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Article on Gov Christie having gastric band surgery to help him lose weight. If he is doing this for his health, good for him. If he is doing this for political image and advancement, bad for us and let me tell you why. Gastric banding is a medical surgery. There are a couple more that are radical and it is serious business. I have known a couple people doing this and the more radical procedures, and it can be dangerous (life threatening). There are better ways.

There are Weight Watchers, which you do for yourself and takes dedication and devotion. Stick to it and you will lose weight. Then you have the lazier version which is Nutri-System. It makes the meals for you (you pay for them, of course) and if you only eat these meals, as directed, you will lose weight. Both of them work. Exercise intensifies the lose of weight. But they both take dedication and devotion. If you are so lazy and willing to take drastic measures with your life when will power is all you need, how do you think you will affect other peoples lives; when instead of doing something simple, you go for the drastic? I wouldn’t want a lazy bonehead ruling over me. Would you? Maybe just banning Dunkin Donuts as a breakfast restaurant would suffice.

Supervisor Delgaudio stopped by the house yesterday and he and Mama decided to play a trick on me by him calling me on Mama’s phone. Fortunately for me, knstead of saying some endearing name I usually say to greet her, I decided to answer with “Yes, Boss” and glad for it. Although Mama didn’t get the intended reaction she was looking for (the scoundrel) I was able to save face…..THIS time. What Eugene was doing was being a good, supportive GOPer and making sure that those he knew had yard signs up for the candidates. I usually get mine from the medians of the highways since 100 signs in 50 feet is a bit much to my liking (ALL of them are a bit much to my liking on the roadways–nothing has changed). Then a couple things hit me.

The first thing is my supervisor is always out taking care of business and kmows that what he is doing affects us locally directly. That I didn’t have a longer, personal chat with him makes me sad but I do have his number when I need things addressed. Second, although I have seen some “walkers” and only surmizing that they were “Dem pushers”, they bypassed the house. Might be the Gadsden flag I am flying at the time. Yet, other than the devout liberals I know of, no yard sign affiliation as was seen in ’08. I already know that people like the Doorbell Queen have been turned off by this administration not being LEFT enough and refuse to door knock for Obama. If this administration moved anymore left, they will have passed way beyond Hawai’i and ended up in North Korea. I think there is something more to it than that. You see, liberals will never use the “wrong” word because it makes them lose face, as well as choke, like on a mouthful of dry pancakes. But even though they won’t SAY the word, it doesn’t mean people can’t tell how they really feel.

Eugene knows I’m fair and opinionated and he puts up with me. In turn, I appreciate the things he does, both noticed and minor, for his constituents. I needed those signs to show I care. What readers here need to do is buy a liberal a cup of tea so they don’t have to drink the kool-aid. In turn, that shows you care. This will make all involved happy, save face for some, and allow us to install a government that is better than the one we have now. Yard signs help. Thank you, Supervisor, for being there for me.

Yeah, I know I’m no Dr. Seuss. My apologies. But I have been seeing more of one party using the other party’s colors this season. Allen and Romney in blue, white and Kaine in red (well, more of a pinky-rose color). I just don’t think that ploy will work this time. You see, there are those ignorant fish voters who refuse to educate themselves and will gobble up all the BS about the other party and why they shouldn’t vote for them. Some things you just can’t change and these voters are the ones that know nothing about what America represents. Shame but true. Then you have the voters that have always done their homework and use daily issues, laws and governance as their barometers to make solid decisions on how to cast their votes. They have always done this and will continue to stay abreast and informed. It is the NEW class that I am impressed with.

Those voters are the ones going through an awakening. They use to close their eyes and listen to words of rainbows and unicorns. When they opened their eyes, their vision was of a scene through rose colored glasses (maybe that is what Kaine is trying to promote with his sign. Anyway…) where all bad was unknown and the good was presented through lies from commentators and party hacks. Fortunately, when the glasses were removed because the vision became blurred, all that was seen was a desert landscape-barren, arid and foreboding. The awakening had commenced and the voters asked how this could be. These people had been duped and were aware again. Signs don’t cut it. Parties don’t cut it. Substance and truth seem to be the prevailors of the day. There is still hope for the Republic and it lies in the lap of these “new” voters. Welcome to reality.

Shelby was a automobile design genius. He will be missed. The Ford Mopar war is eternal; it will note the passing of a giant, but the struggle will go on — at 100mph. The Smart car will go the way of the Yugo. Americans will always have muscle cars.

First, Happy Easter to everyone! From the bottom of my heart I am personally grateful for the continuing participation of nearly every one of you. Thanks for stopping back by, Lovettsville Lady.

Thanks for more late night words of wisdom, Wolverine. To answer the dilemma you pose, I would note that one reason for the wild west atmosphere is the lack of available time by the blog administrator. It takes exponentially more time to referee comment exchanges, to be able to sift those which are merely spirited from those which go over the line. As you know, many of the comment threads go beyond 50 and some have gone well into the 200s. If I had to read them all in order to maintain some standard of civility, there would have been serious stretches of time over the past five years when I would have simply woken up in the morning, deleted every single comment from the night before by clicking on the whole batch, and gone to work. By today, this community would be deserted.

