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I must admit that I have been waiting for one of Gaius’s thoughtful posts to liven things up but I understand the rigors of the daily grind and children, so I’ll give you a rounding of what is happening in the news.
LoCo wants to close 4 schools they own outright, which will save 2 million a year in operating costs. Meanwhile, 68+million will go to LCPS for fiscal year 2015. The tax rate went down .05 cents and my assessment went up 100k. That means it will only cost me another $1,000 in taxes. What a deal. And they have cut back many services in savings already. Hmm. Where is that Silver Line?
–Immigration reform…Dem….active.
–Equal pay for women….Dem….active.
–Koch brothers…..Dem….active.
–Bloomberg 50 million towards curtailing gun rights….Dem….new.
–Holder and Obama targeted with racism…..Dem….active.
–ObamaCare……GOP….semi-active (becoming obscure with diversions)
We have a guy feeding cows on federal land who won’t pay the Feds grazing rights. It got heated and civilians are toe-to-toe with armed Feds. Was getting ugly and not over yet. Meantime Putin is land grabbing more of the old USSR while everyone else in the world wags fingers. Ever notice that when big wars bring down aggressors, that nations go into downsizing mode with their military. The focus changes and the eye goes off the ball. During that period of non-focus, aggressors re-emerge upon the scene. Isn’t what keeps them in check are strong military nations at the ready?
Gas is up right when I am getting ready to go fishing. Why are we spending $2 for crop and processing to make $1 of ethanol, just so we can continue to ruin the internal combustion engines that use it? And food is going up. We feed ourselves and others with wheat and corn staple, yet there isn’t enough because of what is wasted as “alternate fuel”. If we took the same amount of corn and distilled it, we could save money, have less vehicles on the road and feel good about being anally raped. I guess being drunk has advantages and savings too. But, heh, ALL food is up. Steak is up (because they feed them corn I guess). I see new taxes on all my utility bills. What’s up with that? What is more important:desert turtles (who don’t like solar farms) or smelts that are nothing more than Egret food? Ever notice where many of the supermarket meats come from lately? Do you really like brushing your teeth with toothpaste that comes from the same country of massive pollution and lead paint toys that cause suicide in supervisors?
And we don’t need another 4 years of a woman president. It has been too long since we had balls in the White House. And we need more testicles in Congress too. A poster here thinks we need to build locally politically and move up. I agree, but I also agree that with a good role model at the top working down that you meet in the middle and get there twice as fast.
Out of all this news (or lack there of), that situation in Nevada with the cows has got my focus. The guy is wrong in his understanding of things. Should it have gotten out of hand? Yes, because the government is involved and that has rallied the people. The underlying theme here is freedom from government and in this case it doesn’t matter if the issue is right or wrong. It is a cause for the people and it will escalate. Could be the beginning of the people’s revolution. Someone is going to die and then all bets are off. Citizens have reached their breaking point and need a circumstance. I’ll be fishing and watching. If need be I might need to extend my vacation and visit the southwest although I’m pretty sure the uprising will come to a neighborhood near me in time. Until then I’ll be starving, going broke with taxes and healthcare. If you feel for my plight and to keep me off the government dole, you may send contributions to me here at NVTH. I promise that any excess funds will be used to buy more worthwhile things…….like bullets.

While listening to the radio the other day, this Phil from Duck Dynasty seemed to be the news buzz. Some Brian and Larry program was talking to callers and one caller said if the tables were turned, no commotion would be made. At this point, Larry the bozo says: “gays are normal people; just different”. I was infuriated over such a stupid statement but it did give me pause. Just what is normal and who determines it?

I thought about how I grew up and what was normal in my sphere, as well the rest of society. Normal was giving respect to elders with ma’am and sir and calling elders by their last name–not their first. Normal was opening doors for others or thanking those that did it for you. Normal was helping a neighbor or stranger whenever asked or you saw assistance was needed. Normal was trusting the cop on the beat or wanting to be one when you grew up. Same with the fireman. Normal was having a job and being responsible, where it wasn’t beneath you to be a milkman or work in a factory. Normal was going hunting after school or fishing to help put supper on the table, even if you had to take your gun to school. Normal was Christmas with all it’s splendor and all buildings had displays, including local government buildings. Many of you will say racial discrimination was also normal. In some areas of the country it was and that normal exists to before we became a country. There are many more normals of my time but it has changed over the years.

I remember when movies were 15 cents and you could buy most candy for a penny. That is what I grew up in. So I thought about where I am today. Normal seems to be about self now instead of others…..except where the government is concerned. They think about what they can do for others with an unlimited supply of money from everyone else. The new normal is lack of responsibility for one’s self. The new normal is being loud, unruly and disrespectful. The new normal cuts people off–anywhere, doing anything because self is number one. New normal is talking on the phone ANYWHERE, while disturbing the people around you. New normal are children calling elders by their first name, with possible trailing names added on. New normal is trespass and destruction of property not your own. New normal is blocking aisle ways, walkways and entrances with total disregard to others. New normal is being your brothers’ keeper, with a billion brothers and more. New normal is scams, lies and mistrust.

So when I hear that homosexuals are “normal people, just different”, I have to understand things differently now. Child molesters are normal, just different. Abortionists are normal, just different. Kidnappers are normal, just different. Kids that play the Knock-out game are normal, just different. Catching on yet? Basically ALL people are normal, just different. Except for Christians. They aren’t normal at all–just different. We’ve come a long way. Unfortunately, when you are sliding down a steep slope, it doesn’t take much to slip to the bottom. Normal, just different, indeed!

