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In the old days they would hang you for stealing a horse. It curtailed horse stealing somewhat and I, personally, am for it. But we have become a more sophisticated society rather than a barbaric one. Could have fooled me. White collar crime, as the term goes, will give you jail time because it causes “no harm” or “no lasting harm”. Fooled me twice. If you only knew about the illegal attempted breaches on our government in a day, it would blow you mind. And with the firewalls, enhanced security, layers of passwords for access, even the immunity granted computer thieves now turned protectorate weenies for the cause, attackers still get through. The ones most vulnerable are on the outside of the government umbrella, where some of the same information resides. “Let the government control it all” is the wrong frigging answer for the wrong country.

This isn’t new news. It has been going on for quite sometime. It is the frequency and the targets that are becoming disconcerting. China seems to be on a roll of late but there are others including Israel (you didn’t know?). But China and Anonymous worry me the most because they have the most success. One groups gets pissed off and proves a point while another looks for weaknesses to what ends (this is REALLY scary). This is high tech at work. Our friend. That which will ease our lives. What high tech can’t do is to invade low tech. Getting your bills in the mail produces more jobs in billing and the post office. Win-win. Going to the bank for a statement concern saves your information from being captured in cyberspace. Having your medical records solely in your doctor’s office keeps your privacy where it belongs. Having a technician drive to an equipment location may be a half hour of your inconvenience, but it saves from having a bug keep you inconvenient for days, weeks, months… There will always be some trade-off but what is it worth to you? I know what it is worth to me. I could tell you a tale about a seemingly innocuous game of Angry Birds where a link found was turned into the appropriate agencies and it was found to be an access tie for a data dump of whatever device was being used. Wonder how many people gave away their life story by hitting that link.

Cyber crime is not white collar. It can cause a disruption of a service that puts life in jeopardy. Loosing your life’s worth through data manipulation is jeopardy to life. These crimes are not seemingly “unhurtful” and when need to go back to “hanging horse thieves” as it were, to show that it will not be tolerated. That or low tech would work just fine for me.

I have heard some stories about the fishing here at the beach. Seems that where the catch of Flounder was 2 or 3 a day average has shot up to 20 to a hundred. Optimum day was 200. Not only unusual but very strange.

I got here to find the beach sand green which tells me that algae is choking the water and the fish are coming into shore for a “breath of air” so to speak. Some on the pier are talking about the blight of “blue tongue” amongst the deer population in some states that is dessimating the deer herds. This is caused by weather conditions that bring a mud up on shore, creates a coty in the flies that bites the deer.

This has been an unusual year for weather conditions, natural disasters and earthquakes. These type patterns are really unheard of, happening in such a confined time frame. Now you are going to have the green nutjobs blame it on mankind but I really don’t know how man can cause plate shifting or the ideal conditions to spawn algae accumulation, mud throws, red tides or most other conditions that seem to be showing up. I don’t think it is planet alignment or liberals doing this. But like any other pending doom scenario (think Y2K, planet alignment, etc.), it stays forefront on your mind if things may be related. Indians (the woo-woo kind) have always been able to predict the weather and nature of things. So have most cultures that turn to nature for their knowledge and life styles. At this point (and prior) I cannot scoff at why the Mayans stopped their calender, other than it is suppose to summon the Jaguar King back to rule the earth–I guess kinda like the second coming for Jesus. As man, we can’t change it or fix it, nor should we try. Nature has always been a bigger force and needs to be respected. I am wondering what will be next and what is really in store for us as 12/21 gets closer. Strange……..very strange.

Shelby was a automobile design genius. He will be missed. The Ford Mopar war is eternal; it will note the passing of a giant, but the struggle will go on — at 100mph. The Smart car will go the way of the Yugo. Americans will always have muscle cars.

Read an interesting article on new smart remote controls for the TV. They have come far and need to go farther but by how much? When now have voice activation technology and this helps in our lives but when do we give up our freedoms to be “convieniently free? These new remotes go by fascial recognition (why?) and do all kinds of wizz-bang things. I have always known (30 years) that the TV would be the epicenter of all things done at home.. The gov’t got involved with V chips and will continue to “install itself” in this technology as it deems necessary. Your TV is already a home invasive spy of sorts whether you know it or believe it. It is Big Brother” personified and people don’t see it. More so than you computer and cell phone. Become aware of how technology is “serving” us and stay leary. There are other ways of doing things with invasion. This isn’t one of them. Remember what happened in the Matrix.

Warning: Spelling errors are left unattended with this remote posting. I just get tired of correcting tjis technology for the errors IT makes. It’s not my fingers.

