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Not to beat a dead horse (and yes, I know this horse is dead), but just wanted to point out that riders from Reston are paying $17 a day for parking and rail. Imagine how much it will be riding all the way from Ashburn? This is looking like the waste that those of us who opposed it said it would be.

Oh, and WMATA is considering another fare increase…

Well, at least the developers will be happy

It appears by this article that Shawn Williams believes that King has started some type whisper campaign about his past, that Williams feels will affect his chances to run respectfully and win nomination for LCBOS chairman. I don’t see how his past should affect his present circumstances. It sure didn’t affect Delgaudio, did it? And who cares if he keeps getting stopped for drunk driving or that he may be beating his wife, relatives and neighbors. He is endorsed by Scott York so he must be a decent and stand-up kinda guy, right?

There are many reasons I would not vote for Williams and none have to do with his past that we are just finding out about. He is weak and timid and, as far as I’m concerned, has no spine. It also doesn’t help matters to be approved by York. This is best for the county and now let the games begin with Randall and King.

A little local news to cleanse the palate. Loudoun County Public Schools are considering asking Richmond for permission to charge students for riding the bus.

I saw this story and it made me ask: “Why are we having such budget problems in Loudoun that local officials are actually considering making parents pay for bus rides to school?” (Read the full story is here)

Some are saying that this is proof that sprawl does not work and that taxes are too low in Loudoun

A few takeaway questions:

- Considering that children pay for lunch, why would it not be reasonable to pay for the bus ride?

- Are taxes too low in Loudoun? If the county is spending too much, then where’s the waste? (not saying there’s no waste, just want to know). Also consider that Loudoun County can’t afford to build new roads because the new developments are so spread apart.

- Are our local elected officials focused too much on policies that promote sprawl? Considering that we can not even transport our children to school with out having to consider levying some type of fee because schools and housing are too far flung and budgets are not covering the needs, the answer to that question is probably “yes”.

- If we are having budget troubles now, just imagine how much fun it will be once Loudoun has to pitch in to pay for the Metro in about 5 years or so.

I must admit that I have been waiting for one of Gaius’s thoughtful posts to liven things up but I understand the rigors of the daily grind and children, so I’ll give you a rounding of what is happening in the news.
LoCo wants to close 4 schools they own outright, which will save 2 million a year in operating costs. Meanwhile, 68+million will go to LCPS for fiscal year 2015. The tax rate went down .05 cents and my assessment went up 100k. That means it will only cost me another $1,000 in taxes. What a deal. And they have cut back many services in savings already. Hmm. Where is that Silver Line?
–Immigration reform…Dem….active.
–Equal pay for women….Dem….active.
–Koch brothers…..Dem….active.
–Bloomberg 50 million towards curtailing gun rights….Dem….new.
–Holder and Obama targeted with racism…..Dem….active.
–ObamaCare……GOP….semi-active (becoming obscure with diversions)
We have a guy feeding cows on federal land who won’t pay the Feds grazing rights. It got heated and civilians are toe-to-toe with armed Feds. Was getting ugly and not over yet. Meantime Putin is land grabbing more of the old USSR while everyone else in the world wags fingers. Ever notice that when big wars bring down aggressors, that nations go into downsizing mode with their military. The focus changes and the eye goes off the ball. During that period of non-focus, aggressors re-emerge upon the scene. Isn’t what keeps them in check are strong military nations at the ready?
Gas is up right when I am getting ready to go fishing. Why are we spending $2 for crop and processing to make $1 of ethanol, just so we can continue to ruin the internal combustion engines that use it? And food is going up. We feed ourselves and others with wheat and corn staple, yet there isn’t enough because of what is wasted as “alternate fuel”. If we took the same amount of corn and distilled it, we could save money, have less vehicles on the road and feel good about being anally raped. I guess being drunk has advantages and savings too. But, heh, ALL food is up. Steak is up (because they feed them corn I guess). I see new taxes on all my utility bills. What’s up with that? What is more important:desert turtles (who don’t like solar farms) or smelts that are nothing more than Egret food? Ever notice where many of the supermarket meats come from lately? Do you really like brushing your teeth with toothpaste that comes from the same country of massive pollution and lead paint toys that cause suicide in supervisors?
And we don’t need another 4 years of a woman president. It has been too long since we had balls in the White House. And we need more testicles in Congress too. A poster here thinks we need to build locally politically and move up. I agree, but I also agree that with a good role model at the top working down that you meet in the middle and get there twice as fast.
Out of all this news (or lack there of), that situation in Nevada with the cows has got my focus. The guy is wrong in his understanding of things. Should it have gotten out of hand? Yes, because the government is involved and that has rallied the people. The underlying theme here is freedom from government and in this case it doesn’t matter if the issue is right or wrong. It is a cause for the people and it will escalate. Could be the beginning of the people’s revolution. Someone is going to die and then all bets are off. Citizens have reached their breaking point and need a circumstance. I’ll be fishing and watching. If need be I might need to extend my vacation and visit the southwest although I’m pretty sure the uprising will come to a neighborhood near me in time. Until then I’ll be starving, going broke with taxes and healthcare. If you feel for my plight and to keep me off the government dole, you may send contributions to me here at NVTH. I promise that any excess funds will be used to buy more worthwhile things…….like bullets.