Read this article. Both parties have played this game for decades and it is a foolish game to play. More threat than anything else in the past. Both Obama and Biden said, when they were Senators, how absolutely wrong it would be as the “filibuster is a necessary tool. This is the kinda stuff that happens when you give somebody the launch codes for the missles when you know that they shouldn’t have them in the first place, regardless of their position. This was done to remove the “roadblocks” occurring in the Senate. It is a shame that the buffoons in Congress won’t read or can’t understand how our Constitution and government was formed and why. With the type of administration that is in power right now, the filibuster is exactly what is necessary to limit the damage on the nation; a nation of the people, by the people, for the people. Guess what? The branches of government are starting to lose the lines of definition while the politicos gain more personal power. The chief executive is quickly becoming Tsar or King (just a small step below supreme ruler or dictator) and there is but one loser in it all–us!

I am absolutely fed up with all the bullshit of and in the U.S. Government. Next step? The GOP will be taking this to the 2014 election and will be harping on how the Dems have done what they can to spend your money wastefully and destroy your semblance of life and freedom. They will have all the lies, cover-ups, graft and imposed hardships to cover it. And even Obamacare. Yeah, this was a really smart move for the Independents and all but 3 Dems in the Senate. What harm they can cause before 2014 I don’t know. I know one thing. There is a silly little man in the Senate that has made Americans’ life a living hell at every turn. Nevadans should be very proud.

The latest is from the Washington (Com)Post:

The measure requires voters to present government-issued photo identification at the polls and shortens the early voting period from 17 to 10 days. It will also end pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-old voters who will be 18 on Election Day and eliminates same-day voter registration. (Emphasis mine.)

No, you liars, it does not end such preregistration.

Here is what the law actually says:

“PART 12(d) Citizenship and Age Questions. – Voter registration application forms shall include all of the following:

(1) The following question and statement:

a. “Are you a citizen of the United States of America?” and boxes for the applicant to check to indicate whether the applicant is or is not a citizen of the United States.

b. “If you checked ‘no’ in response to this question, do not submit this form.”

(2) The following questions question and statement:

a. “Will you be 18 years of age on or before election day?” and boxes for the applicant to check to indicate whether the applicant will be 18 years of age or older on election day.

b. “Are you at least 16 years of age and understand that you must be 18 years of age on or before election day to vote?” and boxes for the applicant to check to indicate whether the applicant is at least 16 years of age and understands that the applicant must be at least 18 years of age or older by election day to vote.

c. “If you checked ‘no’ in response to both of these questions, this question, do not submit this form.”

All they did was remove the redundant question about whether one is currently 16 years of age. Since elections are every two years in North Carolina, if one answers question 12(d)(2)(a) in the affirmative, it is impossible to answer 12(d)(2)(b) in the negative. Thus, the question was redundant.

Those who will be 18 years old on election day can still register before they actually turn 18.

I will give this guy one thing: he’s sponging off his friends instead of his parents. Ikinda think his parents may have thrown this Sean Penn act-a-like out of the house, truth be known. Watch this video (it’s after the Shell commercial) and listen to his honesty. What he represents kinda reminds me of the song “Money for nothing” from Dire Straits. Let’s see: Rattlife for a t-shirt, drinking beer in his jot too shabby pick-up, living in California, partying without a care in the world. Yup. All the pieces fit.

A new report from the House shows more lies from Obama and Clinton. It isn’t earth shattering news since we have known this from the beginning but I am wondering why, if Clinton gave testimony under oathe, she isn’t held for perjury? I’m a bit tired of the government lying, as will picking and choosing what it wants or doesn’t want to enforce. They don’t enforce gun law violations but want more gun restrictions. They don’t enforce illegal immigration but want immigration reform. They don’t enforce DOMA but want homosexual marriage rights.

Lying used to be something you were held culpable for. You could lose your position, your job, and maybe even a lawsuit or jail time. I expect that from the MSM but it can’t be allowed with the government. It sets precedence and is a very dangerous and deteriorating form for the gov’t to allow. Is it any wonder that the rest of the world looks at the US as some kind of bad joke? I wouldn’t care if we had special elections every two weeks for ousting gov’t liars. Sooner or later we would get people with moral values. In the mean time, expect more lies, deceit, and blaming others where personal integrity should preside.

Why do people have the option to pick up and leave a state? If the shoe doesn’t fit, find a shoe that does. Same way with a state. If you spend, spend, spend; act reckless towards your citizenry, inhibit any and all freedoms on a regular basis, you shouldn’t be surprised by the exodus of people looking for a more “reasonable” government. And when those people leave, you must ramp up ever higher to replace that lost tax and piss more people off. This is what is known as a “circle jerk” which can be confused with “cycle jerks”, which Maryland government has in great abundance.

Here is the latest anti-freedom scheme to further endear the people towards their elected officials ( add emphasis on elected). Don’t be confused on this issue. These aren’t low information voters that allow these officials to oppress them. These are NO INFORMATION/BRAIN DEAD voters, willing to shot themselves, as well all rational people, in the ass, thinking something good will come of it.

Question: when a state has no population other than the government and the welfare people it is supporting, left in it, where does the money come from? I know this is an unfair question since it is on an IQ level above liberals but they haven’t figured it out on their own yet, even while having pictures drawn with crayons for understanding.