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Well, the LCPS is trying (a word without much meaning here at NVTH) to work a budget that doesn’t further soak taxpayers. Classrooms and teachers are the focus here. In a companion piece, it is trying to explain away where LCPS budget is smaller than neighboring counties (without using an apples-to-apples comparison). Look, this BOS, school board and public schools were tasked in REDUCTIONS as a way of life. I wouldn’t care if you did online training because THAT would save a boatload of money. Some kids just don’t care about their education and others will succeed at all costs. Let schooling at home be on their heads–not ours.

Seems the Sheriff and the BOS aren’t playing well in the sandbox. We have seen these tactics before by esteemed members of Loudoun gov’t (got to love the editorial soapbox stage to reach the masses). When you pork a budget, it is easy to stay within it. When you don’t, the underfunding will rear its ugly head with realism. And, of course, sup. Boner has his 2 cents about it. Can’t we all just get along.

Speaking of sup. Boner, seems the frigging flip-flopper had a senior moment. When you read this article he says “we” tried (that is such a cop-out word) yet he voted “no” on the budget, made a 4-4 split, and then magnanimously changed his vote to abstain, which made the vote pass. How’s that for trying. This loser should have never been elected in the first place and continues to stain the party further. I hope the LCRC won’t be so quick to allow just any old boner to run in these elections again.

It appears that a new born was found in a Countryside pond. You can draw your own conclusions about this but I can only think of one logical scenario that makes sense. The amniotic sac broke and the baby was born. Feeling a sense of suffocation from being outside the womb, it scurried away from the mother towards a water source which, turned out to be this pond and then drowned due to lack of oxygen and nutrients within the water. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We are now relegated to throwing babies in dumpsters and ponds like common trash? And don’t dare tell me there are no organizations, means or facilities where this type of rash (insane) action was unnecessary. When people believe these actions are okay, I look to the environment which we allow ourselves to live in. Still waiting for the right time to bring morality back?

Here’s what is happening. The progressive Democrats (not sure if that would be an oxymoron, double negative or just redundant) are vying for the 86th and 87th districts next election. They feel since these districts carried Obama and Kaine, that the stupidity should continue with their candidates. Look at all these new organizations/initiatives being thrown at voters. They always seem to use catchy names or acronyms. I think the Purple to Blue is most telling but should be renamed “Purple bruise turns Black and Blue. More appropriate, don’t you think?

Then you have the 15 year old, learners permit, Ashburn teen who mowed down 3 innocent children while they played in their driveway. Or was this just an accident from a nervous learner? Why didn’t the licensed parent intervene? Being as driving is but a PRIVILEGE, why aren’t specially vehicles and certified instructors mandatory for this process, like what anti-gunners want to do with RIGHTS?

Speaking of gun rights, the LCBOS not only snubbed their noses at the Council of Governments but got Frederick Co. and Fairfax City to follow suit. Who said the BOS didn’t have balls? Well, I mean, some of them are female, of course. But, you know what I’m talking about.

Speaking of licenses, Gov. McDonnell signed into law a bill where a photo ID is now required to vote. The howling from those sniveling progressives is deafening. ” Some people don’t have photo ID’s”. Okay, a photo ID is available from the state to anyone free of charge. “This just suppresses voters from going to the polls”. You whiney assholes. If you were willing to collect their dead asses and take them to the polls, you should be still willing to take them to get their FREE photo ID’s. Just more diversionary howlings in my mind.

That is a good thing. But as far as “pressing” business, York is still trying to get permission from Richmond to raise our taxes freely. The Board is still working on the issue of raising our personal property taxes more (do they ever go down?) so that we can maintain the status of the “richest county in the galaxy”. Then there is the tax increases proposed by the State (I use this link just to piss BlackOut off) which needs to be addressed. But, hey–it’s just politics and who really gives a shit. Ah, hell, what am I saying. I give a shit.

One of the commenters here is talking about going back to basics and work from the local elections up. Just like the muslims want to dominate the world, the progressives are in their conquer mode to do the same. It has been 7 days since their victory (never wait to see what results you were victorious for) and they are already chomping and biting to turn everything blue; which is the color of despair and depression in case you were wondering. Nothing shows this more than what is being posted at the Shank Delgaudio website aka TC. Think of a numeric counter with fixed positions. Once that counter has reached its apex number, it resets itself back to zero. What has happened at the Shank Delgaudio website is that they have become so-o-o-o conservative that they have passed the delineation barrier and fallen into extreme liberal–now having to move themselves back down to the too conservative position.

