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In the VP debate and on the campaign trail, Joe Biden has been going on about Romney’s “47%” comment which, as we have seen lately, is completely in accurate since 0bama’s poll numbers have actually dropped below 47%. But I digress.

Uncle Joe remarks that, “These people are my mom and dad…, they are elderly people who in fact are living off of Social Security….”

Interesting. The whole reason we have Social Security is because liberals do not believe that you will take personal responsibility for your retirement, nor that you will take personal responsibility for your parents if they cannot do for themselves in retirement.

Ben Boltz is an 11 year old triathlete with one leg — let that sink in a minute.

After Ben had completed the swimming and biking phases of the race, his prosthetic leg detached. Moments after Ben’s leg gave out a Marine, Matthew Morgan, offered help and carried Ben across the finish line. This story was reported by Katie Tammen of “The News Herald” The story hit me hard as it demonstrates how blessed we are to be citizens of this great country. From Tammen’s article:

In the moments Ben was debating whether he could hop or maybe crawl the rest of the mile, a man named Matthew Morgan, a Marine who had volunteered to help at the youth event, stepped in.

“(Morgan said) ‘You need help?’ and I said, ‘Sure,’ and he picked me up and carried me,” Ben said.

For the next half mile, Ben held onto Pfc. Morgan with one arm and his prosthetic leg with the other.

Ben said he and Morgan didn’t really speak after their first exchange, but more Marines gathered around and sang a cadence.

Semper Fi Morgan.

The dishonesty of the Democrats this year has blown passed insipid, through vapid, past farcical and hit full Retard. Wasserman cannot concede a damn thing, even when the truth is staring her in the face, and not see her narrative come apart. Even Wolf Blitzer is recognizing what would be obvious to any 5th grader, eventually forces her to admit the obvious: It does not impact the seniors who already are on Medicare, nor does it pull the rug out of those about to retire. The rest of the population has over 10 years in which to make the needed adjustments, the Romney/Ryan plan impacts those 55 and below.

The money for the social welfare is programs is running out, frankly the money for all the programs is running out. The current government interference in the market is having a huge impact on the price of medical care, and is threatening the medical industry and the ability of ordinary citizens to get reasonable access to care. Which is the opposite of the programs stated purpose. Government action has driven up the price of medical services at two to four times the rate of inflation since WWII. Maybe the solution is LESS not MORE government interference. People are not stupid, especially when they are treated like adults, as opposed to treating them like ignorant and gullible children.

The reason Wasserman cannot concede even the obvious is that once people are given choices they are unlikely to want to give them up. The progressive mantra is: ‘we will take care of you‘; because, ‘we think you are to dumb to take care of yourself.‘ This is a fatal conceit, one the Frederick Hayak described in . The question for the progressives should always be: ‘Who are you to make decisions for me?!?‘ This sort of debate is lethal to Wasserman’s narrative. so we are forced to hear of the imagined carnage with 80 years old’s with no health care. The trouble is that while this scenario is not being proposed by anyone — Wasserman needs this false narrative in order to breed fear and to intimidate voters.

Fear and intimidation is the hallmark of bullies. the Democrats have become bullies. Bullies, when given power, become tyrannical. America was founded on the idea that people can take care of themselves, and in doing so, they then pursue happiness. This pursuit is what leads to prosperity. Government cannot manage our lives. We need to manage them ourselves, if we are to prosper. The Romney/Ryan plan is but one tiny step back towards the people managing their own lives. The Wasserman’s of the world want to manage your life for you. How appealing is that?

Don’t look around the room at others because you need to be looking at yourselves.  Everyone will say they are doing their best, their kids are being treated with respect and they are taught right from wrong.  By what definition of “right and wrong”?  Child rearing isn’t about being “fair” but it is about instilling a foundation of moral code and responsibilities so that those children can build upon that foundation as adults when they get “kicked out of the nest”, which is the natural order of things.

We have the bullies on the bus intimidating a women, who show no respect for authority or an adult, cussing and demeaning the whole time.  We have teachers berating kids for political purpose and bias.  Teachers “indoctrinating” children not by text but by personal beliefs.  You have the shooting of a police officer at a Denver family jazz fest.  Protesters living like animals, destroying public and private properties, to get their fair share of “free” from others.  Kids running free, video taping their escapades of shooting people with paintballs and BB guns as they drive down the road.  Or of cold cocking an unsuspecting elderly person just for fun.  These animal children belong to someone but you will tell me they aren’t your children and your children don’t do those things.  Maybe they don’t do them YET but what teachings have they been given that you think will curtail activites like stated above?

