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The Berlin airlift came about when the communist DDR walled off West Berlin, essentially land locking the city. Regardless of the wall, the Americans jumped it from the air. Now we have an issue on our southern border with having illegal aliens escape their own countries going right across our porous border. What makes it a perilous trip is not Mexico trying to keep people IN the country but promoting they go to the U.S. and send back greenbacks. In order to do that, these illegals have to get past the predators, laying in wait, within the borders of Mexico and Central America. That alone should help to deter the influx of illegals but those illegals, knowing they will stay in America if they make it, feel the trek is worth the risks.

Now Obama wants to eliminate the risks, sidestep Congress once again, and bring about a new illegal class–the refuge. But it won’t stop with his little experiment. There will soon be refuge assessment centers in every country, kinda like ObamaCare exchanges. Just another scheme to break our bank faster. We might have to go to war with Mexico sometime soon and send the refuges to South America. This administration is way out of hand.

The world and America are coming apart at the seams. You would think that if we had a President that he would be focused on resolving some issues. That would happen IF we had a President. We only have a lying, bloviating fund raiser who spends much of his time playing golf. And when he goes somewhere to exercise his expertise in one of the above mentioned venues, it causes problems for the little people because of the necessity of security. Of course, he being the Messiah and great unifier, he really shouldn’t have need for security but that is another matter. Because he does have this need, nightmares ensue for anyone trying to do anything near where he will be or the route he takes. Now the issue with Clinton getting his hair cut on the Tarmac and delaying flights for 2 hours was really a big boner. But when security stops a woman in labor from crossing the street (and an ambulance from what I understand), this seems to go beyond the pale. Should the citizens suffer and possibly die to accommodate the boy king’s foolish follies? Gee, I wonder.

The speech just happened so I cannot post what he said. I will tell you the lies and deceit make my skin crawl. Obama talks about Boehner being held hostage by the Tea Party and Boehner will not act on immigration reform this year, even though there are enough bi-partisan votes in the house to pass it. Obama says it doesn’t make any sense because without fixing our broken system, 11+ million illegals won’t come out of hiding and pay taxes and fines, learn English and go on to a path of citizenship by going to the back of the line. It means that the border will remain unprotected. It means that illegals trying to get here will remain in harms way from cartels and coyotes. If Boehner would just put it to the House for an up or down vote, then immigration reform would take place and he would sign the bill. Now he has to get with Homeland Security and the Attorney General to find HOW MUCH he can get around Congress with his executive actions. He would rather it go the right way with Congress’ approval but he will not wait anymore to act and fix this problem. Oh yeah. And being a public servant, you are expected to take care of the needs of the public. The needs of the public.

I have seen nothing about the needs of the public from this guy and his administration. He has an agenda and he wants it completed before he goes bye-bye. Just like he wants immigration reform before the 2014 mid-term elections. Wonder why. He never says anything about Harry Reid not holding an up or down vote on bi-partisan issues presented to the Senate. Reason being, those votes don’t fit Obama’s agenda and would hurt the credibility of the Democrat party (can’t have that) while making things better for the nation. But Obama wants the GOP to help him with his agenda, which would invariably hurt the nation. Like he says, it makes no sense. And what about fixing our immigration system? He is talking amnesty for 11 million (at least triple that figure) so that we can have legal low wage, unskilled, menial labor. There is only so much grass to mow, so many house to clean, limited amount of fast food service businesses and just so much trenches to dig.

It isn’t that you haven’t heard this speech before. I will update when it comes available. In the mean time, pinch your butt cheeks and open your wallets cause here comes another round of Obama “helping”. Don’t forget to keep up your health insurance because you are going to need the service for all these diseases that keep cropping up in the U.S.

UPDATE: Here is a site with all related stories and the speech

Are the rats jumping ship? Has the fire become hotter than the frying pan? Are the distractions made to take the heat off of other unresolved issues and scandals? Are we now starting to read the obituaries of this house of cards administration? I sincerely hope so. I am starting to have a thrill run up my leg! :smile:

It appears that the State Department considers the situation in Libya to be unstable and not conducive for Americans being “safe”. Hmmm. I wonder if this is a joke. I was just about to buy an airline ticket for that destination so that I could wave the American flag and bond with my Libyian brothers, who really appreciate all that my country has done for them in bringing about a peaceful, democratic country. Why shouldn’t I feel safe?

Can’t post it here cause it is still being bloviated at this time. Sounds just like a normal campaign speech. It is all about him and the reality of his own mind. “We have been the leader in international affairs…”. He led the world in peacefully condemning Russia and bringing the world community to bear in causing their isolation. We don’t need the military to solve problems. The detractors say the UN and international law are not the avenue to take to resolve issues. Obama proves his detractors wrong. The Iranian situation is near a peaceful resolution. This graduating class will not be at war in Afghanistan. The lies go on. I just wonder why the cadet corps didn’t object the commencement speaker as has been happening on too many campuses throughout the U.S. this year. I know Dems running for office don’t want him close at hand. Shame the military has such a feckless leader. And egotist. And liar. And coward.

UPDATE: Here is the speech in full for your reading dismay.

It appears that the White House press office listed senior officials that Obama met in Afghanistan when he made a surprise visit. The surprise was that they listed the name of the station chief and never caught the mistake with all the brain power that works in this administration. Not only did they out the individual, they then sent it to a press pool of over 6,000 contacts (internationally) and it was one of the recipient reporters that pointed out the issue to the White House. This is not a mistake but pure incompetence which appears to be the mantra for this administration and cabinet. And what will come of it? NOTHING! Why? Because it isn’t George Bush but the great Barry Obama. That’s why.