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I guess there isn’t enough state business on the plate. They end the legislative session with no budget, mainly because McAuliff wants Medicaid expansion in the state and the more logical representatives aren’t buying this bill of goods. Smart, you think? Not when they do a voice vote in favor of, without one descenting voice, commending this mosque in Falls Church. Who they have had attending, who they are run by and what they have done to kill Americans and Christians, should have been enough to CONDEMN, not COMMEND this institution. At this point, I think we need more than GOD helping us. This is disgraceful!

How many organizations are doing God’s work? Can you name some of the more notable ones? Most of us can because we know and donate to good causes. Or we see the good that religious organizations and God fearing people do. I don’t know about the more obscure organizations but I just heard of one. It is the OFA or better known as Organizing For America. Mike’s right says it best.

Of course as many of you have heard, our new Attorney General, Mark Herring,  has announced that he will work to overturn the Virginia state law banning same sex marriages.

I have stated here on this board in the comments that I feel that rather than the states continuing to attempt to define “marriage” (which is becoming more legally amorphous) they should simply get out of the business of “marriage” altogether and allow individual couples or even groups to define it for themselves, according to their religion and whatever god they believe in (or don’t believe in). The states should only concern themselves with the contracts between the parties for the purpose of distributing property in the event of the death of one or both parties and/or dissolution of the contract (i.e., “divorce”).

Same sex marriage will at some point (probably relatively soon) be declared to be legal in all 50 states via incorporation. The next legal challenge will be polyamory, and using the same logic as gay marriage, I foresee no legal restriction on that either. Traditional marriage advocates can scream all they want about the issue, but the toothpaste can not be put back into the tube. So the best way to move forward is for the state to get out of the business of blessing marriages.

Now it appears that a state lawmaker in Oklahoma is proposing a bill to do just that. This first round will probably not be successful, but I predict that it will happen – probably in a Southern state – after some national debate on the matter. Once it happens in one state, many others will follow suit.

I am amazed that the ACLU rep, quoted in the article actually disagreed with this potential proposal. That is strange because it seems like a win-win to me. Those who want to define marriage as they see fit (same sex, polygamous, polyandrous, or whatever) can do so while those with traditional views on marriage can also continue to preach what they believe as well. Both can follow their own beliefs without the blessing or the curse of the government. Private differences will no longer be policy disputes and no one is enforcing their moral views on the other.

It’s the only way forward.

This post is a change of pace for me, but addresses an issue that is bothering me. Why do some insist that we get involved in each and every conflict in the Middle East and other Muslim majority nations? It really is time that we bring all of our troops home and mind our own business.

Secondly, in reality, what is happening on the ground in those nations is a “you’re the wrong type of Muslim” War. What business do we have in such a conflict? Shi’ites vs Sunnis. Then there are several different factions of Al-Qaeda all fighting one another:

Deadly clashes were reported Friday[, Jan. 3] in northern Syria between Sunni Islamist jihadists linked to Al Qaeda and insurgents in other alliances, punctuating a growing schism within the armed Syrian opposition over the power exerted by its religiously radicalized members, many of them from other countries. Antigovernment activists in the Aleppo area said that fighting had broken out near the Idlib Province town of Atareb, west of Aleppo, pitting members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, a powerful Qaeda affiliate that includes foreign fighters, against an array of seven homegrown Syrian rebel groups.

Each faction claiming that the others’ version of Islam is the “wrong kind”. The truth is that there is no “real” Islam. It is demonstrated from the comment of the Syrian refugee in this article:

“The problem is that now we are facing a situation of multiple sharias [version of Islamic law]. Jabhat al-Nusra has its own sharia, ISIS has its sharia, and now the Islamic Front has its sharia,” Kanjo said. “They all want an Islamic state, but they can’t even agree on one kind of sharia.”

The point being that there is no “true” or “real” version of Islam, so they all fight over their various constructs. This article, makes a strong point:

Just as there is no “real” Islam, there is also no “real” or “true” sharia. The early sources if Islam are so obscure, incoherent and vague that it is nearly impossible to get clarity on anything except the most basic issues. If there were, it would be a lot clearer as to what it is. That is one of the real reasons why there is so much intra-Muslim fighting amongst the militant groups in places like Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya. Each of them believe that their version of Islam is the “true” one. And unfortunately, each of these militant groups currently fighting in those places also believe that the blood of those who disagree with their version is “halal” (i.e., permissible to kill).
Fortunately, most Muslims are not so militant. But more people (Muslim and non-Muslim) really need to understand that there is no one “real” sharia or “real” Islam that stands above all of the other versions. Every Muslim thinks that his/her version of Islam is the “real” Islam. So in fact there are thousands of “real Islams”. It is for this reason that theocracy can never work. One can not force their version of religion on another person.
Yes, I fully understand that on a human level, all of this is a problem for all of the innocent people caught in the middle of the factional fighting, but this is not a problem that we can solve. Are we going to go in there and establish one faction’s version above all others? (And, by the way, Al-Qaeda WANTED us to go into Syria to give them an assist) It is not our place to do that. Muslims in those countries are going to have to decide for themselves to come to the table and agree to live and let live. And we need to learn to leave well enough alone. Besides, we have enough to do at home.
It is for this reason that I am hoping and praying that the “zero option” in Afghanistan (in which all US troops are removed) beats all odds and comes to fruition. “Nation building” has not worked, and it is time to allow Afghans to build their own nation and face their own problems with their own solutions. We can not impose our way of life on them – not even in 1,000 years.
Now, some would argue that we must be over there fighting them so that they do not fight us over here. I have never bought that argument. That was the retroactive argument for invading Iraq, and look what a factional mess it is today. Billions of dollars, over 4000 lives gone, and countless wounded for what purpose? Establishment of farcical democracies? A “Khalifah” in Fallujah and Anbar? Re-establishment of old clan wars? And I haven’t even mentioned Libya.
Secondly, while we were in Iraq and Afghanistan, did they not try to attack us anyway? We can invest in our own future and security while taking our troops out of what has become a pointless battle.

For a palate cleanser, I wanted to share one of my favorite renditions of ‘Silent Night’ by the Temptations.


“A happy childhood is a parent’s greatest gift”

I hope that everyone had a very nice long Thanksgiving weekend with the family. My family and I spent the weekend with my parents, my siblings and their families. I am really fortunate to have grown up in a solid family with parents that are not only still alive, but still married to this day. It is truly a blessing and I can only hope to pass on this tradition to my own children. It sounds cliche, but there really is nothing like family. It is for this reason that I try to enjoy every minute with them – all of them. There’s no substitute for love, caring and sharing.

Just wanted to share those thoughts, and I sincerely hope everyone enjoys the upcoming Christmas season with their families and friends. It truly is the best time of the year. It is a time when we reflect on that fact that the power of Christ is best reflected through forgiveness, reconciliation, sacrificial love, and serving society.

I liked this satirical picture from Dan Mitchell’s site so much that I wanted to share it with you all here. Question of the day: Is it is more compassionate to give away other people’s money or did Jesus intend for us to feed the poor and donate our own money using our own free will?