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I have read till my eyes were bloodshot. I picked the articles I felt most appropriate and informative. If you REALLY, REALLY want to know what you are up against, read them. Yes, they can be a VERY long read but we’ll worth it if you seek good understanding. For me, the more I read, the more confused I got because of all the ambiguity, inference, and just the “muddy lines” of acceptance. Know this: the Executive Branch is more powerful than you may have thought, and without constraints or watchdogs in all matters, can easily get out of control by things perceived. Bottom line is that we, the people, may suffer greatly for nothing more than political ideology, favoritism to certain groups or individuals, or just visions of grandeur. This is a case for me of “the more you know, the less you like”. That’s just me.

The first article is a basic primer for very general knowledge.

This article here delves very deeply into pros, cons, and citing examples from various administrations, focusing heavily on the Clinton Administration.

And, lastly, this article , which talks further about more presidents and their orders.

There are plenty more articles out there but I learned enough and picked these 3 that would allow you to learn enough. I guess perception is what is needed here as to what type of America is being built. Most of these orders don’t get reviewed by successive administrations, which means we are stuck with them. Not good. Not good at all.

I am a bit perplexed over what just happened in the House. Trey Gowdy R-SC just introduced a bill called “Enforce The Law Act” which would make the Executive Branch enforce any laws passed by Congress. But the Constitution already has that provision so the Act seems redundant. What is at issue here is that the Executive Branch and its legal arm, the Justice Department, are not abiding by those Constitutional mandates. So if you have an idiot that knows nothing about Constitutional law, who has a pen and a phone to change/eliminate anything he pleases, and no one is suing him on these grievous breeches of the Constitution, how will this law be any different?

Now supposedly the Act that was passed will allow a suit to expedite through the courts. I thought judges and courts had their own agenda? I surely have no trust in the Judicial Branch. And why would it be a suit? Is there some compensatory outcome involved? I would think it a criminal action and adjudicated as such. But when you read the article, a few Democrats voted for the Act along with the Republicans. Huh? You mean that this Act, with established basis in the Constitution, wasn’t voted UNANIMOUS? That tells me that not only is there a problem in the Executive and Judicial branches but also in the Legislative Branch as well. Either we are failing our children in school by NOT spending and dedicating enough time to the Constitution and its understanding or there is such a prevalent nature of lawlessness in politics that it has become as common place as putting shoes on your feet. Or both.

We are constantly being informed/told/reminded that we are a “civilized” society. That word alone has caused the lawless to take advantage of the masses with impunity, in my mind. I hear always that we can “vote these people out” and the ballot box is our weapon. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case since there are too many stupid voters who refuse to be informed or understand the rule of law. These “voters” work on the premise of “me” and “free” for the most part when they cast there votes. Some vote on color. How does this benefit “all”? It doesn’t. Term limits are a good start but far more is necessary. Harsh consequences need to be instilled on those holding office so that there will always be pause before someone seeks office. Me, personally; I am not averse to immediate extrication from office with a good public beating in the town square. But that is just me. I grew up with the understanding of how viable consequences are in all aspects of life–especially when it affects the nation and it’s citizens as a whole. Otherwise, show me a rational for having laws at all.

I just heard on the news that 750 firemen may lose their jobs in California, and nursing home patients may not get meals. Aren’t nursing homes under Medicaid? Isn’t firefighting and police part of county/city/state taxes and the obligation of those jurisdictions? Are we subsidising areas of state obligation that we shouldn’t? will government subsidies of farmers mean a shortage of food or just higher prices at the grocers where EACH individual decides to purchase or not? Other than by direct contract with the feds, I don’t understand how employment in states are directly affected by sequester. I’m sure it is very complicated for the layman, like myself, to understand. What is so complicated about why states can’t take care of their own budgets without having the government (that is, every citizen in every state) having a monetary hand in most all aspects? Did I miss something in the Constitution about this? Whatever happened to state sovereignty, self governing and the like? Why the need for governors? I don’t get it?

Sign at corner store: “No hoodies or masks allowed”. Sign on credit union door: “Remove hats and sunglasses”. Either the proprietor will shoot you if you don’t comply or he will know when he is about to be robbed. Feel good statements brought on by hysteria so that you can lose a few common freedoms. Ok, don’t do business there. But what about mortgages to unqualified individuals? Private healthcare? Making state stores sell arms illegally to individuals forced from the US gov’t? National edict on standards for state public schools? US gov’t trade taxes for state goods? How about entitlement programs? How about no US gov’t budget which affects commerce, industry and personal economics? Un-elected individuals that make punishable and costly rules for all to abide? Federal courts were ideology rules and law is MADE instead of discerned, especially when it circumvents the Constitution–the law of the land? These are just some of what is happening outside the scope of our Constitution and circumventing that which is not under federal purview but some belonging to the states.

What is happening here is the breaking of the pact of the Republic with its individual states. We shouldn’t be entertaining the idea of a DC statehood but we are. West Virginia set up an illegal government, seceded from Virginia and was recognized by the Union government….in 1863. If the Confederacy was illegal then so are the 2 examples I just cited. Joining the union is no different than marriage–if it doesn’t work out then you get a divorce. An allegiance is as good as the pact it was made from. You don’t stayed married for the children’s sake if that marriage is very detrimental to all involved. Same with a state. The US gov’t HAS (not had) distinct and definable rules to follow. When those rules are broken, that would be considered a treasonous act perpetrated on all the people and the states. When inaction to remove the law-breakers result, one outcome is left. We are a nation following laws that no man is above and that the US gov’t must follow. When people succumb to nuances that take their freedom, and allow its subtlety to direct their lives, they lose that which was freedom and become subjects–slaves to the will of the master–the gov’t. It is not nor should it ever be “We, the government..”. We are at a place in history where the US gov’t needs to be handcuffed from doing any more harm, as well reinstating those freedoms being lost or the states need to be pushed to exodus from this enveloping monster. It’s better to be right and move on then be complacent and go down with a sinking ship.

