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Indeed, it seems that most science is not settled.

If science that actually follows the Scientific Method — with repeatable experiments and control groups — can be so “un-settled”, how can climate “science”, with no experiments whatsoever, and no control groups whatsoever, possibly be “settled”?

So, the Калифорния legislature passed a bill restricting government surveillance with drones. Gov. “Moonbeam” Brown vetoed it.

Check out the stupidity:

Brown said in a statement that the bill appears to be too narrow and could go beyond what the state and federal constitutions would prohibit.

“There are undoubtedly circumstances where a warrant is appropriate,” he wrote. “The bill’s exceptions, however, appear to be too narrow and could impose requirements beyond what is required by either the 4th Amendment or the privacy provisions in the California Constitution.”

Uh, Guvn’r, if the bill didn’t put tighter restrictions on your misuse of drones than the U.S. and Калифорния Constitutions require, there would be NO DAMNED POINT TO THE BILL AT ALL.

The video below is a short talk given by Balaji Srinivasan, who is the CEO of a DNA testing company, and who to my knowledge is not some type of “right winger”. He discusses a concept he called “Exit” in which technology will essentially give us the opportunity to live our lives free of government interference. He defines it as “giving people the tools to reduce the influence of bad policies over their lives without getting involved in politics, without lobbying or sloganeering”. It is peaceful and done with no malice. You simply vote with your feet for the better alternative for you. He believes that in the future that while one can continue to try to lobby and sloganeer, that will not be as effective as “opting into” an alternative. He mentions Bitcoin, mobile medicine and 3D printing as current examples.

My thoughts are below

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First there was another glitch in trades when the options market was put on hold for over 3 hours, just 2 days ago. We have heard of the stock market having these “glitches” as well every other aspect of our lives. Well it appears that the Montgomery County jail had its own glitch over the weekend which simultaneously opened 500 cell doors, yet no one tried to escape. Point is, how many more glitches and how often the occurrences before we start taking critical portions of our country “off the grid” as it were. If it isn’t being attacked or manipulated by outside sources, it just glitches or fails when it wants to. And it only takes one critical or detrimental failure before it gets serious attention. What would that failure be and can we really afford it?

Uh oh! I can just see the lawsuits waiting in the wings on this one. It seems that clinically creating human parts has really started to take off and the endeavor is to succeed on the “more complex” parts like the heart and arteries. Some people believe the heart is the “soul” of a person (and they would be wrong) but for the illiterate, let’s assume it is. If you receive a created heart to replace your own, are you now less human? How about a brain? What percentage of parts replacements would constitute a “non-being”? Let’s grapple with this one: if we proceed to duplicate everything of the human body, and we take a collection of these “grown” parts and make a being from scratch, should we call it Data?

I’m excited about the prospects of being able to replace defects and failures. These parts may affect our evolution as to stronger bodies built 12 ways (for the older folks) in the future. I am hoping for the science to implement/substitute our immune system with the ability to fight off all ailments and diseases, foreign and domestic. This future of science has great implications on healing humans and giving better quality of life (barring ommisions and denials from Obamacare regulations) and I, for one, am all for it. I do see lawsuits encumbering the pursuit of this technology where it will needlessly be put off well into the future. But the precedence case has already been decided when the defending counsel, Capt. Piccard, successfully confirmed Data has rights as a new species and sentient being. The difference with Napa man would be that he is of an existing species (human) and sentient.

The brainiacs that be feel they are watching, what is believed to be a planet being born. It appears to be happening just 335 light years away which, per the article, “isn’t too far away in cosmic terms” so I decided to see how close it really was. I brokedid my calcumalator. Light travels at 186,000 miles a second. You could go around our equator 7.5 times in a second. They did the math here and in just one year, you travel a total distance of 5.88 trillion miles. That is 5,880,000,000,000 in numerics. I can’t even come close to rapping my head around these numbers, even after using my toes in the count. Back to the issue. They feel the planet is formed, possibly by the collision of dust particles while in an orbit.

Think about this for just a minute. You hear of people building boats in their basement and then, much to their surprise, they can’t get the boat out of the house without tearing down the house or dismantling the boat. You with me so far? Good. Now, how often do we get to a thorough dusting of our homes, where we actually capture the dust particles rather than just displacing them? Add to this scenario of how many times each individual in a household “orbits” within the house everyday. “C’mon ACT, seriously?” What, you never saw cobwebs or “dust-bunnies” in your house before? Then we add the last, critical ingredient: static electricity. Everyone knows that electricity has a magnetic flux around it. Read the above story, look at this rational and, voila–souffle’! Now I’m not trying to scare you here because it takes thousands of years to make a planet and planets are very big, BUT, if left unchecked, those dust particles could create a “mini-planet” in a short period of time and you remember what I told you about the boat in the basement. Just saying.

There’s a new TV show called “The Americans” and it is about spying during the Cold War around the early 80′s. The premise is that the Soviet Union planted individuals and cells within the U.S. that look, act and talk just like normal Americans and they are activated to do nefarious things to aid the Motherland. Well, cells and individuals of those type still exist, with many countries hosting the endeavors. What makes it easy for them to do their business is how we deem the word “normal”.

Gambling used to be done at the track, a friendly street dice game, cards at some back room. Now there are higher stake illegal games as well certified casinos for gambling. Prostitution use to be on street corners, bars and “Miss B’s tea emporium”. Not anymore. Mustang ranches, sanctioned as a business by state, and escort services are the norm now. We help when people ask for a favor because we have a sense of usefulness. Not the bum on the corner you give change to but, say, a neighbor that needs computer guidance, or a co-worker that doesn’t know how to do an access or work around. Maybe just giving hints and information on how they can do what they are telling you they need done. Helping is also hiring that illegal. We seem to have an affinity to espouse what we know and show ourselves as being “important” or “special” when it comes to conversing with that really friendly and great guy at the bar or sporting event. You ask, “What are you on about, ACT”. Everyone of these habits is a primary site for extortion and blackmail and they are used with great frequency.

The issue with illegal immigration is before us and the government is trying to work out a fair remake o the system. They are even harboring the idea to give green cards to those who graduate higher degrees in specific fields after they are educated here. Big deal, you say? Most spying is condoned from the campus. After all, school kids ain’t too bright when it comes to maturity and security. And then we want to place these higher degrees into forefront technologies. Where in all this did we ask where their allegiance lies? Where is the background checks on foreign nationals (which is a really stupid question since that information would come from that national’s country of origin and would be what ever that country wanted us to believe). Why is there not polygraph checks done on ANY basis for sensitive jobs in corporate America (not just the government contract side of the house)? Why has America become so lax that they don’t understand the term “just shut up”?

The government has been warned from both the inside and outside of the threat and occurrance of theft of our most valued property but they still show a hesitancy to expedite a solution. As with my cyber post, here they talk more of what they intend to do. Talk. Meanwhile, everyday there are more occurrences of theft and subterfuge. Here are some past cases just linked to China but too many other countries are in on this game. How can we afford such blind trust anymore. The answer is—we can’t.