lack of consequences.

We need to enforce the consequences harshly, abruptly, immediately and continuously to make this problem go away.  NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOUR EXCUSE, if you disseminate secrets you’re executed.  If you knowingly accept secrets and don’t tell the proper authorities, you’re executed.  It is hard to play dumb when hearing a secret and most all documents are marked appropriately marked with CLASSIFIED or greater.  Stop the pussy-footing around.  Make people scared and responsible with our nations secrets.  Maybe then we can conduct business and gain respect from other nations.  I know my life depends on it.  Does yours?

Number17 and growing.  But that isn’t what the majority of the citizens of Connecticut want.  The Dem majority in the congress and the governor don’t care.  Amnesty International says that Malloy has seen the light for this “barbaric” act BUT the 11 death row inmates were not grandfathered in.  Why you may ask?  Because of this horrific murder!  If it means so much to give justice and do away with barbaric acts within that justice, why not commute all death sentences and have a clear conscience?  Is this being hypocritical?  And what outcry will there be when another “Petit” murder happens in Connecticut? Maybe the people of Connecticut should have been listened to.

So says Sandra Fluke.  It seems that the main concern is all the sex that is happening at school and how it depletes the money supply so there is nothing left for, say, crack, coke or alcohol.  It can cost upwards of $1,000 a year for birth control and when you are on those public scholarships, oh how on earth will you be able to pay.  Then you have those people with zits or cysts that need to have them.  What?  Birth control cures zits and cysts?  Another friggin’ wonder drug.  What bullshit for wanting others to pay for whoring around.  Get a job.  No, better yet, get a life.

I know about cysts and ovaries.  I know about different birth control procedures and devices.  I’ve lived through it and still am.  This scam being perpetuated on the tax paying public is nothing more than another freebie for irresponsible people.  A girl got raped and didn’t think she could go to the doctor?  Wait a minute.  This is a college student that doesn’t know how to research or read an insurance policy to know what is allowable?  Ask questions of the policy provider?  Call a nurse?  Only the Dems would swallow this shit whole.  “You have to pass it to read what’s in it”.  Do they think that everyone is a valley girl from Ca.?

Go here and see what side effects come from birth control.  Look at the damage and danger that comes from abortion.  What are the medical costs to the general public for your careless acts of promiscuity?  Oh, no one bothered to think about that aspect or even look these things up?  Nothing but another freebie scam that we all will pay forever for.  Use a condom.  Have your sex and take your chance.  Birth control is already free.  It’s called abstinence.  Take responsibility!