The Bengasi cover up is nothing of the truth when it comes to a progressive. “Wait and see” before you rush to judgement. It is being investigated. And when it gets swept under the rug then you will hear from these same progressives “there was nothing there to act upon and everyone was just head hunting”. This is the goose. Delgaudio is the gander. Why the difference? Because progressives have a divine contrived right to do what they want, even if it is the opposite of what they say. So you have lefties stating they will campaign for even a moderate to win the Sterling seat. You have lefties beating up the Dems to get their head out of their asses and run a “decent” candidate (that made me retch just typing that). What you have are progressives looking for a “win” with nothing more in mind than to get rid of Delgaudio. And why is that? Because they don’t like the guy and his beliefs but NOT because of the job he is doing. Eugene has a record that shows serving well to his constituency. Hey, people voted against Obama cause they didn’t like him either. I use my votes for sounder reasoning than that.

So I would pose this to readers here–start your campaigns in your individual districts for your candidates now. Let the LCRC know that you aren’t happy with the crop of candidates that they are backing. It isn’t about an “R” win, it is about a win for the county populace and principles. If the atheists, homosexuals, thugs and power brokers don’t like it, well, they are the minority and without true cause. It is about government, not personal issues. Have a list of “education” materials. Give them 6 MSM sites of moderate and extreme nature-3 for one viewpoint and 3 for the opposing viewpoint. Turn them on to some of the blogs out there so that they can see what people hold “important” to what government should be doing for them. Most of all, impress upon people that principles matter and it isn’t about a “win” but it is about the fiber of community, town, city, state. For me–until something proves otherwise, I think I will begin my campaign to re-elect Delgaudio on his RECORD… it should be.

Our friend from Ashburn Ed Kravitz, is again asking for our help in defeating the cash sucking black hole Metro Silver Line.

We should thank Ed for staying in the fight despite being outspent  by the special interests trying to foist this overpriced, ineffective and rejected transportation project on Loudoun County. It is good to know someone else cares about fiscal responsibility and the truth. It warms my heart to know there is someone in Ashburn who passed 10th grade economics. Hope.

Thank you Ed.


Ed’s email:

Fellow Conservatives:
Many of you are very angered today by the Supreme Courts ruling upholding Obamacare, I am as well.  So lets stop government wasteful spending right here, right now ! No matter where wasteful spending generates from, Leesburg, Richmond, or Washington, it must be defeated !

The Obamacare decision is a smack-in-the-face reminder that we need to be ever diligent in selecting those who represent us, and voicing our opinion on issues that matter to you and your family. Obamacare pushed by the left in Washington,or wasteful transportation projects promoted by crony capitalists in Loudoun County, the results are the same, liberty lost and your money wasted.

Maybe we should adopt the slogan from those crazy environmentalists: “Think Global, Act Local.”
 This Friday or next Tuesday our own Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will vote on this biggest financial boondoggle in the history of this county, Metro to Loudoun!  It looks like the Developers,Democrats and their political allies looking to feather some nests have the votes, but we are still unsure about where Supervisors Ken Reid and Suzanne Volpe are on the proposal. They both seem to  be playing both sides of the issue. However, the Developers and their free spending allies claim to have them both in the bag!  This concerns me.

If you are as concerned as I am and furious about the take- over of big government and unnecessary spending at all levels of , then make your views known today! There is no time to waste.
Call, Email and Fax these two Supervisors. Tell them NO TO METRO !

Email Supervisor Ken Reid- Ken.Reid@Loudoun.Gov
Email Supervisor Volpe- Suzanne.Volpe@Loudoun.Gov
Board of Supervisors Phone- 703-777-0204  Fax- 703-777-0421
Your fiscally conservative friend,
Ed Kravitz
 p.s. Go down the basement and grab your Gadsten Flag, we have work to do.

I received the following email this morning from a concerned fiscal conservative, Mr. Ed Kravitz of Ashburn. Ed is not at all happy with the less than forthright job his Supervisor Ralph Buona is doing in providing objective information to the citizens of Ashburn regarding the Metro Silver Line to Loudoun. Like me, Ed believes Metro to Loudoun is being pushed by a narrow band of special interests, and their allies in both political parties. It would appear that those who ran as fiscal conservatives were not at all different than their opposition, at least on the subject of spending millions on Metro. Millions for a project that by MWAA’s own study does nothing to ease traffic on Loudouns roads.