One of my pet peeves for many decades (and this goes way back to Va.’s Blue Laws) has been the arcane laws left on the books for the state and federal governments. This article brought that back into mind. We pay our Congress to go on breaks and vacation with nothing to show for it when it comes to legislation. We have more laws on the books than we need that pertain to the people but not enough laws that control the Congress, which is another battle for another day. I believe that congressional minions continually work while their masters are away. Then why not have those minions examining laws every 5 years or so to see whether they need to be addressed for re-vamping or elimination? Times change, economics change and the lame duck session is a perfect time to address this. It can eliminate laws from the roles that have long since out-lived their usefulness and modify others to come to current requirements of the times. Congress gets paid the same either way and there is probably tons of monies that could be saved in the process. I think it an idea that is surely come to its time.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, we see a good example of the reason we have a United States government:

[To] provide for the… and general Welfare of the… States

Yes, I intentionally cut the word United from United States. It is, after all, just an adjective. By removing that adjective, I wish to direct your attention to the States as individual entities, not the United States as a single entity. As Benjamin Zimmerman of the University of Pennsylvania pointed out, the United States was originally considered a plural noun, not a singular noun.

The primary Power given to Congress was to Defend the States, and to provide for their General Welfare. That is where FEMA comes in. FEMA is an example of what our national government should be. It is simple not economical for each individual State to prepare for all possible contingencies — floods, earthquakes, blizzards, etc. Furthermore, the preparations of an individual State are likely to be rendered inoperative by the very emergency they are designed to alleviate. If a FEMA center is destroyed, operations can be directed from a center outside the afflicted area.

This is not “big government,” this is right government. Our national government is a creation of the States, and was intended for the Welfare of the States. If you want your government to provide for your personal welfare, then look to your State and local governments, not to the national government.

After all the debate and lunacy I have read and heard over the years, I would like to pose this question: why are we trying to change America? We have a form of government that was made unique from all others; taken the good from other nation laws and keeping the bad out. Minor improvements have been made over the years but the core premise was sound. There was even micro-managing through states and localities. It worked and people of other nations were envious. So why is there such a need for drastic change of the landscape over the past century?

The two basic reasons I see that people come to this country is for religious freedom and prosperity. The freedom to practice your religion while accepting what our country was founded on and the GOD we chose to be the fabric of our nation. There are many other nations that don’t give this option and are not tolerant. There are many nations that give this same freedom but have another religion that is dominant of their culture. So what is so important about our religious freedom? We don’t kill you for practicing that which is different from what this nation instilled. And capitalism? Many other countries have forms of capitalistic societies. It’s just they don’t give you all the tools to personally succeed like we do. Then you have all the other freedoms (or lack thereof) which this country gives.

Now let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of this. With the drastic and self-serving changes that people are trying to promote in this country, other countries offer these very needs. Just like with the states offering different options, why do people try to change the state to fit their needs when other states may already offer those needs, especially without violating the Constitution? There is universal health care out there in the world for you. There is early retirement with many more benefits than we offer. Open sex. Homosexual understanding. Legal drug use. Killing of the unborn AND killing of the newborn. Why are you trying to change us to be like others? Many Americans move away and even give up citizenship for better environments more conducive to their way of life. Just like people come here for those very same reasons. Fixed cultures with fixed constitutions are what the “menu” is that attract people. They know what is offered and where they stand. If you don’t like the menu, change restaurants. No one is asking you to dine here and why would we serve burgers if our primary meat is chicken?

Here is something everyone needs to wrap their head around. There are many worldly people on this blog and I am one of those. Research what these other countries have to offer and then get a visa and live there for awhile. You don’t need to give up your citizenship for this. Learn the language and the culture. Talk and intermingle with the citizens of that country. If it works for you then you have found a home. If not, try a second or third choice. Maybe America doesn’t offer everything you want but it might just be the best choice. Maybe not. You will never know by watching the news but only by living it first hand. Decisions don’t come lightly and you must partake before you decide. Only then will you be able to appreciate or not what we have to offer.

Try living with the Constitution rather than trying to change it. It doesn’t request much and it gives you plenty. When you decide to accept this basic document that rules the land, then you look for the smaller microcosm that gives you the peace and extra security in your life with a state. You see, most states had their own uniqueness until those inhabitants moved out of them to another and then tried to change their new home into their old one. Why do that? Why do you think the US should look exactly the same in landscape when we have different landscapes in different areas to meet the liking of most all the people? Making these changes for most people is like buying a used car online without ever test driving it or looking under the hood. It makes no sense but that is what they will say is the best way. No, it is not. What I have given you is the best and most logical way. Too many people just don’t know what they are talking about or asking for when they look to “change”. When you live it elsewhere and learn it there, then maybe we will have something to discuss. Until that time, learn to live with what you have been granted and then worry about bettering yourself first before you begin imposing your wants and wills on others. Remember, there are other places you can get what you want if you don’t like what the US has to offer.