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Of course as many of you have heard, our new Attorney General, Mark Herring,  has announced that he will work to overturn the Virginia state law banning same sex marriages.

I have stated here on this board in the comments that I feel that rather than the states continuing to attempt to define “marriage” (which is becoming more legally amorphous) they should simply get out of the business of “marriage” altogether and allow individual couples or even groups to define it for themselves, according to their religion and whatever god they believe in (or don’t believe in). The states should only concern themselves with the contracts between the parties for the purpose of distributing property in the event of the death of one or both parties and/or dissolution of the contract (i.e., “divorce”).

Same sex marriage will at some point (probably relatively soon) be declared to be legal in all 50 states via incorporation. The next legal challenge will be polyamory, and using the same logic as gay marriage, I foresee no legal restriction on that either. Traditional marriage advocates can scream all they want about the issue, but the toothpaste can not be put back into the tube. So the best way to move forward is for the state to get out of the business of blessing marriages.

Now it appears that a state lawmaker in Oklahoma is proposing a bill to do just that. This first round will probably not be successful, but I predict that it will happen – probably in a Southern state – after some national debate on the matter. Once it happens in one state, many others will follow suit.

I am amazed that the ACLU rep, quoted in the article actually disagreed with this potential proposal. That is strange because it seems like a win-win to me. Those who want to define marriage as they see fit (same sex, polygamous, polyandrous, or whatever) can do so while those with traditional views on marriage can also continue to preach what they believe as well. Both can follow their own beliefs without the blessing or the curse of the government. Private differences will no longer be policy disputes and no one is enforcing their moral views on the other.

It’s the only way forward.

The other day I ran across the film trailer for a movie that will be released soon called ‘Elysium‘. It is set around 140 years in the future where the few, very rich live very well on a luxurious satellite that orbits the Earth called ‘Elysium’ while the rest of humanity lives on an extremely overpopulated and desolate Earth suffering from a Malthusian catastrophe.

Today, it seems that most of our science fiction foretells of a future that is awful and horrible: feral zombies roaming the countryside to eat us, oppressive government, and/or going backwards in technology.  (In fact, can anyone tell me a recent film that presents a bright future for humanity?) I believe much of that is a reflection on us because we are much more pessimistic about the future than we used to be. Man walked on the moon exactly 44 years ago on tomorrow (July 20, 1969). How many of you can imagine us going to the moon today? I just wonder how many people believe that some form of Elysium is what the future holds for us.

I thought about my youth and what a difference these films are from when I grew up. I loved science fiction as a child and I especially loved reading Star Trek novels. My little friends and I would pretend to be Starfleet Captains that explored the far reaches of the galaxy or Buck Rogers out in space defending the earth. We figured that in the future there would be flying cars, like on the Jetsons. Much of our science fiction reflected our belief that the future would be filled with wonder as humanity would continue to advance and invent all types of new gadgets, build moon bases, continue to discover new things, travel to the bottom of the sea and even to other parts of the solar system and beyond. Yes, there were some science fiction that was dystopian, but most of it was bright and I believe that reflected our attitudes at the time.

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Listen to what he says at the beginning. Some people believe morality and values belong at the kitchen table. They may start being instilled at home but they follow you wherever you go and must be promoted and strengthened, including outside the home, all through life. Political correctness is the term that has caused so much prohibition in what we use to normally say and do. Even the dictionary has become politically correct. We learn through teachings and understanding. When the understanding is relayed as a false premise, or the teachings are biased against a norm that is strong in the fabric of society and community, something went terribly wrong. Although this is HS, it gives me hope that a new generational revolt will come to pass and re-instill that which has become lost and is core of this nation. We are a different nation than others because of our roots. The plantings of late take us on a path where we will become a clone of all other nations. I like being different and exceptional. It is what gives hope to people of other nations to ape our ways and beliefs. Why do we want to crush their dreams by not retaining the image of role model?


Remember the elections of 2010 where the Tea Party put up conservative candidates for election and many of them won seats in Congress? And do you remember the angst they gave Boehner when he tried to deal with Obama (read give away the store) and these conservatives bucked him and the system? And remember when the Republican Party was known as the “conservative” party? Then what is this all about? And why is he presenting 800B in deduction elimination? I don’t know who is driving this bus but Boehner and Cantor are surely in the back seat. This needs an investigation with public humiliation towards those involved.

Why are we worried about raising the debt ceiling when all we do is borrow money to pay interest on the money we borrowed? If the House holds the purse strings, why are we funding ANYTHING until spending is gotten under control? If Boehner and the Republican house want to deal, there is a Ryan Budget Plan sitting over in the Senate and needs to be voted on. Let that be the starting point and have the Senate and Obama work from that platform. This is beyond stupid. The conservatives are looking for a home and the GOP is no longer it. We need amendments on term limits, no retirement pensions for congress and a flat tax. We also need another party for conservative values only. Why there isn’t open revolt from the people is beyond me. I would like to go secession and back to State rights where we belong because the US govt is out of bounds and out of control. Tar, feathers and firing squads come to mind.

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. (Matt. 5:13)

“If you look at the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country, it is net zero. It’s been that way now for almost two years.” -Gov. Jeb Bush

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

“The New Colossus”
Emma Lazarus, 1883

For centuries now, the huddles masses of lesser nations have come here, to the United States, looking for opportunity and freedom that they could not have in the lands of their birth. No more. Not under President Barack Obama. They no longer see America as the Land of Opportunity, as the Land of Freedom.

If we lose our opportunity and our freedom, where will our huddled masses go?

The dishonesty of the Democrats this year has blown passed insipid, through vapid, past farcical and hit full Retard. Wasserman cannot concede a damn thing, even when the truth is staring her in the face, and not see her narrative come apart. Even Wolf Blitzer is recognizing what would be obvious to any 5th grader, eventually forces her to admit the obvious: It does not impact the seniors who already are on Medicare, nor does it pull the rug out of those about to retire. The rest of the population has over 10 years in which to make the needed adjustments, the Romney/Ryan plan impacts those 55 and below.

The money for the social welfare is programs is running out, frankly the money for all the programs is running out. The current government interference in the market is having a huge impact on the price of medical care, and is threatening the medical industry and the ability of ordinary citizens to get reasonable access to care. Which is the opposite of the programs stated purpose. Government action has driven up the price of medical services at two to four times the rate of inflation since WWII. Maybe the solution is LESS not MORE government interference. People are not stupid, especially when they are treated like adults, as opposed to treating them like ignorant and gullible children.

The reason Wasserman cannot concede even the obvious is that once people are given choices they are unlikely to want to give them up. The progressive mantra is: ‘we will take care of you‘; because, ‘we think you are to dumb to take care of yourself.‘ This is a fatal conceit, one the Frederick Hayak described in great detail. The question for the progressives should always be: ‘Who are you to make decisions for me?!?‘ This sort of debate is lethal to Wasserman’s narrative. so we are forced to hear of the imagined carnage with 80 years old’s with no health care. The trouble is that while this scenario is not being proposed by anyone — Wasserman needs this false narrative in order to breed fear and to intimidate voters.

Fear and intimidation is the hallmark of bullies. the Democrats have become bullies. Bullies, when given power, become tyrannical. America was founded on the idea that people can take care of themselves, and in doing so, they then pursue happiness. This pursuit is what leads to prosperity. Government cannot manage our lives. We need to manage them ourselves, if we are to prosper. The Romney/Ryan plan is but one tiny step back towards the people managing their own lives. The Wasserman’s of the world want to manage your life for you. How appealing is that?