On the other hand, if I had set this up to accept some kind of advertising at the beginning so the blog was not an outflow of both time and money, I might have taken a different tack and been willing to put in more time handling comments with more finesse so as to elevate the overall tone of debate. As it stands, since Sept 2005 I have dropped around two grand on NVTH in direct expenses along with some periods when I had to put in 40 hours or more over a couple weeks’ time when we have migrated to different platforms. (In addition to all the posting and other regular upkeep). Call it something like a lifestyle choice, but my approach has been to try and find that autopilot fine line between too much nastiness and zero commenting activity and try and get the blog to run itself. Because of the day job I had for most of the time, it was extremely critical that I keep the administrative overhead low. But I can tell you, Wolve, if the opportunity arises to spend more time managing this blog, or initiating a more newsy blog that pays me, I would be on the same page with you. This community is underserved as far as news outlets go.

Second, as an Easter gift to myself, I am going to implement a more thorough and arbitrary version of Rule #4 from this list and start deleting comments and banning people simply because they get on my nerves. I don’t care if they do or do not get on anyone else’s nerves, or if anyone takes exception to my decisions. And in case anyone gets the idea we are suddenly stifling “debate,” let it be known that thus far the only comments that have fallen under this category have been by my fellow “conservatives” – so the freewheeling discussion between competing ideologies should be allowed to continue here as it has since the blog’s inception.

UPDATE: The thought just occurred to me of adding a new rule here, which I am going to call the Loudoun Insider Blanket Exemption. The very idea may irritate some of you at first, so please bear with me for an explanation of what the new rule means.

The Loudoun Insider Blanket Exemption, or “LI Rule,” as it shall henceforth be known, states simply that the blog administrator(s) have substantial leeway to regulate comments that are in any way related to the blogger known as Loudoun Insider, whether those comments be favorable or unfavorable, and without regard to how any other comments on this blog are evaluated.

Our reason for implementing the LI Rule is that the blogger known as Loudoun Insider has aroused near-universal disdain among Loudoun County Republicans for reasons that seem to border on mass hysteria, and mass hysteria amuses us, so having this Rule will be a source of mirth – a feeling which has been in precious short supply of late.

I do not expect this new Rule to affect the commenting of most of you, because it will NOT mean blanket protection for LI’s ego. He will continue to take his lumps just like I and everyone else get subject to. However, I now discern it is basically everyone in the world against LI, so I will stand up to say that not only do I NOT consider the man a devil, but I will go so far as to offer sanctuary when needed. If strange things happen to comments or commenters relative to LI, no further explanation will be necessary going forward because there is now a Rule for that.

When all is said and done and we each have to face our final judgment in the Hereafter, and I am called to account for how I managed this project known as NOVA TownHall Blog; and I report that NVTH did not bring souls to Christ, nor did it feed the hungry, nor did it make money, I want to at least be able to say it was a source of amusement for me on occasion.

UPDATE II: As we get the first indication of where the comments are headed after the “Update” from a couple hours ago, it may be useful to bear in mind that the cause of the seeming insanity in Salem, Massachusetts back in the 17th century has likely been traced to ergot poisoning from bad wheat. A little warmth and rain at the wrong times and whammo: instant LSD. It is that time of year, so we want to encourage everyone to check the wheat in their silos for a purplish-to-black mold. Certainly, personal vendettas can run deep in these parts, but we need to rule out St. Anthony’s Fire, first.

I use to own my own cleaning business.  We’re talking razor blades for oven bake and teethbrushes for cleaning cracks and door slides.  Many of my cleaning tricks came from older women who didn’t mind the time and work to make things “clean” (my grandmother was one of these anal people).  I don’t mind the elbow grease needed to do a good job but I am always on the lookout for better products to ease my work and cut down my time.  After all, I’m not the spry youngster I use to be.  I try every new product to find its “worth” and what jobs it is best at.  Some products shouldn’t be on the shelf unless you want to use it to poison your animals or kids.

I decided to try this product called the SWIFFER DUSTER.  I don’t like dust mops because they only transfer the dust and they always do a lousy job.  Needless to say, I always wipe everything with a solution to get the dust, wipe any fingerprints and, if wood, condition the wood without leaving streaks.  This is a tiring process as ordinary dusting is sometimes all that is necessary.  This Swiffer WORKS and works well.  I scoured the box and found on the bottom that it has the Good Housekeeping seal.  What a time saver.  I now have more time for eating bon-bons and cleaning my guns.  I highly recommend this product for your dusting needs.

Men:  If you want to score points with Mama, next time you buy her the super hot defense ammo for her gun or a gun hide-away purse, pick up a box of these dusters at your local grocery store and use them.  The love lavished by her upon you will be well worth it and those kitchen passes will come without compromise.  Do yourself and her a favor.  Old ACT wouldn’t steer you wrong.  Happy dusting!

Heavy, wet snow fell hard for several hours with periodic wind gusts and followed by a continued light snow storm. You know what that means, right?

Branches weighed down by snow in Sterling, VA

It looks like we may have lost half of our cherry tree, if such a thing is possible. Half is on the ground and would not stand up after I shook off the snow. Our evergreens look ok after some vigorous shaking. (The photo is of our neighbor’s evergreen which leaves tree debris all over our yard throughout the year, so we will just let nature take its course with that one.)

At least we still have power at the moment …


And here is what last night’s scene looks like this morning.

Tree damage from snow storm in Sterling

Our neighbor’s pine will be leaving a few less pine combs and needles on our back yard for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, our cherry tree will probably be leaving a few less cherries as well …

storm damage to cherry tree