We have lost the right of discipline, we can’t hurt feelings or be competitive.  We must allow children to learn their own lessons (per one parent).  The SCOTUS just made a ruling that kids who murder can no longer be given life in prison because it is considered cruel and unusual punishment.  So what have those children learned from this?  What would happen if the parents had to do the time for the child’s crime?  I personally think that more children would be more likely to screwup since the consequences fall somewhere else.  This would be a real indicator to show how much your children love and respect you, and how good a parent you thought you were.

I ironhanded my kids.  They got away with absolutely nothing.  This was a tradition passed down by my parents and the old ways.  It works just fine and here is how I know.  Their mother couldn’t discipline (leaving the job solely to me) and she would try to buy the kids favor with kindness, gifts, excursions, dropping punishments, etc.  I was the bad guy and the kids would play the sides to get what they wanted.  Homey don’t like or play that game!  The kids are on their own and they look to me for help, knowledge and just good conversation.  Their mother gives them grief about putting me “on a pedestal” when it was she that gave them everything they wanted.  This tells me 2 things: I did my job and instilled a good foundation for them to build upon, and kids WANT and need constraints.

I’m sure you think your kids will be fine.  I’m sure you think that you are a good parent.  I’m sure you think these terrible instances happen because of location or money problems or bad schools or ignorance or……..  All I can say is maybe, just maybe, people need to re-evaluate what they are doing and fight to bring back what parents are losing as tools in raising children.  You can let them become wards of the government or even wards of the state (prison) but in doing so, someone becomes a victim of those crimes. Yes, the fault may be the individuals directly but they had to learn things from somewhere.

I give all credit for the theme to Jacob.

Liberties are what we strive for.  That quality of life that allows us to pretty much do what we want and how we want to.  Example:  we should have the liberty to buy any type of vehicle made with whatever fuel is offered.  When you have CAFE standards and dipshits trying to curtail the use of certain fuels, that is stifling your liberty and that of the manufacturer.  Your responsibility is to insure your vehicle and abide by the rules for operating that vehicle.

You own a restaurant and you want it to have smoking, you should not lose the liberty to do that through any government prohibition.  If people don’t like the smoke, they can go somewhere else.  Since smoking is legal, the government should not dictate where and when.  If that happens, your liberties are being curtailed and you need to fight back and replace these clowns.

I have a neighbor.  The parents are irresponsible with their dog and they let the dog roam so that it can take liberties crapping on my yard.  The neighbor races to stop signs in the community.  Guess what?  The kid does the same thing with the dog and when he drives.  He also plays bass at plus-infinity.  the neighbors complain and the parents just say “it’s just being a kid”.  Nope, it is just being irresponsible and the kid learned from the parents.  Yet the parents will bitch when the HOA holds them to account and the parents wonder why they are being “singled out”.

Liberty is having a small, non intrusive government doing what its Constitution directs and mandates it to do.  Responsibility is the government using the money collected for legitimate purposes given it by that same Constitution and not collecting more than is necessary.  Not unlike government, people have responsibilities.  For themselves, their families, their jobs, their neighbors, their planet.  These same people should not take liberties of someone else’s property, livelihood or personal issues.

I’m sure that you (the audience) can come up with many examples of liberties and responsibility BUT it is the examples containing both that interests me.  The two together create small government and quality of personal life.  Take either one out of the equation and you have infringement.

citizen: Hello?
Peggy: Helloh, dis iz Peggy!
citizen: Yes?
Peggy: We have special offer today.
citizen: Not interested.
Peggy: Wait, it FREE Health Care!
citizen: Free?
Peggy: Yes, Iz Free!!
citizen: Free.
Peggy: Yes.
citizen: Bullshit. Nothing is free.
Peggy: No. is free.
citizen: Who is going to pay the Doctor?
Peggy: Doctor. Free.
citizen: Who is going to pay for the medicine?
Peggy: Medizine. Free.
citizen: Who is going to pay for the Hospital?
Peggy: Hoshpital. Free.
citizen: Bullshit. The Doctor ain’t gonna work for free, the drug companies are not going to give away the pills and the Hospitals need maintenance and utilities.
Peggy: Government pay. Not you.
citizen: Bullshit. Where do you think the government gets its the money from?
Peggy. I see. Need retraining.
citizen: You gonna get hit with the bat again?
Peggy: No. You go for retraining. Bye-Bye.


For the intellectually vapid, and clueless, the above picture is of Peggy

Abstinence bill wins out.  And there are people riled over that but who cares when that is what the PEOPLE want.  It appears that Wisconsin will keep cutting government and give the people the power in running their own lives.  That is where sex education belongs… the home.  If you take it to school, follow one guideline, such as abstinence, and let the parents or the church or mentors do the rest.  THAT is how you get government out of your home and your life.  It ain’t a government or dept. of education issue now is it.