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The Loudoun Times and Washington Post are reporting the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of one of the people shot during an attempted home invasion robbery in Sterling Park on Thursday, February 10. Both news outlets picked up on the official Loudoun Alert description of the incident as a “botched” home invasion. Here is the text of the Alert:

Loudoun Co: The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of the man who was shot and killed during what is believed to have been a botched home invasion robbery on Thursday night.

Anthony Devoure Miles, a 28-year-old black male, was found at the scene suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to Inova Loudoun Hospital in Lansdowne, where he was pronounced dead. Miles lived with family in Manassas, though he had lived off and on in the Sterling area over the last few years. Investigators informed his family this afternoon.

The identity of the other injured party has not been released, pending notification of his family. The 32-year-old man is in stable condition at Inova Fairfax Hospital recovering from a gunshot wound.

Investigators are still trying to identify the person believed to have driver the surviving party to the hospital. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 703-777-1021.

Synopsis: Two guys broke into a house here in the neighborhood where people were at home. One of the residents had a gun and shot both of the intruders, one of whom died on the spot and one of whom made it out of the house and was driven to the hospital, where he likely will be charged in the crime. The Sheriff’s Office believes the intruders were familiar with the home and entered looking for something specific.

Because the invaders a) suffered gun shot wounds; b) apparently did not procure the item they had expected to get from the home; and c) are now in police custody, the incident certainly deserves the official value-laden designation as a “botched” home invasion.

If the invaders had gotten away cleanly with the baseball cards or alpaca knit sweaters or whatever it was they were seeking here, we can assume the official description would have been that a “completely successful” home invasion robbery had taken place in Sterling, for we all would have shouted “Huzzah!”. Had the instigators merely received flesh wounds but still made off with the booty, this undoubtedly would be termed a “thorny, yet satisfying” home invasion robbery which had taken place; and if there had been no gun shots involved but both guys had gotten caught, presumably the official release would have been about a “rib-tickler” home invasion robbery attempt. Home invasion means: getting in, taking care of business, and getting out without getting caught. What idiot does not understand this?

To all potential criminals let it be said that here in Sterling, if you are going to try and invade our homes you had better have your act together because we are not only armed and under the watchful eye of local law enforcement, but we also have a standard for success. And that bar is a high one.

The new Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office substation on Frederick Avenue in Sterling opened on April 30 and tonight was the grand opening ceremony. We caught about 25 minutes of the event; here are a few photos.

Discussion of the substation began years ago – here is our write up of one of the public hearings back in 2006. Many of the same people in those photos were present tonight.

It’s good to see an event demonstrate such broad and bipartisan agreement. There were great comments by all of the elected officials present. Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio thanked the current and past boards of supervisors and school boards for making it happen. Supervisor Stevens Miller reminded the audience that although the deputies all dress the same, they are individuals so it’s ok to wave when they drive by and tell them if you think they are doing a good job.

I was especially impressed with Captain Ricky Frye, the substation commander. He made the point that the station is not the building but the personnel who work there. He also noted the fact that it was completed in less than two years – I forget the name of the contractor though I am certain it will be included in the news reports in the coming days.

In addition to those in the photos I saw Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman in the audience among hundreds of attendees – including, I am guessing, some of our readers. I know Eugene Delgaudio spent a lot of man hours in Sterling publicizing the event; don’t know what other publicity there was, but it really worked.

Nice job, everyone involved in bringing the substation to fruition. I will link to other media coverage as it becomes available.

sterling sheriff's substation ceremony June 9

Hundreds of residents, Sheriff's Office personnel and public officials attended the grand opening ceremony on June 9

Sterling Substation Grand Opening

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio speaks during the Grand Opening Ceremony at the new Sterling Substation. Major Bob Buckman (seated at left) was master of ceremonies.

Captain Ricky Frye, Sterling Substation Commander

Captain Ricky Frye, Sterling Substation Commander

Sheriff's deputies at Sterling Substation Grand Opening

Deputies and other Sheriff's Office personnel at Grand Opening Ceremony

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 Delegate Tom Rust has arranged for a Town Hall Meeting to discuss Gang Violence in Sterling . Our local elected officials need to hear from all  of us concerned about conditions in our communities brought about by the presence of Gangs and those Illegal Migrants engaged in unlawful activities.

 Please make some time to attend this important event.

(Sterling, VA) — Delegate Tom Rust announced a Town Hall Meeting on Gang Violence to be held in Sterling.  Rust will be joined by Congressman Frank Wolf, Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York and Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio in discussing state, local and federal efforts to combat gang violence.

