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You might think that with the recent ISLAMIC terror attack on the people of France, the world would be more outraged by these people and want to reign in the “nice talk” and “nice deeds” towards them. Charlie Hebdo magazine produced its most recent copy with Mohammed on the front and the caption “All Is Forgiven”. Who is forgiving who? Seems a pretty dumb statement however you twist it around. But it isn’t as dumb as what Obama did last night. He released 5 MORE GITMO ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, bringing the total to 20 since December 8th. He did this in light of what just happened in France. Why?
It would appear that Obama believes these detainees to be combatants from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and therefor need to be released since those wars are declared “over”. I thought these detainees were ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and I don’t know that their war was declared over. Matter of fact, I don’t know that Obama has ever admitted that there is a war on terror. Just another nail for his coffin. Problem being, no one seems to care enough to DO anything about it.

On another stupid note, it appears that Duke University wants to continue with its “political correctness” stance, as well its anti-Christian stance, by allowing a Friday Muslim call to prayer. Hum. What could possibly be wrong with this picture?

Well hush my mouth and knock me over with a feather. It appears that Chairman (ahem) Scott York will NOT be running for another term as chairman. I guess all bridges are burned and the “I’m a conservative RINO” mantra is as transparent as air. Now I don’t have to worry about voting for someone other than York and getting beat to a pulp by Joe B. It appears that Charles King, who you might remember defended the Hon. Eugene Delgaudio from a tripe liberal lawsuit that even this board acted upon wrongfully, will be running as a conservative republican for the seat. Not only did it cause York to cry “uncle”, it has caused Buona (who should be voted out of office post haste) to back down to just holding on to his Ashburn seat. Read up on Buona and tell me what you think about his being 2nd in command at TELOS, causing our tax dollars to go to HIS company to keep them from moving out of the county. Fox in the henhouse? I have other “terms” that come to mind. And Williams seeking the chair? Not only is he a one time supervisor and a mini-me York, he can’t think on his own.

I am so happy about this news. Does Randall have a chance? Sure she does. She has some good creds BUT she is a Dem and looking to pour MORE money into education, when an overhaul and some smart evaluation is basically what is needed. King is up to the task. Is the county serious about getting its house in order other than just voting people who say that they are “R”s? I still believe in the best candidate at the time. Usually an R was always expected to be X. Now you don’t know what you will get. I believe it far past time to start picking by record and history. People have a hard time covering that up. I would vote for a LaRouche candidate with the right creds!! Well, maybe not. :smile:

I almost forgot about this until I watched the new congress get sworn in. Having to listen to the wrinkled crow Pelosi made my stomach wrench. Then she stomped on Repubs as she announced Boner as the elected Speaker of the house, at which time Boner tried to plant a kiss on Pelosi’s ear/neck/hair. This is not what I expected from this congress on the first day. Looks like it is all down hill from here.

Anyway, my list of wishes go like this:

I wish—
-that someone is held accountable in the IRS and gets fired, without pension and/or goes to jail.
-that someone is captured, found guilty and incarcerated for the Benghazi massacre.
-that Bradley Manning does NOT get a sex change operation (paid for by taxpayers or otherwise).
-that Sgt. Bergdahl is found guilty of desertion during war, aiding the enemy, and executed…….soon.
-that those responsible for Fast & Furious are held responsible and put in jail.
-that someone is jailed for the VA debacle.
-that someone is jailed for the NSA debacle.
-that Al Sharpton is hounded by the Justice Dept. and put in jail for tax evasion, being anerexic, wearing bad clothes and a bad hairstyle.
-that Obama is impeached for criminal behavior against his oath of office.
-that Eric Holder is caught up in a racist demonstration he helped promote.
There is much more but I don’t want to be too greedy. Bad things happen to bad people and I wish more things happen to liberals like happened to Harry Reid. Sure, he had an accident because some exercise equipment failed. He should be more wealthy by it because I’m sure he’ll sue the manufacturer. That is unless he is lying. Oh the shock. He could have had a fight with his boyfriend for all I know. I also wish that the GOP in the House and Senate grow some balls and do what the people want; not what the lobbyist want. We’ll see.

Do you realize that after a large sysmic event, after shocks (which can be many) can carry the same or near same intensity as the original event. This last midterm election should have changed the tone and landscape going forward and made Obama the lame duck he deserves to be. It hasn’t and the last vestiges of the liberal Senate are putting in their licks also.

It appears that carnage and woe upon the citizens is the end game going forward. Obama seems to be looking at two things here. First, he isn’t sure if the albatross around his neck called Obamacare will ever remain intact;the healthcare system going forward and his legacy. Second, to cover all bases for being remembered (OMG, Barack. How could we EVER forget you?!) and to snub our system of government, as well the citizens that put a cabosh on the Senate further covering his ass and taking the heat for him, he is moving forward with items that will be a nightmare for future administrations to get a hold of. Obama seems to be breaking the bottle after releasing the Genie. Talk about vindictive. If nothing else, going forward, Obama will be the reason for the legislative branch of government curtailing the power of future presidents from ever getting this criminal and reckless again. I expected more of the legislature than what we are getting. I never expected more of Obama. Certainly not more turmoil and criminality. Unless the citizens can personally have representatives incarcerated for dereliction of duty, I see two years of grief that will take us over the brink. I can’t afford anymore of this. Normalization of relations with Cuba is just the latest snub. What will happen tomorrow?

That’s right. It appears that she feels a need to declassify information that will give dates, names and occurrences where the CIA used torture to extract information from enemy individuals. Well, the torture issue is not new. What happened was some tapes from an enemy combatant were erased by the CIA to save lives. Feinstein and her committee decided to investigate the CIA and the CIA starting looking……with interest….into Dianne Feinstein. This is more a case of ruffled feathers than anything else. Also, because the Senate will change political sides come January; if Feinstein doesn’t release this report now, the new Senate will never let it get released. So for ruffled feathers and for little, if any, new information on tactics and techniques, Feinstein will put American lives in peril, as well as make it near impossible for future endeavors to get intel from foreign nationals or governments. It is hard to fathom how 8 years of a Dem president and 8 years of a Dem Senate with 4 years of a Dem House could set back this country 60 to 80 years. How do you explain this stuff to grandbabies and great grandbabies, who ask you how it came about and why was it allowed to come about.

A little local news to cleanse the palate. Loudoun County Public Schools are considering asking Richmond for permission to charge students for riding the bus.

I saw this story and it made me ask: “Why are we having such budget problems in Loudoun that local officials are actually considering making parents pay for bus rides to school?” (Read the full story is here)

Some are saying that this is proof that sprawl does not work and that taxes are too low in Loudoun

A few takeaway questions:

- Considering that children pay for lunch, why would it not be reasonable to pay for the bus ride?

- Are taxes too low in Loudoun? If the county is spending too much, then where’s the waste? (not saying there’s no waste, just want to know). Also consider that Loudoun County can’t afford to build new roads because the new developments are so spread apart.

- Are our local elected officials focused too much on policies that promote sprawl? Considering that we can not even transport our children to school with out having to consider levying some type of fee because schools and housing are too far flung and budgets are not covering the needs, the answer to that question is probably “yes”.

- If we are having budget troubles now, just imagine how much fun it will be once Loudoun has to pitch in to pay for the Metro in about 5 years or so.

By the way. It is racist to refer to these Ferguson protestors as “looters”. I suggest “undocumented shoppers”:



Undocumented shopper snaps a picture after shopping spree!

Undocumented shopper snaps a picture after shopping spree!



Undocumented shoppers making their way out of the store with much needed free stuff


My, my! What a nation we will be leaving to the Mexicans…