Possibly coming to your town in the near future.  The possibilities are endless:  crowd control, campaign leaflet drops, crop dusting, “Peeping Tom” ventures, surveillance and, of course, extermination of the enemies of the state (determined by the god-child and his minions).  I have seen where smaller versions are being used by local law enforcement and others in some areas.  Now, instead of worrying about blue ice from jetliners, we may need to start worrying about out-of-gas drones coming through the roof.

What worries me most is the stress on the operators.  Some may already know the stress level and anxiety that kids get from X-box games.  Well this is much worse.  And although computer games are where the operators are “trained” on (if you are an operator and leave the military, you would be qualified to test games for a profession…..or be a proctologist), the stress levels are equal or more intense than ATC.  Can you image looking at a CRT for 12 hours at length with only slight visual change of that scene?  Dangerous and deadly mistakes can and will happen.

Drones have a place but the reliance on computers and a single individual to do such a taxing job may be more than anyone bargained for.

P.S.  If you spot one over your “air space”, don’t shoot at it.  They shoot back!

Florida has a problem with pythons.  Their wildlife is missing and they have figured out why.  Reckless/irresponsible owners have caused a problem that is out of control (like buying a baby alligator for your kid as a pet.  How long will that last) but I have the solution.  Ship the pythons to OWS encampments.  First to go will be the rats.  Then the dogs.  Then the babies and last the grownups.  After eating said grownups, they will develop the “liberal-whack stupidity” virus which will end up killing the snake in short time.  Every body’s happy and the cities can have a “tent” sale to try and recoup some of their losses.

Being a genius, these solutions come to me like rain falling.  I just wonder why no one else has thought of this yet.  Simple solution for a serious problem.

I am a professional defensive driver for over 4 decades.  I have written, critiqued and taught driver training.  What has happened in just the last decade is a smattering of defensive initiatives in some states driving manuals (not near enough).  Needless to say that most all drivers are poor drivers.  As Prof. Ed Bonessi (died last year) once told me, “There is but one act of driving of which there is no defense.  That act is a suicide.”  Back before the advent of cell phones, I did agree and subscribe to this.  This hasn’t been the case for many years.

Most people are normally distracted during driving.  You have the “hand talkers” socializing with a passenger, book readers, make-up artists, child watchers, breakfast eaters; the list goes on.  There are many hazards of the road where 2 hands are necessary on the wheel; potholes, large debris, uneven lanes, to name a few.  A bout with these items can easily rip the wheel out of your hand before you can blink.  I especially like the drivers that stretch their arm over the passenger seat behind the headrest.  WOW!  I have found that if you do not have neck stress or are wound tighter than a tick after driving in your car, you are not paying attention.  That is just the nature of the beast.

You have to have an understanding where you are every foot of road and be looking for the unexpected and thinking of an out at that precise location.  It is very taxing but the rewards are your life.  Most people don’t think about the 5 lanes zones, the time of year and which dangers are prevalent, winds, the driver 5 cars ahead of you and 5 cars behind, looking through hills and curves.  Wonder what I am talking about?  Then you suck as a driver.

I have paid an inordinate amount of attention to cell phone users on the road.  You have those going slow in the fast lane, those drifting over lane lines continually, those running traffic lights and stop signs, even passing buses when loading children.  If I could have told Ed (which I did) about the TWO acts without defense, he would be on my side.  Suicide and cell phones.

Have you ever drove down the road and asked “how did I get here” or “I don’t remember most of the trip”?  How about driving somewhere and ending up following a habit route which you didn’t intend?  That is called “zoning”.  Zoning is the inability to focus on the task at hand because the mind has gotten preoccupied with other unrelated thoughts.  Discipline of driving is a full time focus and VERY hard to master.  Some of my “colorful” conversation on my hands free cell phone can be heard when I am driving because my attention is elsewhere (like the lady that just cut me off and I do use expletives when redressing said individual).  You can’t serve two masters, so to speak.

The problem is both grave and urgent.  I went to the top brass of my company (communications business) to tell them of the distraction and that we have a liability by not addressing it.  I even suggested that the cell phones sold SHOULD have a hands free device (ear bud, blue tooth, external mike and speaker) with every phone.  What they did was to add a small blurb in the cell phone instruction manuals and make all COMPANY drivers pull off to the side of the road and stop the vehicle when using a cell.  Great.  They recognize the problem and they eliminate the hazard with company employees.  What about the general public?  Who saves us from them?

I have mixed opinion on eliminating all cell phone use while driving.  I do know the dangers and I feel that IT IS akin to suicide when your head isn’t in the game.  Before we raise the comfort level in a motor vehicle, I would suggest a complete course of MANDATORY defensive driving by all states to all drivers.  That way, some people at least have a chance of saving their own lives.  Most people are not disciplined in either cell phone use or driving and the two together make a very deadly cocktail!