“After speaking with many residents of Sterling, it is clear that people would like more information about what steps have been taken to stop criminal gangs,” said Rust.  “I hope this will serve as an opportunity for the public to find out more about the steps their government is taking to combat gang violence, and to give their representatives feedback.  I am especially appreciative of Congressman Wolf, Chairman York and Supervisor Delgaudio for participating in this meeting.”

WHO:    Congressman Frank Wolf, Delegate Tom Rust, Chairman Scott York, Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio
WHAT:   Sterling Town Hall Meeting on Gang Violence
WHEN:   Wednesday, July 1, 2009
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Park View High School Auditorium
400 W Laurel Avenue
Sterling, VA 20164

WHY:      Community Meeting

For more information, please call (703) 437-9400 or email

Chairman  of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Corey Stewart, is coming to Loudoun County to present a lecture on Equal Rights, Equal Justice and Equal Opportunity for All. Chairman Stewart will discuss in detail his counties efforts  in combating the presence of Illegal Aliens. The Chairman, along with fellow Supervisor John Stirrip, were responsible for crafting Prince William Counties 2007 legislative efforts addressing Illegal Migrants. These elected officials have garnered national attention and praise for having put together a comprehensive approach addressing local law enforcement, zoning as well as cooperation with those federal agencies responsible for the deportation of Illegal Migrants.

Ronald Reagan Lecture Series- Equal Rights, Equal Justice, and Equal Opportunity for All.

When: Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 7:30 PM

Where: Cascades Senior Center, Sterling VA

Sponsored by : Loudoun County Republican Committee 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how a neighboring jurisdiction successfully implemented a legislative package properly addressing the concerns and rights of it’s legal residents.

Anyone living in Sterling Park and its surrounding communities knows 2008 was a very tough year. Crime was on the rise in the eastern end of the county. Not all, but much of that spike in criminal activity, ranging from petty theft, burglaries, gang violence, rape and murder came at the hands of illegal migrants having relocated to Sterling Park from jurisdictions less accommodating in their treatment of those who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. It seems that Loudoun County is gaining a reputation among the illegal alien criminal community as one of those places where elected officials have rolled out the welcome mat. Sterling has become an attractive base of operation for certain illegals wishing to ply their trade. Certain elected officials, such as Dulles Supervisor Stevens Miller, decided Loudoun County’s approach should be more like that of Montgomery County, Maryland. First, create an environment where illegal aliens are welcomed, and then deny their effect on the worsening conditions. It appears Supervisor Miller wants to be Virginia’s version of Ike Leggett, the hapless Montgomery County Executive, who would not know an illegal alien if he or she landed in his lap.

Supervisor Miller having attended emergency community meetings at Park View High School was forced to acknowledge the substantial increase in crime, yet for reasons unknown, he was unwilling to connect that crime with the presence of illegal migrant criminals. Not only was Supervisor Miller not going to connect the dots, he had the gall to lecture the citizens of Sterling not to hijack the crime wave as a rationale to combat the presence of illegal aliens. We were to unconnect the dots, ignore cause and effect and pretend the problem was home grown. Ignore the evidence, illegal migrants were not to blame.

Supervisor Miller, Please meet Arnold Mancia-Morales.

Arnold Mancia-Morales is a convicted rapist and Illegal Migrant from South America who took residence in Loudoun County. It is uncertain how long Mr. Morales has been in Loudoun, however, we do know he is no stranger to our criminal justice system, having been arrested and jailed five times from November 4th 2007 to November 19th 2008 in both Clarke and Loudoun Counties.

Most notable among Mancia Morales atrocious behavior is his propensity to beat and rape defenseless elderly women. Mancia Morales beat and sexually assaulted a 76 year old woman from Sterling Park. Thankfully, for the citizens of Loudoun County, one of our elected officials, Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman through a vigorous prosecution, has ensured Mancia Morales will never again be free to claim another victim. Mr. Plowman’s prosecution resulted in a sentence of life plus 53 years. Good-bye Morales.

Supervisor Miller having shown he is completely out of touch with life in Sterling Park, now wants to carpet bag his way into being our next elected Delegate in Richmond.

Supervisor Miller apparently believes in the concept of failing upward.

Budget Deficits and School Spending

 Our county budget deficit although painful, does present us with an opportunity to correct the disproportionate distribution of funding among the various agencies that make up Loudoun County Government.

 Presently there exists a disparity in the allocation of tax revenue amongst the various county agencies that if left as is, will continue to negatively affect the overall quality of life in Loudoun County.