Not to rehash this old debate (and I realize that I was likely in the minority as more Loudouners probably wanted the metro) but the Washington Post produced a poll and article that I thought everyone would find of interest. The article basically says that the Silver Line may not be worth the cost. The way I see it, going through Tysons, and perhaps even going all the way to Dulles made some sense, but going further into Loudoun made no sense. The cost of driving into DC will be about the same as riding the metro. And more and more citizens of Northern Virginia are actually working there and/or telecommuting more often. Seems that they envision the Silver line as being DC’s version of the Long Island Railroad.

On the other hand, trying to see the bright side, with the new ‘urbanism’ proceeding full speed ahead in Northern Virginia, a future trip to Tysons or Reston during Christmas season would probably make more sense on the Metro given the planned lack of parking and the coming increased tolls on 267. But then again, who wants to haul all those gifts around in a train?

By the way, are they planning to discontinue the bus service after the Silver Line opens in Loudoun? I would think that something has to give, and it certainly won’t be the Silver Line. But then again who knows? The Silver line may make a pretty nice bike trail in 100 years!

Haven’t been to the board meeting. Wasn’t on the special grand jury. Don’t put any stock in WaPo or the Times Mirror (read projectionists) but I do know the story of the aides. The only thing Delgaudio was guilty of was hiring the questionable individuals but that’s what happens when you try to help others out….they end up screwing you. We all have stories of helping others where the hand was bitten that fed. I have even been on the receiving end once. This is what turns people off by trying to help out, but let’s continue.

Jury duty is a civic service. Have you ever noticed that it is actually like the draft? If it was all volunteer, why do you receive a notice that you have been selected to appear….. Now you do have those people that have nothing better to do than serve on jury duty. I have been with those clowns and know of some on grand juries. You would call them “busy-bodies” and “meddlers” in your community and they volunteer for these positions. They also come from the county.

Now the stage is set. Delgaudio haters have been trying to hang Delgaudio for something ever since he has been on the board. Can you think of ANY board members in the last 4 terms you think should be scrutinized? See what I mean. So those haters conspire and conjure and push until someone(s) decides to listen and the small gears turn. Nothing happens cause there’s nothing there. Injustice, friendship, conspiracy is shouted from the roof tops so that something more must be done. This time it’s a grand jury. No, this isn’t the Zimmerman case. And after the grand jury? Nothing……….because of a technicality. What? WHAT? W-H-A-T? Here is the grand jury report. If you think that only a technicality is what stopped the AG or ANYONE else from pursuing charges against Delgaudio, not only cannot you read and comprehend, you are also dumber than a rock. Speculation, circumstantial, innuendo are the words used for this report. No smoking gun. No hard proof. Matter o fact, no proof at all. I see some perjury here and not just about donors.

So are we satisfied yet? Nope. Same shit being yelled from the rooftops, and guess who comes to the rescue? Those fellow board members who most are also Delgaudio haters. What they had the audacity to do was to castrate OUR Sterling supervisor. Read that story here. But fear not because York and the other board members will be looking out for those Sterling residents, just like they always have. I’m miffed by Volpe’s vote and may have to re-assess what type conservative she really is. I’m a Sterling resident, a Delgaudio fan and a believer in justice. Needless to say, I am pissed over this abomination of so called justice.

E-gads! Say it isn’t so! This is not one of the terms I would use on York. I was a Stockman guy. It appears our very own Loudoun bully (if this was public school, he would have been expelled–zero tolerance for bullies you know) is yet again throwing his weight around to intimidate others. Not because he HAS to but because he WANTS to. Here is the story about this PW/Loudoun connector road. I find it unnecessary and we have enough roads to handle the traffic between connecting counties. Another boondoggle at best.

But let’s not stop there. How about a park-n-ride that is being stalled going forward. Sterling Supervisor Delgaudio brings to our attention that the bullying of the BOS continues and Sterling residents suffer yet again because of it. But what would you expect from someone who feels that the Park should be bulldozed and raised from the ash in his own image–density packed housing to save the West. After all, it could only help out his primary money making business.

Getting York back in the GOP was a strategy I never understood, just because the guy is useless. Now the self-serving liberal only degrades the Republican brand. What Tullouch and the board did before with taking his powers away was wrong unto itself, but I can certainly understand WHY they did it.