Ed’s email :

Taxpayers of Loudoun County, you are being Hoodwinked into believing Metro to Loudoun will do anything to alleviate traffic and gridlock.
This from Supervisor Ken Reid’s newsletter:
“During the Board’s review of Dulles Rail — which was allowed under a 2007 agreement with Fairfax County and the Metro Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) we discovered documentation in the projects required Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) showing that the Silver Line to Routes 606 and 772 in Loudoun will not alleviate traffic congestion on our major commuter roads.”
“I-66, Rt. 50, the Greenway, and the Dulles Toll Road will all remain at service F (Severely congested, gridlock) with or without Phase II! Unfortunately, only a small percentage of Loudoun Commuters are projected to use the Metro for commuting.”
You will spend millions annually to fund a transportation project that was rejected by the Federal Government as a transportation project and for good reason, it provides little or no relief to Loudoun County commuters, it will do nothing to take cars off our roads.
What a waste of your money !
Your fiscally conservative friend.

Ed Kravitz

Supervisor Volpe:
I received some very disturbing news over the last few days regarding your changed position on the upcoming Metro Rail vote. Let me begin by saying, I am very disappointed. Those for whom I have been in contact are extremely disappointed. The list of the disappointed is large, and growing by the hour to include the entire LCRC leadership team ,a majority of LCRC members, our new 10th District Chairman, and most conservative activist drawing breath in Loudoun County.
The evolution of your position in favor of Metro to Loudoun is in no way keeping with your proclaimed  fiscal conservatism, and is an abandonment of the core principles for which you were elected. Changing your position based on the false pretense that Scott York and his coalition of developers and business interests can provide for Metro to Loudoun with no new taxes for YOUR district or any other such plan, is both an economic and political mistake.
I watched the entire Dulles Rail Work session of June 06 the other day via archived webcast. The premise that the county can move forward voting yes to Metro under some loosely agreed upon framework developed after the vote to opt-in is simply not acceptable. No conservative in their right mind would sign onto a project with the issue of financing being left to future non binding discussions,  not to mention how MWAA and WMATA will effect that process. This is a formula for disaster. This is much the same process that was used to formulate what we now know as ObamaCare.
 It would appear  that some of your colleagues on the board are working in concert with a lobbyist paid for by a  local developer in an attempt  to  promise and cajole you into voting yes for Metro. First, their promises of no tax increase for YOUR district can not be delivered.  As you know, this board can not bind the next board from doing whatever they want in the way of a tax increases for Metro, or anything else for that matter. Secondly, and I hope you realize, these same developers and their allies will throw you under the bus the second another candidate from either party comes along that better suits their needs at the time. They did not get you elected, your base did. They did not do the hard work to move you into this important position, the LCRC and its coalitions did. Our current Attorney General, and conservative leader Ken Cuccinelli provided the support and political capitol that elevated your campaign. The conservative activists in Loudoun did the grass roots work to advance your cause. The same conservative and party activists who are not at all happy with your change in direction. 
Further, let me add that I have great concern about the ability of some of your colleagues to understand and manage this process. Supervisor Letourneau for instance, can’t seem to discern the difference between a public in-put session and a ballot referendum. These are the architects of the process being promised you. This should concern all given the nature and the weight of the issue at hand. We are talking about taking on obligations in the Billions of dollars, for as far as the eye can see. This is the biggest issue to be before this Board of Supervisors for some time..

There are three conservative political leaders very much in the news since the Obama administration was foisted upon the American people, Virginia’s Attorney General and our mutual friend Ken Cuccinelli, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. These three men have in their DNA traits the American people are yearning for, core political beliefs shared by a majority of Americans coupled with an inner strength that provides them the ability to do the right thing in the face of heavy opposition or criticism. These are principled men who don’t waffle, don’t trade away core convictions for political expediency, and most important have a deep belief that what they are doing is right for the American people.
I don’t know Rep. Ryan or Gov Walker, although I admire both men.  General Cuccinelli is a friend, and I suggest a mentor to both of us. I admire Ken immensely. It is my want that Ken be elected our next Governor, and I am dedicated to helping make that happen. If we as conservatives are going to be the ones to rescue the nation, our work must start at home, our efforts must begin in our counties , towns, cities, and states. In order to make that happen, those principled leaders such as  Ken Cuccinelli need to be provided the opportunities to exhibit the leadership America craves, wants and needs. This means providing support for that person and their stated positions that embody our mutual beliefs. We can not cut the legs out from under our leaders by going along with policies we know to be wrong, simply because political pressure becomes too much to bare. The future pain will far exceed that presently being felt.
I want you to review THIS video as a reminder that our Attorney General had very high hopes for you as an elected official. Pay very close attention to his opening remarks in that he captures all I have been trying to convey to you here, but in a far more elegant manner.