Over the last decade or more, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has grown beyond its mission. Years of saying yes to all of those things that would be nice to have, layered amongst those things that are critical, has resulted in a school system that is simply too expensive to maintain in its present configuration. The time has come for fiscal responsibility. Concerned taxpayers more interested in the realities of our budget than propaganda from entrenched interest groups must get involved.

Including its debt service, the School system is some where in the area of seventy five to seventy eight percent of the counties total yearly expenditures. Their FY 2010 proposed budget is over Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven Million Dollars. To put this in context relative to the total budget, all thirty three remaining agencies are expected to operate on a proposed budget of about Three Hundred and Seventy Million Dollars. Based on their own budget presentation, LCPS spends Seventy percent of all local tax dollars collected.  

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors asked all agencies to provide spending reductions of five, ten and fifteen percent within their perspective agencies. LCPS under the direction of Dr. Hatrick prepared those scenarios as requested and then submitted a fourth proposal to the Board for a Zero percent reduction. This proposal yielded Twelve Million Dollars in reduced costs, against the backdrop of a Two Hundred Million Dollar deficit. Classifying this as disproportionate would be an understatement. This is in no way shared sacrifice on the part of that agency that commands the largest share of the budget. Again, they are approximately three quarters of our budget yet are coming to the table with Twelve Million Dollars.

  Dr. Hatrick’s proposal is unrealistic in the current economic climate. The LCPS proposal compounds our problems onto the next budget cycle while at the same time placing enormous stress on the other agencies that make up our County Government.


Quality of Life in Loudoun County


 Many of us remember the deteriorating conditions in Sterling Park and surrounding communities in the eastern part of the county making the news last summer. Reports of shootings, rapes and gang violence were common in the press.  Zoning infractions were on the rise. Illegal Aliens migrating to the eastern part of our county from other jurisdictions placed an additional burden on those county agencies required to provide order. County agencies and elected officials alike were struggling to find answers to an avalanche of citizen’s complaints. The Board of Supervisors convened emergency meetings at Parkview High School in an attempt to address residents concerns. 

 Our Sheriffs and Zoning Departments lacking the required resources to effectively deal with these issues at the time are now asked to reduce their budgets in the face of the current deficit. These are not the agencies where reductions in spending need to take place.

The proposed budget allowing Loudoun County Public Schools to avoid proportionate shared sacrifice is wrong, fiscally irresponsible and greatly contributes to the further degradation of the quality of life in our county.

Contact by email, phone, letter and fax every member of this Board of Supervisors. This is the time to demand that Dr. Hatrick come to the table with real reductions. Not only is it time for LCPS to make honest contributions towards our deficit, but embark on a path of real reform creating a school system operating within the confines of a much changed fiscal landscape.


We’ve gotten an update on yesterday’s story about the single mother of several kids whose Sterling home was burglarized yesterday afternoon.

Below is a summary (and below the fold the complete message) I just received from Supervisor Delgaudio, who has apparently done a good job organizing the relief effort in a short time:

Toys and gift cards delivered earlier tonight at five p.m. More tomorrow. We are covered on that front!

Betsy Faulkner, Mark Gunderman, Rev. Charlie Grant, are working on this and asking for help. My thanks to them all for making such great progress in just one day.

>>>Raising The Mortgage Payment.

$500 has been raised for the “Harrison Rd. Christmas Project” fund at Wachovia Bank.

Checks should be made out to “Harrison Rd. Christmas Project – Account No. 1010225052110″ To help with the goal of raising a total of $2200.00 –a balance of $1700.00 must be raised. Please consider bringing the check to Wachovia, Herndon Junction branch 47040 Community Plaza VA1166 Sterling, Va. 20164 (phone 703-444-7954) or you can email me at and make arrangements to post the check to your door for me to pick up.

I would be delighted to pick up the donation due to the goal of making up the lost payment. The account will be closed once the goal of making the mortgage payment is accomplished. Thank you.

This is a good cause. Of course everyone is tapped out right now as a result of the problems with the economy and all, so please don’t interpret this as a demand for charity: But if anyone can throw a few bucks to this family I know it will be greatly appreciated. It is something we can do on a small scale to make a difference for one of our own in Loudoun who has been the victim of a crime. If you can stop by that bank and drop off a check in any amount, or contact Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio to pick it up from you, it would be a great Christmas gift. I imagine it does not need to be done tomorrow, so anytime in the next few days you could make it to the bank would be wonderful.

Thanks to Supervisor Delgaudio for doing this! His complete message is below the fold.
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